, an online sand drag racing forum, is introducing a new competition for its bracket racing members.  Starting January 1, 2009 registered members who enter the competition will compete with other forum members nationwide to determine who can put together the best bracket racing package run in 2009.

The “package” is defined as the combination of reaction time and the difference between Dial-In time and actual Elapsed Time (Package = RT + (ET-Dial-In)).  Each member entered in competition will submit their best time slip throughout the season and the best time slips will be recorded and posted on  At the conclusion of 2009 the best package submitted will be awarded a minimum prize of $200.  As the number of contestants increase, so will the final payout.  To enter the competition, you must be a member of the forum and submit a $20 entry fee to Sand Drag Central.  We encourage all sand drag bracket or index racers nationwide to register and enter the competition.  It will be a fun way to meet new racers nationwide.  For more information please visit .  While visiting the website, please be sure to register as a member if you are not already.



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