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An incredible final day of racing capped off the 2009 NSDA Primm Valley Resorts Spring Nationals. Scott Whipple pulled out the win in a great Top Fuel final round over Geoff Gill. Gary Mink won his second race of the 2009 season in Top Alcohol defeating Shane Sanford. Jeff Mamer emerged victorious in Top Eliminator over Billy Morris in an extremely close final round race. Other winners on the day were Mike Gazzeny (Pro 1), Mike Bolton (Pro 2), Justin Taylor (Pro 3), Rob Winkle (Motorcycle Pro 1), Randy Mings (Motorcycle Pro 2), and Alan Mamer (Top Dog Junior Dragster).

Top Fuel

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Scott Whipple (W) 2.366/152.26 .135 Bye
Jeff Janoe (W) 2.437//153.93 1.815 def. Pete Schenk NT-Broke
Geoff Gill (W) 2.415/155.36 .131 Bye
Shane Switzer (W) 2.868/92.57 .293 def. Dennis Rieck NT-Broke

Round Two Eliminations
Scott Whipple (W) 2.430/155.81 .127 def. Jeff Janoe 2.575/NS .090
Geoff Gill (W) 2.324/163.43 def. Shane Switzer 17.239/NS .163

Final Round
Scott Whipple (W) 2.323/160.43 .104 def. Geoff Gill 2.411/143.10 .145

Top Fuel Highlight Video

Exhibition Dual Tire Top Fuel
Terri Blair Video

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Dan Allen (W) 5.421/48.35 .428 def. Nick Januik 7.949/33.90 .460
Shane Sanford (W) 2.570/129.20 .168 def. Scott Carroll 2.641/134.01 .104
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.509/134.29 .152 def. Carey Mahoney 2.872/115.52 .086
Gary Mink (W) 2.511/134.39 .134 def. Jim Hammond 2.826/120.14 .004

Round Two Eliminations
Shane Sanford (W) 2.625/NS .057 def. Dan Allen 2.605/139.74 .096
Gary Mink (W) 2.501/138.00 .087 def. Mike DeNunzio 2.532/129.66 .121

Final Round
Gary Mink (W) 2.478/135.16 .096 def. Shane Sanford 2.586/129.52 .054

Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Jeff Mamer (W) 3.043 .063 def. Larry Snow 3.185 .147
Don Diffenbaugh (W) 3.069 .280 def. Mario Tavares NT-RL
Leon Januik (W) 3.039 .177 def. Rebecca Barlow 10.627 .326
Tiffany Januik (W) 2.983 .183 def. Ron D’Artenay NT-RL
Bob Snow (W) 3.162 .220 def. Paul Graham 5.028 .137
Billy Morris (W) 3.031 .459 def. Terry Crawford NT-RL
Mike Erwin (W) 3.052 .084 def. Paul Taylor 3.046 .140
Sidney Payne (W) 3.079 .024 def. Mark Punos 3.025 -.148

Round Two Eliminations
Jeff Mamer (W) 2.966 .078 def. Don Diffenbaugh 3.011 .069
Tiffany Januik (W) 3.094 .084 def. Leon Januik 2.938 .300
Billy Morris (W) 3.056 .389 def. Bob Snow NT-RL
Mike Erwin (W) 3.098 .090 def. Sidney Payne 2.946 .071

Round Three Eliminations
Jeff Mamer (W) 2.989 .055 def. Tiffany Januik 3.080 -.022
Billy Morris (W) 3.157 .048 def. Mike Erwin 3.107 .102

Final Round
Jeff Mamer (W) 3.051 .073 def. Billy Morris 3.048 .081

Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 1
1st-Mike Gazzeny
2nd-Tracy Malan
3rd-Todd Kolstad
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Pro 2
1st-Mike Bolton
2nd-Jim Williams
3rd-Dave Stidham
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Pro 3
1st-Justin Taylor
2nd-Justin Adamson
3rd-Lara Wright
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Rob Winkle
2nd-Ron Garnas
3rd-Craig Thresher
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Randy Mings
2nd-Joey Weaver
3rd-Rob Winkle
3rd-Korey Gray
Eliminations Page 1

Top Dog Junior Dragsters
1st-Alan Mamer
2nd-Aimee Mamer
3rd-Abby Carroll
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2


The second day of the NSDA Primm Valley Resorts Spring Nationals saw the wind die down and allow for some top notch racing action. Scott Whipple ran a great 2.303/160.83mph pass to take the top qualifying position in Top Fuel. Dan Allen stole the show in Top Alcohol with a 2.475 ET for the top spot. Jeff Mamer made his 2009 debut in grand fashion with a perfect 2.950 to lead the Top Eliminator class into race day. April Soares did an awesome job in Sportsman class action winning both the Sportsman 1 and Sportsman 2 car classes. Other winners on the day were Steve Foster Jr. (Pro Index), Garrett Ratliff (Motorcycle Sportsman 1), and Joey Weaver (Motorcycle Sportsman 2).

Top Fuel

Final Qualifying Order
1. Scott Whipple 2.303/160.83
2. Geoff Gill 2.384/157.22
3. Shane Switzer 2.443/158.34
4. Jeff Janoe 2.448/147.11
5. Pete Schenk 2.559/112.67
6. Dennis Rieck NT

Qualifying Notes
- Scott Whipple had a great .981 60’ on his 2.303 #1 qualifying pass. Whipple also had Low ET of qualifying session two with a 2.371.
- Geoff Gill ran Low ET of session one with a 2.384, then had problems and had to shut off early on the following two passes.
- Dennis Rieck struggled, breaking just off the line on both passes.
- Pete Schenk experienced major driveline damage on his first pass, putting him and the Gary Brown-owned car out of the weekend.

Saturday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Dan Allen 2.475/NS
2. Mike DeNunzio 2.499/133.72
3. Gary Mink 2.504/NS
4. Shane Sanford 2.508//NS
5. Scott Carroll 2.602/NS
6. Jim Hammond 2.806/116.13
7. Carey Mahoney 2.852/122.07
8. Nick Januik 9.499/29.79

Qualifying Notes

- Dan Allen’s #1 qualifying 2.475 was run in qualifying session #2.
- Mike DeNunzio had the quickest 60’ in the TA class with a 1.022 on his final session 2.499.

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Final Qualifying Order
1. Jeff Mamer 2.950
2. Bob Snow 2.956
3. Paul Taylor 2.956
4. Leon Januik 2.957
5. Tiffany Januik 2.961
6. Mark Punos 2.968
7. Billy Morris 2.991
8. Mario Tavares 2.997
9. Don Diffenbaugh 3.021
10. Terry Crawford 3.048
11. Sidney Payne 3.094
12. Ron D’Artenay 3.100
13. Rebecca Barlow 3.104
14. Mike Erwin 3.111
15. Paul Graham 3.112
16. Larry Snow 3.116
Did Not Qualify
17. DL King 3.160
18. Eddie Arant 3.180
19. Ralph Switzer 3.261
20. Glen Hickey 3.371
21. Art Cronin 3.508
22. Bud Martens 2.875
WD. Jim Rossi 2.993

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro Mod
1st-Clayton Record
2nd-Don Boespflug
Eliminations Page 1

Pro Index
1st-Steve Foster Jr.
2nd-Donnie Burns
3rd-Jose Beas
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Sportsman 1
1st-April Soares
2nd-Tommy Zavala
3rd-Jim Hendricks
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Sportsman 2
1st-April Soares
2nd-Arend Schouten
3rd-Randy Kleuhn
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Garrett Ratliff
2nd-Heather Taylor
3rd-Rob Winkle
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Joey Weaver
2nd-Brandon Wright
3rd-Shea Marlow
3rd-Rob Winkle
Eliminations Page 1
Eliminations Page 2


Heavy winds put a damper on the racing action on day one of the 2009 NSDA Primm Valley Resorts Spring Nationals. Both qualifying sessions for the Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, and Top Eliminator classes were scratched due to the heavy winds possibly creating an unsafe condition in the shut down area. The bracket classes were still able to complete their Bonus classes and test & tune action on the day. Shawn Thompson (Pro Bonus) and Nick Schulzman (Sportsman Bonus) were today’s winners. Saturday’s schedule will see three qualifying sessions for the TF, TA, and TE classes as the schedule for the rest of the weekend will be similar to the two-day format used at the March Yuma event. For racers, NSDA has copies of the revised weekend schedule at the registration trailer.

Pro Bonus
1st-Shawn Thompson
2nd-Jim Hendricks
3rd-Donnie Burns
3rd-Mike Bolton
Eliminations Sheet Page 1
Eliminations Sheet Page 2

Pro Bonus Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Final Round Video

Sport Bonus
1st-Nick Schulzman
2nd-Jim Williams
3rd-April Soares
3rd-Arend Schouten
Eliminations Sheet Page 1

Sport Bonus Final Round Video

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