tbjeeplead.jpgWe have finally reached 2009 and the new race season is approaching. 2008 was a great season, and all we can do is hope that 2009 exceeds expectations. The month of January this year has been left race less, with the first race of the Southwest sand drag season going off January 31-February 1at Dome Valley Raceway. Two weeks after that is the scheduled debut of the new Larry Minor Raceway in San Jacinto, CA for the NSDA series’ Season Opener. Let’s do what we can to make the 2009 race season a success.

The 2008 season saw performances across the country that was beyond expectations. Dennis Rieck’s 2.22 in Top Fuel and Dan Allen’s 2.41 in the Top Alcohol class set the bar very high for the ’09 season. This raises many questions about the possibilities of what could happen in 2009. Will we see 2.2’s with more regularity and maybe even a 2.1 in the Top Fuel class in 2009? Will 2.4’s become more common place in Top Alcohol and maybe even a 2.3 pass this season? Will we see a Jeep break the 2 second barrier? How low will the 4WD record drop in 2009? How huge will the Pro Truck class be during the Pro Truck Nationals series? Can the competition get any tougher in the Top Eliminator class across the country? How will the bracket classes fare in ’09 with the economic woes across the country? These are all interesting questions as we head into the 2009 season. Only time will tell.

NSDN is ready to begin our 2009 season, providing the typical top notch coverage that our readers come to expect. In 2008, our page viewer ship grew 56%, and we expect things to continue on an upward climb. As a reminder, NSDN offers banner advertising as well as custom advertising packages. Our standard banner advertising package for the 2009 season starts at $400/Year or $250/6 Months. Advertising on NSDN offers a huge bang for the buck considering what our reader base in the sand drag racing market has to offer, plus gives a little back to helping promote the sport. E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you are interested in coming on board with NSDN in 2009.

Hopefully, with a little support, NSDN can get to a few different places in 2009 as well as cover the series that we have in the past. That is our plan at NSDN for this season. Thanks for your readership and support! See you at the track.

Tom Bray (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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