BONNE TERRE, MO – Sand drag fans experienced an emotional roller coaster as Big River Sand Drags hosted their first two-day show of the 2008 season. But, emotions weren’t the only things caught in a corkscrew.  Once again, BRSD fought a harsh battle with the unexpected weather.  Everything from un-forecasted cloudy skies on Saturday, which could have limited the overall turn out, to a perfectly gone bad Sunday evening with severe winds and damaged equipment.

Luckily, the weather was the only damper to the otherwise over-the-top celebration of a long time racing family and the memories of one lost before his time.

Saturday was Dreher Race Cars Night at the track and it would be none other than a legend filled weekend.  Both John and J.R. of Wentzville, MO would headline the event in their “Livin’ in Fast Forward” 4x4 by taking top honors in the Competition Eliminator and Open 4x4 classes both nights.  But, it was Wentzville neighbor Dan Wies who charmed the crowd with his 3.578 second pass at 96.03 mph – the fastest overall pass of the weekend.

Here are the results from Saturday, May 24th:  In Pee Wee ATV, we watched two-time second place winner Tyler Jasper of Barnhart, MO capture first place while Justin Dee of Leadwood, MO wins second in a best 2 of 3 competition.

In Junior ATV, it was Alex Brown of Bonne Terre winning first place and Whitney Dee of Leadwood with second and top eliminator.

In Pro ATV, there was another two-time second place winner in the first place seat as Trevor Cain of Potosi, MO took home first place honors. But, it was Tyler Flotou of Hillsboro, MO winning second place and top eliminator.

In Super Pro ATV, it was a father/daughter winner’s circle with Allie Glatczak of Potosi, MO winning first and top; her dad, Jim, took second.

In Unlimited ATV, Tim Brown of Bonne Terre wins first place and top eliminator and Chris Schmidt of Arnold, MO settles for second.

In Competition Eliminator, Brad Lunn of Pacific, MO won second but it was “The Legend” John Dreher winning first place and top eliminator.

Vehicle E.T. and Open 4x4 had a Groundhog Day” effect.  In Vehicle E.T., both Saturday and Sunday events featured Gladys Edwards of Bonne Terre in first and Ronnie Maples Jr. of DeSoto, MO in second.  Maples Jr. won top eliminator on Saturday, but no top was awarded on Sunday.  J.R. Dreher took home first place in Open 4x4 while Dan Wies wins second and top.

Given the fact that the uncertain skies may have led to lower numbers than usual on Memorial Day Weekend, Big River Sand Drags put on a tremendous show with a spectacular display of Unlimited ATV’s and Competition Eliminator vehicles.  Special thanks to John and Kay Dreher for their participation and contribution of T-shirts, coolie cups, and kiddie stuff for give-aways.  “Thanks to everyone,” from the North County High School Cheerleaders for their help with the 50/50 drawing.

Roles were reversed on Sunday – at least weather wise that is.  Sunny skies and a consistent turnout of competitors helped mold a perfect memorial race for Jeff “Millsey” Mills and many others who have helped us be who we are today.  Top eliminator plaques were made courtesy of Cody Tees, DMR Performance and Birch Fencing.  However, most will have to wait for the June 7th race due to the fact that 3 ½ hours into the show sudden severe winds shattered the christmas tree and sent racers back to the pits.  Lightning and thunderstorms threatened the track and timing system.  Though the tree did not suffer fatal damage, the event came to an abrupt end.

The remaining results are as follows:  In Junior ATV, Kaleb Dickens of Bloomsdale, MO wins first place as Jason Waller Jr. of Bonne Terre not only “cut” an almost “perfect light” (.401), but goes on to win second and top eliminator.

In Pro ATV, Karen Schmidt of Arnold wins first place and newcomer, Michael Miller of DeSoto wins second and top.

In Super Pro ATV, Kayla Dickens of Bonne Terre wins first and Kyle Harmon of St. Louis second.  No top eliminator was awarded.

In Unlimited ATV, Chris Schmidt now sees first place victory as Justin Garnett of Hillsboro, MO wins second.  No top eliminator awarded.

In Competition Eliminator, it was again “The Legend” receiving first place honors and James Casteel of Bismarck, MO winning second place.  No top eliminator was awarded.

Finally, for the first time out this season, we watched Ralph Smith and Adam Smith dominate the Air Cooled VW class with Ralph in first and Adam second.  No top eliminator was awarded.

There will be no racing at BRSD on May 31st.  Racing will return June 7th for Parkland Trailer Sales Night and again June 14th for the ATV give-away during the Open 4x4 Nationals.  Give-away sponsored by Duncan’s 4x4.  Both races begin at 6pm with gates opening at 2pm and time trials 3pm-5pm.  Admission is $10 per adult; kids 12 and under FREE.  For more information, contact James Merseal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (573) 225-8360, or visit

PR Courtesy Jason Harris – Big River Sand Drags

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