NSDA and the Avenal Sand Drag board have come to an offical agreement. NSDA will be the sanctioning body for all ASDI races. ASDI will run the same rules and race formats as the NSDA. ASDI will continue with all classes that have been ran prior in Avenal. NSDA will adopt those classes ONLY for the May race in Avenal and not to be included in the points race. The classes in question are Pro 4, Sport 3 & 4. JR classes will now fall into the NSDA structure, any question on Jr's please call me. If you are teched at an NSDA event that will now be valid for ASDI events.

Avenal will be hosting (1) NSDA points race and (2) non point events, dates are Sept 5-6 and Nov 14-15.

After some consulting, ASDI has agreed to make some major changes to the Avenal track. With help from Bob Gill, Nick Young, Ed Elliott, Jake Russell, Hard Core 4x4, Grant Frasier, and other local racers and board members we will be widening the track by a min of 10 ft per lane. Any other assistance is always welcomed.

Avenal will also have new track management for 2009, I have taken on the duties of Track Director for ASDI and will be joined by familiar faces, Mary Zavala, Mario and Vanessa Brambila. The ASDI race crew is still in the works and will be put together in upcoming months. I am glad to announce that Dave and crew from Motorsport Safety Solutions have commited and will also be the official Fire Crew for all NSDA and ASDI events.

I would also like to add and thank the the entire Avenal Sand Drag board for thier willing to work with the NSDA and the understanding of concerns that have been brought out by fellow racers. With this new joint team we can only imagine the greatness that this will do for our sport.

Again, THANKS to all of you that have supported the NSDA. See you all in a few months.

Any questions please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Alfonso "Chachy" Zavala

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(928) 210-3480

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