"In any race, the hardest mile is never the first, but almost always the last."

I don't know who said it or wrote it, but isn't it true? This coming weekend, I will be in Primm for the NSDA Fall Nationals, enjoying some fine west coast racing. That's not the only reason I'll be enjoying it though, as it is also the last race I have to work for a while. You see, Primm is the final race weekend of a 9 week stretch that we as a family have either worked at or raced a sand drag event every weekend! We have done the inaugural Ionia Sand Drags event (twice if you count the rain out), the MSBA Fall hillclimb, the final 5 races of the WMSD season, and even a car show to do some race promotion. I tell you, it has been quite a stretch. Summer vacation has ended, my son is in 1st grade now, and some of my volunteer activities have restarted so it has been easy to get lost in what's going on.

Don't get me wrong here, this stretch has been great!! I have gotten to see people I have not seen at the races in years, got to see some different race tracks, and timing systems while just having an all around good time. The camaraderie and general good attitude of most racers is just enjoyable to be around and makes it fun to go to the race track. Working at the track is a little different, in the aspect that seeing people do well is fun, especially when its people you hang out with after the races are done.

To tell the truth though, I am a little burnt out. It is also a lot of work getting to and from from all these race weekends too. Add to that the fact that everything you normally get done on the weekend; mowing the yard, cleaning the garage, doing other stuff around the house now has to get done during the week at night after work. Did I mention the fact that since September 1st, we have been losing 3 minutes of daylight per day? In other words, its getting dark earlier folks, which means less time to get stuff especially out door tasks done at night after work. It all adds up to getting more done, in less time, with more stuff waiting for your next available time slot. It can really wear on a person if you let it.

I saw a sign on the Conference Grounds, a camp ground right on Lake Michigan the other day and even though I had seen it probably 100 times before,I read it like I was seeing it for the first time. It was so simple, but very true, it said, "Come Ye Apart and Rest A While." What a concept!! We were not made to be so busy so we tend lose track of our surroundings and our personal direction, and we need to get away once in a while, even from things that bring us happiness and joy for our lives. The point of all this you ask? It is this, that its OK to take a break. It is OK to miss a race or skip an event, its OK to go to a race and only have your kids race, or just spend time with your buddies and help them out. Try it out, see for yourself, and you'll be surprised how relaxing it can be.

That's all for now, I'll have another installment shortly after Primm. Until then, I'll see you in the Staging Lanes.

Isaac DeHaan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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