We, at C3 Productions, are relatively new to the sand-drag industry, and are amazed at how family oriented this sport is. When we first started taking pictures at the sand drags we were also taken back on how friendly everyone was. People from different back grounds and professions come together for one reason, which is to race down a 300 foot strip for the fun of it.  We would see racers up at 5:00am tuning their cars, some with pit crews while others are with their families.  Wives and kids would be outside assisting anyway they could. Everyone would race through the day, sometimes against friends, but when the day of racing was over we would see racers together barbecuing and eating dinner together. They would be talking about the races, and how they would not had broken out if (fill in the blank), teasing each other about how the out come of the race could had been different if (fill in the blank), but yet still having a  great time.

Another thing that amazed us was the women and children racing. Women raced hard, and didn’t let up for anything while putting on an awesome show. The kids’ racing is another great thing. Seeing them test and tune, then racing like the mom and dad. They try to be so patient and serious as they wait their turn to race their bikes, quads, go-carts, dragsters, and little roadsters. As you can see sand drag racing is for the whole family as it is a great way to spend a weekend together. So, remember your extended family, here at C3 Productions, and stop by to say hello even if you are not purchasing photos.  We welcome you and enjoy your company. Thank you, and have a safe New Year of racing. 

Joe and Roseanne Madrid ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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