NSDA 2007 Point Series Recap

 The Inaugural 2007 NSDA point series was entertaining from start to finish. Some class championships were locked up early, however there were some hugely dramatic battles down to the wire. Here is a look at the top dogs in the points hunt from 2007.

Top Fuel 

Scott Whipple took home the 2007 NSDA Top Fuel championship with his Canidae dragster. Scott had two wins in the 2007 season, the February Soboba and April Primm events. These races also saw him take his two number one qualifying positions on the season. Scott won the championship by 8 points over second place Dennis Rieck. Rieck won two races with his Hammer Down Racing dragster, the September Soboba and October Primm races. Dennis was the number one qualifier at the September Soboba race.  Third place was the Team Extreme dragster of Charlie Brown Jr. Charlie was the low qualifier and runner-up at Soboba in March and May. Dennis Rieck ran Low E.T. and Top Speed of the season in Top Fuel with a 2.327 and 165.01 in October at Primm.

Top 5
1. Scott Whipple 563
2. Dennis Rieck 555
3. Charlie Brown Jr. 514
4. Keith Longerot 336
5. Jeff Janoe 216

Scott Whipple

Dennis Rieck

Top Alcohol

Shane Sanford and his Frederosa Racing team ended up as the 2007 NSDA Top Alcohol champions. Shane won three events on the season, February and March at Soboba as well as the October Primm race. Shane was also low qualifier at the season opener at Soboba. Gary Mink’s “Bad to the Bone” dragster ended up as the runner-up in the class point series. Mink was the runner-up at the March and September Soboba events. He was also low qualifier at those races. Dan Allen moved in to the top three with his victory at the season finale at Soboba. Allen was also the number one qualifier at the season finale as well as the October Primm race. Low E.T. of the class in 2007 was Richard Montiel’s 2.500 in April at Primm.

Top 5
1. Shane Sanford 566
2. Gary Mink 524
3. Dan Allen 513
4. Mike DeNunzio 503
5. Jim Hammond 273

Shane Sanford

Gary Mink

Top Eliminator

DL King’s “Animal Control” dragster took the 2007 Top Eliminator title after a tight battle with Jeff Mamer. DL would win the final event at Soboba to take the championship by a mere six points. DL ended up with two wins on the season and two runner-ups. King also ended up with a top qualifying effort at the March Soboba race. Jeff Mamer’s “Sidewinder” dragster had a solid season with three class wins on the season, including back-to-back wins (September Soboba and October Primm). Tim Martin came in third place in Top Eliminator points. Tim had one runner-up on the season and one low qualifying effort.

Top 5
1. DL King 545
2. Jeff Mamer 539
3. Tim Martin 577
4. Paul Taylor 430
5. Jim Williams 426

DL King

Jeff Mamer

Pro Mod 

Geoff Gill was the man to beat in Pro Mod all season as he took five victories on the season in route to the championship. Larry Minor ended up second in the season points ending up with three runner-up finishes.
Top 2
1. Geoff Gill 600
2. Larry Minor 347

Geoff Gill

Pro Index 

Justin Adamson took two Pro Index wins ending up as the 2007 Pro Index class points champion. Justin also ended up as the number one qualifier three times throughout the season. Mike Erwin came in second in points with his best finish being a win in April at Primm. Jose Beas had a runner-up finish in May at Soboba as the highlight of his season that ended up third in points.

Top 5
1. Justin Adamson 545
2. Mike Erwin 482
3. Jose Beas 457
4. Wes Gilmore 445
5. Mike Bolton 431

Justin Adamson

Pro 1

Geoff Gill ended up as the champion in two classes, as he won in both Pro 1 and Pro Mod. Geoff only won one event during the season; however he was consistently in the late rounds as evidenced by his lowest point total counting for the championship being a semi-final loss. Despite Gill’s great season, Lori Ketron made things close as she ended up with one win and two runner-ups for the season. George Amos ended up third in Pro 1 points with a big win at Primm in October.

Top 5
1. Geoff Gill 514
2. Lori Ketron 468
3. George Amos 449
4. Steve DeNunzio 435
5. Mike Erwin 407

Geoff Gill

Pro 2

David Cox took two wins en route to the Pro 2 class championship. Steve Anthony forced the championship to be decided at the season finale, however he ended up second in points also having two wins on the season. Mike Bolton ended up third in points with one win during the 2007 season.

Top 5
1. David Cox 527
2. Steve Anthony 492
3. Mike Bolton 456
4. Phil Soper 417
5. Wes Gilmore 403

David Cox

Pro 3 

Grant Fraysier and his “Hummbler” dominated the 2007 season in the Pro 3 category. Grant had four final rounds and one win, leaving a semi-final finish to round out his point total.  Joe Simeone ended up second in points in his “Got Jeep” Jeep with two wins early in the season. Arend Schouten came in a close third place to Simeone with one win and one runner-up.

Top 5
1. Grant Fraysier 532
2. Joe Simeone 453
3. Arend Schouten 442
4. Mark Eckart 410
5. Jose Beas 407

Grant Fraysier

MC Pro 1 

Ian Brown dominated the MC Pro 1 category with two wins and two runner-ups during the season. Frank Prock had two runner-ups, finishing second in points while Curt Brown won one race on the season and ended up in third place.

Top 5
1. Ian Brown 544
2. Frank Prock 471
3. Curt Brown 465
4. Ryan Winkle 461
5. Chrisy Garnas 394

Ian Brown

MC Pro 2 

Randy Mings had a great season with three wins and a championship in the MC Pro 2 class. George Amos finished second with a one win season. Jake Russell came up only three points short of second in third position.

Top 5
1. Randy Mings 532
2. George Amos 510
3. Jake Russell 507
4. Joey Weaver 483
5. Rob Winkle 423

Randy Mings

Sportsman 1

Billy Morris ended up at the top of the pack in Sportsman 1. Billy took home two runner-up finishes on the season. Larry Brown squeaked into the second position with a great finish at the last event; Larry had one win during the season. Pro 2 champion David Cox finished third in Sportsman 1 points.

Top 5
1. Billy Morris 423
2. Larry Brown 396
3. David Cox 382
4. Carl Jennings 381
5. Todd Kinney 378

Billy Morris

Sportsman 2 

Carl Jennings won the Sportsman 2 championship courtesy of his two race wins during the season. Nick Young came close to the championship falling just short also ending up with two wins. Bob Schaefer had a great showing during the season and took home third in points.

Top 5
1. Carl Jennings 497
2. Nick Young 470
3. Bob Schaefer 375
4. Justin Taylor 364
5. Mark Eckart 358

Carl Jennings

MC Sportsman 1

MC Pro 1 champion Ian Brown also won the championship in MC Sportsman 1. Ian won two races during the 2007 season. Frank Prock and Ron Garnas rounded out the top three.

Top 5
1. Ian Brown 509
2. Frank Prock 436
3. Ron Garnas 417
4. Ryan Winkle 410
5. Robert Garnas 409

Ian Brown

MC Sportsman 2 

Randy Mings swept the MC 2 classes; also winning the MC Pro 2 title. Randy won two races during the season. Pedro Villa Jr. ended up second with Jake Russell coming in third place.

Top 5
1. Randy Mings 512
2. Pedro Villa Jr. 424
3. Jake Russell 418
4. Rob Winkle 412
5. Joey Weaver 372

Randy Mings

All photos courtesy C3 Productions, www.c3productions.net.

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