Alright then, well after reading the previous story I wrote after it was posted it up, I realized it just wasn’t fair to the other MSBA members and all those who put in time and effort to make sure the hill climb went off smooth as silk. I want to make sure I give credit where it is due, so along with the results I can remember, I want to make sure that those who made the hill climb happen are recognized.

Results: OK, I don’t remember every class but here is what I do recall.
                A class- 1st Mary Spitler 2nd Kyle Knoll 3rd Pat Nibarger
                B class- 1st Pat Nibarger 2nd Peggy Campbell (?)
                E class- 1st Bill Brewer 2nd Charles Hanson 3rd Dave Holt
                F class- 1st Bill Del’ve Jr. 2nd Shannon Marcum?
                G class- 1st Bill Del’ve Sr. 2nd Chad Mallo
                I class- 1st Kaitlyn Knoll
J class- 1st  DeWayne Knoll

                Truck 1- 1st Ryan Fredricks 2nd Pat Lafferty
                Truck 2- 1st Jeff Landers
                Truck 3- 1st Mark Mosher 2nd Ben Dozeman
                Truck X- 1st Rich Simon 

                Quad 1- 1st Adam Schwab 2nd Nick Bennett 3rd Stephanie Taylor
                Quad 2- 1st Kyle Knoll
                Quad 3- 1st Dan Nyenhuis, Jr. 2nd Johann Morse 3rd ? 4th Corey Hamlin
                Quad 4- 1st Josh Goodale 2nd Shawn Roth 3rd AJ Schwab 4th Steve Kaupa 

I know this is not a complete list and I know I forgot some people or their names, but this is all I came up with off the top of my head. Great job everyone, even the guys that were all by themselves in a class still didn’t take it easy and made some great passes at the hill. Corey Hamlin had a hill climb to forget as he got hung up on the wheelie bar on the first attempt, but broke the beams for a “no time”. Then in the second round he lost 2nd gear in the bike right off the line. Ben Dozeman made some great wheels up passes in his yellow Jeep riding the wheelie bar all the way up. What this hill climb may have lacked in car count, it more than made up for in enthusiasm. 

Now, on to the real stars of the weekend, those people that made the ’08 Spring hill climb happen. Pat Nibarger was everywhere it seemed; from working registration on Saturday at WMSD to taking the grader buggy over the hill to check out the top (after I got out and walked that is!) to driving the grader for the first half of the hill climb, and then after his own car broke working the top of the hill for the remainder. That was a week of work put into 2 days, you were awesome man!! Also, my dad worked his butt off. He made sure every business in Silver Lake had flyers promoting the hill climb in the weeks before the event, made sure the grader buggy got to the hill climb on Sunday, and somewhere in between got his own tractor there to grade the bottom of the hill. He actually could have made sure his Bronco was ready to go for the hill climb, but made sure that his part would run smoothly instead. Kyle Homik did a great job announcing as usual. He can fill down time like nobody’s business. I don’t know the names of the people that helped Kyle out keeping the times or the people that were selling T shirts, but they all looked busy and did an excellent job also. Kyle Knoll did really well with the grader buggy the second half of the hill climb, even making it to Appletree to fix a weld on the shifter box. How about Roger Jareo and Matt Flaugher? Roger was the most “seasoned” worker we had and took charge of starting every buggy, truck, and quad up the hill. Matt is a little younger, but he made sure everybody got stopped and was OK at the top. We could not have done it without you guys, Thanks. Mary Spitler, our club president, made sure the insurance got paid, the DNR permit got pulled right, and still managed to run the paying side of registration on Saturday as well. Ken, her husband, weighed every buggy that ran, and did it accurately which led to nobody (that I heard anyway) complaining about what class they were in. To every person listed, THANK YOU!!! The hill climb could not have been done without you, and I appreciate your willingness to give of your time to make this event happen, along with every person that ran the hill climb. 

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank Dave and Mary for reminding me that being a pro doesn’t mean writing on your feelings sometimes. You should stick to writing that does the most good. My goal is to make NSDN a place that while it may encourage some discussions, doesn’t drag out dead issues. I felt my previous article that occupied this space did just that, so I asked that it be pulled. I apologize for dragging out a topic that needed to die, and just prolonging the garbage, so here’s to a better, brighter topic next month. From the Staging Lanes.

Isaac DeHaan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Rich Simon

Ben Dozeman

Mark Mosher

Jeff Landers

AJ Schwab

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