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The final day of racing action at the 2018 Avenal Sand Drags Fall Nationals was filled with incredible excitement as racers not only went all out to win the final event of the season, but also chase those valuable California Sand Drag Challenge series points. In the Top Alcohol class final round, David Morton used a psychic .006 Reaction Time and 2.49 ET to take a hole shot win over Jim Hammond. The Hall Racing team stole the show in Top Eliminator as Damon Hall took his first TE win in the Krank-E Fiat defeating Ron D’Artenay in the final round while his wife Vickie Hall hung on in dramatic fashion to score the Top Eliminator class championship in the CSDC series. Jimmy Depasse scored the Pro Mod victory saving the best for last as he clicked off a strong 2.75 ET in the final to defeat his teammate Dave Huffman. John Cronin was the Fast Fours victor recording a 2.93 ET on race day. The Pro Bracket classes were chocked full of great racing and storylines. Craig Durning turned on the final win light to defeat Tommy Zavala in the Pro 1 final round. Zavala, however would win the war as he was clinched CSDC championships in both the Pro 1 & Pro 2 categories. Jack Bone threw down an incredible 5-thousandths package (.002 - dead-on3) in the Pro 2 final to defeat Chris Adamson while Justin Adamson put Adamson Family Racing in the Winners Circle defeating Brian Phillips. Mark Ratliff scored the Motorcycle Pro 1 class win over Taylor Marchant and locked up 2nd place in the final points behind Brad Olson. Motorcycle Pro 2 saw Tessa Nunes earn the victory in her third final of the weekend over this year’s class champion Caleb Mings. The Junior classes put down some great runs as usual on Sunday morning. The Pena & Cress families dominated in the Youth and Junior classes as Maddox Pena bested Karsyn Cress in the Juniors final while Jacob Pena outlasted Karsyn Cress in the Youth final. The Junior Dragsters battled it down to Blake Adamson turning on the final win light over Lily Garcia. And that wraps up the 2018 Avenal Sand Drags Fall Nationals. Be sure to check back over the next few days for Run Sheets, Videos, Photos and More.

NSDN Live Stream Links

Sunday 1 - TA/TE/PM/FF Round One
Sunday 2 - TE/PM Round Two
Sunday 3 - TE Semis
Sunday 4 - Late Round Pro Bracket Elims
Sunday 5 - TE Final & Late Round/Finals for P1/P2/P3

NSDN Live Stream Presented By: Good Vibrations Motorsports

Top Alcohol
1st-David Morton
2nd-Jim Hammond
Top Alcohol Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
David Morton (W) 2.493/NS .006 def. Jim Hammond 2.481/142.82 .079

Top Eliminator
1st-Damon Hall
2nd-Ron D’Artenay
3rd-Andy Olivera
3rd-Paul Graham
Top Eliminator Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Paul Graham (W) 2.880 .690 def. Craig Brewster NT-No Show
Damon Hall (W) 3.004 .015 def. Wes Gilmore 3.466 .082
Jim Rossi (W) 3.088 .083 def. Tristan Graham 3.278 .187
Paul Taylor (W) 3.052 .126 Bye
Ron D’Artenay (W) 3.067 .158 def. Vickie Hall 2.941 .057
Marc Whitmore (W) 3.018 .040 def. Aaron Bailey 3.004 .082
Andy Olivera (W) 3.029 .083 def. Darrell Cypert 3.289 .115

Round Two Eliminations
Andy Olivera (W) 3.008 .089 def. Paul Taylor 2.921 -.053 RL
Paul Graham (W) 2.939 .438 Bye
Damon Hall (W) 2.990 .020 def. Marc Whitmore 3.561 -.400 RL
Ron D’Artenay (W) 3.011 .062 def. Jim Rossi 2.967 .163

Round Three Eliminations
Ron D’Artenay (W) 2.927 .070 def. Andy Olivera 3.370 -.220 RL
Damon Hall (W) 2.981 .039 def. Paul Graham NT-Stage Foul

Final Round
Damon Hall (W) 2.932 .061 def. Ron D’Artenay 3.232 -.339 RL

Pro Mod
1st-Jimmy Depasse
2nd-Dave Huffman
3rd-Steve Henry
Pro Mod Unlimited Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Dave Huffman (W) 3.121/120.25 .216 def. Steve Henry 3.190/102.77 .197
Jimmy Depasse (W) 2.839/113.03 .259 Bye

Final Round Eliminations
Jimmy Depasse (W) 2.752/117.54 .088 def. Dave Huffman 2.987/97.07 .058

Fast Fours
1st-John Cronin
2nd-Sally Rasmussen
Fast Fours Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
John Cronin (W) 2.931/105.38 .137 def. Sally Rasmussen NT-No Show

Pro 1
1st-Craig Durning
2nd-Tommy Zavala
3rd-Mike Dzek
Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2
1st-Jack Bone
2nd-Chris Adamson
3rd-Scott Hensley
3rd-Bill Meaney
Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 3
1st-Justin Adamson
2nd-Brian Phillips
3rd-April Soares
3rd-Bobby Helmuth
Pro 3 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Mark Ratliff
2nd-Taylor Marchant
3rd-Phillip Star
3rd-Brad Olson
Motorcycle Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Tessa Nunes
2nd-Caleb Mings
3rd-Tyler Hanrahan
Motorcycle Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Maddox Pena
2nd-Corbin Cress
3rd-Eric Young

Junior Dragster
1st-Blake Adamson
2nd-Lily Garcia
3rd-Levi Suggs
3rd-Dax Phillips

1st-Jacob Pena
2nd-Karsyn Cress
3rd-Hunter Neal-Cook


The 2018 Avenal Sand Drags Fall Nationals featured a full day of racing action on Saturday in all categories. Jim Hammond stole the show in Top Alcohol with a great 2.44 ET in the early afternoon qualifying round that would be good enough to hold on to the #1 qualifying position. In Top Eliminator, “Mr. Perfect” Paul Taylor was once again right on the money with a 2.953 on the 2.95 Class Index to earn the top qualifying spot. Jimmy Depasse stayed atop the Pro Mod Qualifying list with a 2.83 ET while John Cronin also remained #1 qualifier in Fast Fours with a 2.90. In the Pro Gambler final, Ken Cypert put the Mopar power of his “Master Blaster” Dodge Truck in the Winner’s Circle defeating Kenny Hayes. Hayes was going for his second win of the weekend as he defeated Clark Harris in the Sportsman 1 Final Round earlier in the day. Other Sportsman class winners on the day included Dave Parker (Sportsman 2), Mathew Wilson (Sportsman 3), Mark Ratliff (Motorcycle Sportsman 1) and Tyler Hanrahan (Motorcycle Sportsman 2). Racing action concludes on Sunday with yet another full action-packed day of sand drags.

NSDN Live Stream Links

Saturday 1 - TA/TE/PM/FF Q3
Saturday 2 - TA/TE/PM/FF Q4
Saturday 3 - Pro Gambler Eliminations Starting at Quarterfinals

NSDN Live Stream Presented By: Good Vibrations Motorsports

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Jim Hammond 2.444/133.92
2. David Morton 2.501/NS

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Paul Taylor 2.953
2. Paul Graham 2.971
3. Damon Hall 2.976
4. Jim Rossi 2.980
5. Vickie Hall 2.989
6. Marc Whitmore 2.995
7. Darrell Cypert 2.997
8. Andy Olivera 3.018
9. Aaron Bailey 3.021
10. Ron D’Artenay 3.039
11. Tristan Graham 3.180
12. Wes Gilmore 3.224
13. Craig Brewster 2.884

Fast Fours
Final Qualifying Order
1. John Cronin 2.904/107.73
2. Sally Rasmussen 3.278/96.19

Pro Mod Unlimited
Final Qualifying Order
1. Jimmy Depasse 2.832/111.80
2. Dave Huffman 2.885/107.13
3. Steve Henry 3.236/NS

Pro Gambler
1st-Ken Cypert
2nd-Kenny Hayes
3rd-Jack Bone
3rd-John Huff
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman 1
1st-Kenny Hayes
2nd-Clark Harris
3rd-Bill Meaney
Sportsman 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman 2
1st-Dave Parker
2nd-Jack Weddle
3rd-Brett Neal-Cook
Sportsman 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman 3
1st-Mathew Wilson
2nd-Barbara Ervin
3rd-Jeff Brooks

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Mark Ratliff
2nd-Gerrit Willard
3rd-Joey Weaver
Motorcycle Sportsman 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Tyler Hanrahan
2nd-Tessa Nunes
3rd-Marcus Riedel
3rd-Rick Andrade
Motorcycle Sportsman 2 Eliminations Run Sheet


The 2018 Avenal Sand Drags Fall Nationals got underway on Friday with early round qualifying as well as kickoff Gambler class action for the bracket racers. In the Top Alcohol class, Jim Hammond led the class with a strong 2.48 ET on his second qualifying pass. The Top Eliminator category was paced by Jim Rossi in the “Bad Toy” Dragster with an excellent 2.980 on the 2.95 class Index. Jimmy Depasse ran quick time on Friday in Pro Mod with a 2.84 ET. John Cronin was the best of the Fast Fours competitors with a 2.90 lap. Chris Pintor put his square body Chevy Truck in the Pro Gamblers Winners Circle defeating Wes Johnson in the final round. Tessa Nunes was once again a “Lil’ Bit Wicked” en route to the Motorcycle Gambler win over David Markle. 300’ Sand Drag Racing action continues on Saturday with Sportsman class eliminations as well as final Heads-Up class qualifying.

NSDN Live Stream Links
Friday 1 - TA Q1 & Early TE Q1
Friday 2 - Mid TE Q1
Friday 3 - Late TE Q1
Friday 4 - PM Q1
Friday 5 - TA Q2
Friday 6 - Pro Gambler Late Rounds

NSDN Live Stream Presented By: Good Vibrations Motorsports

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Jim Hammond 2.48
2. David Morton 2.51

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Jim Rossi 2.980
2. Paul Taylor 2.988
3. Paul Graham 2.992
4. Marc Whitmore 2.995
5. Damon Hall 2.996
6. Vickie Hall 3.003
7. Andy Olivera 3.01
8. Aaron Bailey 3.02
9. Wes Gilmore 3.25
10. Tristan Graham 3.50
11. Craig Brewster 2.88
12. Ron D’Artenay NT

Fast Fours
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. John Cronin 2.90
2. Sally Rasmussen NT

Pro Mod Unlimited
Qualifying Order (After 2 of 4 Sessions)
1. Jimmy Depasse 2.84
2. Dave Huffman 2.99
3. Steve Henry 3.33

Pro Gambler
1st-Chris Pintor
2nd-Wes Johnson
3rd-Chris Adamson
3rd-Ron Huff
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Gambler
1st-Tessa Nunes
2nd-David Markle
3rd-Mark Ratliff
Motorcycle Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet


National Sand Drag News will be in Avenal, California this weekend for the 2018 Avenal Sand Drags Fall Nationals October 26-28. The National Sand Drag News Live Stream will be presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at this event; the Live Stream can be accessed on the NSDN Facebook page at We will also be posting our normal event updates on the NSDN Facebook page throughout the event at and on our Twitter Feed at This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by Avenal Sand Drags, d'Artenay Motorsports / Red Warrior Racing & Good Vibrations Motorsports. Racing action kicks off Friday early round Heads-Up Qualifying & Pro Gambler action as well as the 3.95 Index category. For any questions throughout the race weekend or to inquire about future Daily Race Coverage sponsorship opportunities, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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