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The 2018 edition of the SCSDA Hammer Down Nationals wrapped up on Sunday with tight racing throughout eliminations. Marcus Norris was the weekend’s Top Fuel Winner as he recorded an incredible 2.23/163MPH blast in the heat of the day. Jim Hammond ended up in the Top Alcohol Winners Circle as he defeated Gary Mink in the final round. Missouri’s Russ Bailey emerged victorious in the incredibly tough Top Eliminator class as he got around Paul Taylor in the finals. Another long distance traveler got the job done as Michigan’s Adam Roe was the Fast Fours Winner and set a new class record with a 2.637 ET. Derek Balcunas saved his best pass for the last as he recorded a strong 2.67 lap to defeat Jimmy Depasse in the Pro Mod Unlimited Final. The Pro Bracket Winners on the day were: Tommy Zavala (Pro 1), Scott Hensley (Pro 2), Chris Adamson (Pro 3), Brad Olson (Motorcycle Pro 1) and Tyler Hanrahan (Motorcycle Pro 2). There was also tough competition in the Junior categories, the winners are as follows: Alex Sadler (Junior Dragster), Phoenix Hicks (Juniors) and Cam Tantardini (Youth). Keep an eye out for Run Sheets, Video and More from the 2018 SCSDA Hammer Down Nationals over the next couple weeks. **RUN SHEETS ARE NOW POSTED!!**

NSDN Live Stream Links
Sunday 1
Sunday 2
Sunday 3
Sunday 4
Sunday 5 - TE Round 2
Sunday 6 - TA Final
Sunday 7 - FF Semis
Sunday 8 - TE Semis
Sunday 9 - FF Final
Sunday 10 - TE/P1/P2/P3 Finals

NSDN Live Stream Presented By: Good Vibrations Motorsports

Top Fuel
1st-Marcus Norris
Top Fuel Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Marcus Norris (W) 2.236/163.50 .300

Top Alcohol
1st-Jim Hammond
2nd-Gary Mink
3rd-David Morton
3rd-Derek Balcunas
Top Alcohol Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Gary Mink (W) 2.582/123.96 .165 def. Derek Balcunas NT-DNS
Jim Hammond (W) 2.480/132.64 .171 def. David Morton 2.568/131.37 .113

Final Round Eliminations
Jim Hammond (W) 2.581/132.39 .192 def. Gary Mink NT-DNS

Top Eliminator
1st-Russ Bailey
2nd-Paul Taylor
3rd-Bill Peterson
3rd-Paul Graham
Top Eliminator Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Paul Taylor (W) 3.046 .279 def. Jimmy Depasse 2.917 .515
Larry Snow (W) 3.219 .218 def. Damon Hall NT-No Show
Vickie Hall (W) 3.041 .107 def. Wes Gilmore 3.415 .187
Bill Peterson (W) 2.898 .246 def. Dave Stidham NT-DNS
Russ Bailey (W) 3.021 .132 def. Ron D’Artenay 2.950 .426
Glen Hickey (W) 3.149 .023 def. Terry Crawford 3.068 .193
Paul Graham (W) 3.068 .209 def. Mark Punos 3.275 .010
Craig Brewster (W) 3.036 .219 def. Tristan Graham 3.232 .172

Round Two Eliminations
Paul Taylor (W) 2.999 .170 def. Larry Snow NT-Stage Foul
Bill Peterson (W) 2.984 .232 def. Vickie Hall 3.003 .246
Russ Bailey (W) 3.042 .074 def. Glen Hickey NT-No Show
Paul Graham (W) 3.055 .127 def. Craig Brewster 2.970 .263

Round Three Eliminations
Paul Taylor (W) 3.030 .101 def. Bill Peterson 3.009 .211
Russ Bailey (W) 2.968 .070 def. Paul Graham 3.049 .152

Final Round Eliminations
Russ Bailey (W) 2.904 .275 def. Paul Taylor 3.011 -.322

Fast Fours
1st-Adam Roe
2nd-Robert Skidmore
3rd-Art Cronin
3rd-Darrel Roe
Fast Fours Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Adam Roe (W) 2.659/117.15 .266 def. Lance Kaaina 3.213/96.71 .189
Art Cronin (W) 2.943/108.22 .231 def. Daniel King NT-No Show
Robert Skidmore (W) 2.733/117.35 .252 def. Sally Rasmussen NT-Stage Foul
Darrel Roe (W) 2.892/111.22 .235 def. Mario Tavares 3.320/78.55 .402

Round Two Eliminations
Adam Roe (W) 2.637/122.85 .165 def. Art Cronin 2.792/113.63 .184
Robert Skidmore (W) 2.723/115.36 .345 def. Darrel Roe 2.859/115.56 .214

Final Round Eliminations
Adam Roe (W) 2.662/118.78 .188 def. Robert Skidmore 2.749/116.74 .182

Pro Mod Unlimited
1st-Derek Balcunas
2nd-Jimmy Depasse
3rd-Dave Huffman
3rd-Nick Shultzman
Pro Mod Unlimited Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Derek Balcunas (W) 2.758/124.64 .218 def. Nick Shultzman 3.267/91.03 .257
Jimmy Depasse (W) 2.843/111.59 .205 def. Dave Huffman 2.980/107.03 .300

Final Round Eliminations
Derek Balcunas (W) 2.671/123.51 .228 def. Jimmy Depasse 2.846/116.55 .163

Pro 1
1st-Tommy Zavala
2nd-Travis Scouten
3rd-Anthony Avila
Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2
1st-Scott Hensley
2nd-Chris Wells
3rd-Jim Larr
3rd-Charlie Johnson
Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 3
1st-Chris Adamson
2nd-Jim Larr
3rd-John Huff
Pro 3 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Brad Olson
2nd-Taylor Marchant
3rd-Mark Ratliff
Motorcycle Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Tyler Hanrahan
2nd-Tessa Nunes
3rd-Caleb Mings
Motorcycle Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Junior Dragster
1st-Alex Sadler
2nd-Blaine Denunzio

1st-Phoenix Hicks
2nd-Shelby Tantardini

1st-Cam Tantardini
2nd-Cooper Depasse


A huge crowd turned out to take in the Saturday show at the 2018 SCSDA Hammer Down Nationals. The 300’ sand drag strip behind the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA played host to a great day of racing. In the Top Fuel class, Marcus Norris put down the best lap of Qualifying with the header flames high above the win recording a 2.30 ET at 168MPH!! In the Top Alcohol class, Gary Mink once again leads the way with a solid 2.46 ET. Paul Taylor stayed atop the Top Eliminator Qualifying Sheet with a perfect 2.950 from Friday. In the Fast Fours class, Adam Roe matched the World Record ET he set in February with a 2.664 ET to stay #1 qualifier. The Larry Minor Motorsports Jeep piloted by Derek Balcunas sat on his 2.75 lap from Friday to take the top spot in Pro Mod. Charlie Johnson did a superb job putting his Mopar-powered Jeep in the Pro Gambler Winners Circle. Another big winner on the day was Caleb Mings, who scored the Motorcycle Gambler title. Sportsman bracket class winners on the day were: Chris Wells (Sportsman 1), Ron Hess (Sportsman 2), Robert Garnas (Motorcycle Sportsman 1) and Cameron Lunsford (Motorcycle Sportsman 2). Sunday Race Day is up next to wrap up this year’s edition of the Hammer Down Nationals.

NSDN Live Stream Links
Saturday 1 - Sportsman 1 Final
Saturday 2 - TE Q3
Saturday 3 - TF/TA/FF/PM Q3 & TE Q4
Saturday 4 - FF Q4 Part 1
Saturday 5 - FF Q4 Part 2 & PM Q4
Saturday 6 - TF/TA Q4

NSDN Live Stream Presented By: Good Vibrations Motorsports

Top Fuel
Final Qualifying Order
1. Marcus Norris 2.306/168.35
2. Dennis Rieck 2.394/151.85

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.467/132.13
2. David Morton 2.561/132.13
3. Jim Hammond 2.581/132.13
4. Derek Balcunas 2.776/122.85

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Paul Taylor 2.950
2. Russ Bailey 2.951
3. Paul Graham 2.961
4. Vickie Hall 2.968
5. Bill Peterson 2.996
6. Craig Brewster 3.008
7. Terry Crawford 3.025
8. Damon Hall 3.037
9. Larry Snow 3.083
10. Glen Hickey 3.171
11. Tristan Graham 3.175
12. Dave Stidham 3.188
13. Wes Gilmore 3.219
14. Mark Punos 3.236
15. Ron D’Artenay 3.309
16. Jimmy Depasse 2.909

Fast Fours
Final Qualifying Order
1. Adam Roe 2.664/115.17
2. Robert Skidmore 2.754/116.74
3. Mario Tavares 2.799/126.73
4. Daniel King 2.827/108.56
5. Art Cronin 2.829/109.09
6. Darrel Roe 2.939/106.36
7. Sally Rasmussen 3.088/97.12
8. Lance Kaaina 3.133/95.35

Pro Mod Unlimited
Final Qualifying Order
1. Derek Balcunas 2.757/119.40
2. Jimmy Depasse 2.830/109.26
3. Dave Huffman 3.034/104.57
4. Nick Shultzman 3.197/94.56

Pro Gambler
1st-Charlie Johnson
2nd-Chris Adamson
3rd-Kenny Hayes
3rd-Tommy Zavala
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Gambler
1st-Caleb Mings
2nd-Robert Garnas
3rd-Grant Hutchinson
Motorcycle Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman 1
1st-Chris Wells
2nd-Kenny Hayes
3rd-Leon Wilmot
3rd-Kevin Williams
Sportsman 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman 2
1st-Ron Hess
2nd-Jack Weddle
3rd-Brandon Montgomery
Sportsman 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Robert Garnas
2nd-Caleb Mings
3rd-Grant Hutchinson
3rd-Wesley Fuller
Motorcycle Sportsman 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Cameron Lunsford
2nd-Marcus Riedel
3rd-Tyler Hanrahan
3rd-Ryan Rodriguez
Motorcycle Sportsman 2 Eliminations Run Sheet


The first day of the 2018 SCSDA Hammer Down Nationals at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA featured some fast times and close racing. Marcus Norris leads the Top Fuelers after Day One with a 2.40 ET. Jim Hammond’s “April’s Dream” Dragster sits atop the qualifying list in Top Alcohol with a 2.60. Paul Taylor laid down a Perfect 2.950 to take the #1 qualifying position in Top Eliminator. Adam Roe came within one-thousandth of a second of his Fast Fours World Record with a 2.665 ET to lead his class. Derek Balcunas was the best of the Pro Mod entries with a strong 2.75 ET in the Larry Minor Motorsports Jeep. Kenny Hayes emerged victorious in the ultra competitive Pro Gambler category while Wes Johnson topped the 3.95 Index class. That will do it for Day One, we will be back at it in the morning with more great 300’ sand drag racing.

Links to our NSDN Live Feed Videos from Friday
Friday 1 - TF Q1
Friday 2 - TA Q1
Friday 3 - TE/FF/PM Q1
Friday 4 - TF/TA/TE/FF/PM Q2 & Pro Gambler Final
Friday 5 - 3.95 Index Final

NSDN Live Stream Presented By: Good Vibrations Motorsports

Top Fuel
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Marcus Norris 2.409/155.66
2. Dennis Rieck 2.676/132.90

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Jim Hammond 2.607/130.11
2. Derek Balcunas 2.776/122.85
3. Jake Morton NT

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Paul Taylor 2.950
2. Russ Bailey 2.951
3. Paul Graham 2.961
4. Bill Peterson 2.996
5. Vickie Hall 3.012
6. Craig Brewster 3.017
7. Damon Hall 3.049
8. Tristan Graham 3.175
9. Dave Stidham 3.205
10. Larry Snow 3.242
11. Wes Gilmore 3.297
12. Ron D’Artenay 3.309
13. Glen Hickey 3.589

Fast Fours
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Adam Roe 2.665/118.99
2. Mario Tavares 2.799/126.73
3. Art Cronin 2.845/108.39
4. Daniel King 2.871/109.61
5. Darrel Roe 3.054/110.68
6. Sally Rasmussen 3.088/97.12
7. Lance Kaaina 3.241/85.76

Pro Mod Unlimited
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Derek Balcunas 2.757/119.40
2. Dave Huffman 3.034/104.57
3. Jimmy Depasse 3.069/98.52
4. Nick Shultzman 3.375/97.26

Pro Gambler
1st-Kenny Hayes
2nd-Shawn Thompson
3rd-Kevin Williams
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

3.95 Index
1st-Wes Johnson
2nd-Shawn Thompson
3rd-Chris Wells
3rd-Justin Adamson
3.95 Index Eliminations Run Sheet


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