Best Runs 2010: Super Eliminator

lead.jpgIn 2010, NSDA introduced a new class called Super Eliminator with an Index of 2.80. Seeing a need for a class in between Top Alcohol & Top Eliminator, this category’s goal was to fill that gap in between. Obviously a new class will have growing pains, but despite that the competition was intense at each event it was contested. Blown Alcohol Dragsters and Turbo 4-cylinder Dragsters duked it out in intense Index-style racing. Let’s take a look at the Best Runs in this category in 2010.

Super Eliminator – Top 10 Best Runs 2010
1. Billy Morris 2.803 – Dome Valley, AZ – Mar-10
2. Billy Morris 2.806 – Dome Valley, AZ – Mar-10
3. Jim Rossi 2.807 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
4. Paul Taylor 2.808 – Dome Valley, AZ – Mar-10
4. Billy Morris 2.808 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
6. Billy Morris 2.809 – Lake Elsinore, CA – Apr-10
7. Jim Rossi 2.811 – Dome Valley, AZ – Mar-10
7. Paul Taylor 2.811 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
9. Art Cronin 2.814 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10
9. Paul Taylor 2.814 – Dome Valley, AZ – Mar-10
9. Billy Morris 2.814 – Lake Elsinore, CA – May-10

Billy Morris really set the pace in this category, filling 5 of the top 11 passes in 2010. The competitive nature of this class is evidenced by the top 10 runs being separated by just .011. It was pretty amazing how quickly these racers were able to get dialed in to this new Index. Morris turned on the win light in the final round at the Dome Valley Season Opener, and in the process set a Low ET that couldn’t be topped all season with a 2.803. Jim Rossi, also top of the Best Runs list in the Top Eliminator class, appears on the SE Top 10 Best Runs list twice, including a third-best run of 2.807. Paul Taylor was also a major force in this class with his Outta Control Dragster, taking three spots on the Top 10 list. Perhaps the most impressive run on the list was Art Cronin’s 2.814 with his Turbo 4-cylinder powered Meltdown Dragster, running a 2.814 at Lake Elsinore, just .05 off of the all-time 4-cylinder Dragster record.

2010 Race Winners
NSDA Dome Valley (Mar ’10) – Billy Morris
NSDA Lake Elsinore (Apr ’10) – Billy Morris
NSDA Lake Elsinore (May ’10) – Billy Morris
Dome Valley Oct Showdown (Oct ’10) – Billy Morris

Billy Morris and the 2 Dolla’ Bill team combined excellent RT’s and precision tuning to sweep this class in 2010. Many runs in this category throughout the season were decided by inches, and Morris was able to come out on the winning end each time. Obviously, Morris would end up as champion of this class in the shortened NSDA season. Paul Taylor was able to score two runner-up finishes with Jim Rossi scoring the other runner-up.

Even though it appears this class is not coming back in 2011, SE left its mark as a highly competitive class in 2010. With these racers falling back into the Top Eliminator class for 2011, look for the competition level to be higher than ever in that category. To finish things off, here is the full data on the Top 25 passes made in this class in 2010.


Billy Morris was the leader of the pack in the SE class. He set Best Run of the Year and swept the season in this category. (Lonestar Photo)

Paul Taylor put up an excellent effort in SE action in 2010. He had two runner-up finishes and 3 of the Top 10 Best runs of the season. (Lonestar Photo)

Jim Rossi ran the 3rd Best Run of 2010 in SE and came home with a runner-up in this class at Lake Elsinore. (NSDN Photo)

Art Cronin represented the 4-cylinder contingent in the Super Eliminator class, running the 9th Best Run of the season with a great 2.814. (NSDN Photo)

Sidney Payne had the 24th Best Run of the season with a fine 2.84 at the Dome Valley Season Opener. (NSDN Photo)

Ashley Sanford made her mark on the SE class with a semi-final finish at Lake Elsinore in the Red Bull/Frederosa Racing Dragster. (NSDN Photo)

Pedro Villa and the Express Team was highly competitive in SE class action in 2010, running a season best of 2.86. (NSDN Photo)


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