Final Update

The NSDA Season opener is in the books. Scott Whipple took home the Top Fuel class while Shane Sanford (TA) and Jeff Mamer (TE) also managed to take home big victories. Results and video have been posted. (Updated 2/6 - Sunday TF/TA/TE Videos updated to higher quality video - Sunday Pro 1-3 & MC 1-2 Final Round Videos added - Saturday S1 & S2 Final Round Videos Added.)

Sunday Results 

Top Fuel

Scott Whipple ended up taking the Canidae dragster to the TF victory. Scott defeated Dennis Reick in a nice final round race 2.48-2.56.


Round One
Scott Whpple (W) 2.514 Bye
Dennis Reick (W) 2.639 def. Terri Blair 2.816

Scott Whipple (W) 2.485 def. Dennis Reick 2.565

TF Highlights Video ( )

Top Alcohol

Shane Sanford won the Top Alcohol final in anti-climatic fashion as Mike DeNunzio could not make the final round call. Shane did put on quite a final round show, though with a great 2.532 pass to back up his earlier 2.53 in qualifying.


Round One
Gary Mink (W) 2.615 def. Rick Morris 2.901
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.647 def. Pedro Villa 2.892
Shane Sanford (W) 4.66 def. Jim Hammond DNS
Dan Allen (W) NT def. Shane Switzer DNS

Round Two
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.610 def. Gary Mink 2.627
Shane Sanford (W) NT def. Dan Allen Staging Foul

Shane Sanford (W) 2.532 def. Mike DeNunzio DNS

TA Highlights Video ( )

Top Eliminator

Jeff Mamer was came out on top in Top Eliminator running a nearly dead-on 2.953 to defeat Jim Williams in the final round.

Round Two
Tim Martin (W) 2.994 def. Terry Crawford 3.187
Jeff Mamer (W) 3.062 def. DL King 2.937
Taylor Brewer (W) 3.079 def. Mike Erwin 3.508
Jim Williams (W) 3.102 def. Paul Taylor 3.178

Round Three
Jeff Mamer (W) 2.924 def. Tim Martin 3.160 RL
Jim Williams (W) 2.972 def. Taylor Brewer 3.058

Jeff Mamer (W) 2.953 def. Jim Williams 2.945

TE Highlights Video ( )

Pro 1
1st-Arnold Carnes
2nd-Carl Smith
3rd-Carl Jennings
Semi-Final & Final Round Video ( )

Pro 2
1st-Tracy Malan
2nd-Phil Soper
3rd-Wes Gilmore
3rd-Todd Kinney
Semi-Final & Final Round Video ( )

Pro 3
1st-Joe Simeone
2nd-Al Griffith
3rd-Grant Fraysier
3rd-Gary Gebert
Semi-Final & Final Round Video ( )

1st-Curt Brown
2nd-Frank Prock
3rd-Robert Garnas
Final Round Video ( )

1st-George Amos
2nd-Randy Mings
3rd-Jake Russell
Final Round Video ( )

Saturday Results

Top Fuel

Scott Whipple remained the man to beat hanging on to the #1 qualifying spot with passes of 2.43 and 2.44 today. Terri Blair moved into the number 2 position with a nice night time 2.65 while Dennis Reick ended up third with a 3.10. Jeff Janoe had problems at the line today which puts him 4th.

1. Scott Whipple 2.431
2. Terri Blair 2.659
3. Dennis Reick 3.10
4. Jeff Janoe DNF

TF Highlights Video ( )

Top Alcohol

Shane Sanford ran a blistering 2.53 pass in the final session to take the top spot in Top Alcohol. Gary Mink, Mike DeNunzio, and Shane Switzer rounded out the top half of the field all in the low 2.6 range.

1. Shane Sanford 2.535
2. Gary Mink 2.628
3. Mike DeNunzio 2.632
4. Shane Switzer 2.641
5. Dan Allen 2.696
6. Pedro Villa 2.891
7. Rick Morris 3.022
8. Jim Hammond 3.081
9. Nick Januik 3.144
10. Scott Carroll 3.378

TA Highlights Video ( )

Top Eliminator

Tim Martin ended up as the #1 qualifier in TE. First round action was completed tonight. The pairings for round two are listed below:

Tim Martin vs. Terry Crawford
Jeff Mamer vs. DL King 
Paul Taylor vs. Mike Erwin
Taylor Brewer vs. Jim Williams

TE Highlights Video ( )

Sportsman 1
1st-Larry Brown
2nd-Brian Root
Final Round Video ( )

Sportsman 2
1st-Carl Jennings
2nd-Daline Januik
Final Round Video ( )

1st-Ryan Winkle
2nd-Bo Crossland

1st-Pedro Villa Jr.
2nd-Randy Mings

Pro Mod
1st-Geoff Gill

Pro Index
1st-Justin Adamson
2nd-Clayton Record

Friday Results 

Top Fuel

Scott Whipple ended up the day at the top of the qualifying list with a nice 2.43 in the opening session. Dennis Reick went 3.91 on his only pass down the track. Jeff Janoe broke on the starting line during his only attempt.

1. Scott Whipple 2.432
2. Dennis Reick 3.915
3. Jeff Janoe DNF

TF Highlights Video (  )

Top Alcohol

Shane Switzer is on top in Top Alcohol after two sessions with a nice 2.64 in the night qualifying session. Dan Allen went 2.69 in session 2 top put him second so far with Shane Sanford, Pedro Villa, and Mike DeNunzio rounding out the Top Five.

1. Shane Switzer 2.641
2. Dan Allen 2.696
3. Shane Sanford 2.778
4. Pedro Villa 2.904
5. Mike DeNunzio 2.976
6. Nick Januik 3.144
7. Scott Caroll 3.378
8. Jim Hammond 4.964

TA Highlights Video ( )

Top Eliminator

Taylor Brewer is on the pole in TE so far with a 2.98 time followed closely by Jim Williams with a 2.99. Terry Crawford, DL King, and Mike Erwin rounded out the top 5. We can't fail to mention Rick Morris' Heavy Metal buggy who ran a great 2.791@123 pass in the night session.

1. fTaylor Brewer 2.984
2. Jim Williams 2.997
3. Terry Crawford 3.092
4. DL King 3.151
5. Mike Erwin 3.268
6. Chris Adamson 3.306
7. Tim Martin 2.891
8  Rick Morris 2.791

TE Highlights Video ( )

Bonus Race

Gary Williams topped the 16 car field to take the Bonus race victory tonight. Gary defeated Larry Brown in the final round. Carl Jennings and Clayton Record were the semi-finalists.

Bonus Race Highlights Video ( )


National Sand Drag News will be posting daily race coverage from the NSDA season opener in San Jacinto, CA this weekend. Check back each evening for results, news, and multimedia from the event.

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