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Once again the Heartland Nationals did not disappoint, with great racing action on the final day of competition. Scott Carroll took home the big money pay out back to Arizona in the Top Alcohol class defeating Michigan’s Pat Goodale in the final round. An all-Missouri final round saw Terry Glasscock take his turbo Corvair-powered dragster to the win over Jeff Sieg’s Blown Alcohol Dragster. Pro 1 saw Oklahoma’s Kevin Wilson defeat California’s Steve Foster in the final round. Tyler Knight (Pro 2 Cars) and Bobby Kincaid (Pro 1 Quads) were the other winners on the day.

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations
Rod Trower (W) 2.922/133.68 .023 def. Billy Morris 2.928/109.98 .051
Scott Carroll (W) 2.828/123.97 .194 Bye
Pat Goodale (W) NT-Stage Foul Bye
David Hauser (W) 3.025/NS .114 Bye

Round Two Eliminations
Scott Carroll (W) 2.732/NS .115 def. Rod Trower 2.767/115.58 .222
Pat Goodale (W) 2.787/128.66 .159 def. David Hauser 2.924/115.56 -.302

Final Round
Scott Carroll (W) 2.875/106.54 .089 def. Pat Goodale NT-Stage Foul

Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.208 .234 def. Terry Crawford 3.187 .295
Terry Glasscock (W) 3.072 .035 def. Mark Punos 3.071 .037
Dee Trower (W) 3.106 .145 def. Stacy Sieg 3.426 .190

Round Two Eliminations
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.129 .246 def. Dee Trower NT-Stage Foul
Terry Glasscock (W) 6.479 NRT

Final Round
Terry Glasscock (W) 3.073 .178 def. Jeff Sieg 3.213 .051

Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 1 Cars
1st-Kevin Wilson
2nd-Steve Foster
3rd-Willie Wall
3rd-James Jackson

Pro 2 Cars
1st-Tyler Knight
2nd-Natasha Fauske
3rd-Linnie Hamer

Pro 1 Quads
1st-Bobby Kincaid
2nd-Mark Ratliff
3rd-Joseph Evans


The eleventh annual Heartland Nationals at Atoka Motorsports Park got most of the racing action complete for the day before rain moved into the area. Qualifying for the heads-up classes was completed along with action in the Pro 2/3/4 Quad classes. Scott Carroll lowered his #1 qualifying effort from Friday with a great 2.717/139.15mph pass in Saturday’s final session. In Top Eliminator, Jeff Sieg edged out Mark Punos for the top spot with a 2.990. Elimination round action is set to start at Noon in Atoka on Sunday.

Top Alcohol

Qualifying Order
1. Scott Carroll 2.717/139.15
2. Pat Goodale 2.789/131.00
3. David Hauser 2.819/139.15
4. Rod Trower 2.828/126.26
5. Billy Morris 2.917/103.31

Qualifying Notes
- Scott Carroll also led the class’ first session on Saturday with a 2.763.
- Pat Goodale was the only other car in the 2.7 zone today with a 2.790 in the final session.
- David Hauser jumped in to the #3 position with a monster 139mph 2.81 pass in the day’s first session.
Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Qualifying Order
1. Jeff Sieg 2.990
2. Mark Punos 2.991
3. Dee Trower 3.071
4. Stacy Sieg 3.089
5. Terry Glasscock 3.095
6. Terry Crawford 3.271
WD. Joyce Risher 3.070

Qualifying Notes
- Jeff Sieg made both of his passes count on Saturday running a 3.03 off the trailer, then a 2.990 for the top spot.
- Mark Punos ran a nice 3.018 on his only pass of the day.
- Joyce Risher and the “Black Magic” dragster ran a too quick 2.93 in the first session of the day then a 3.133 in the final session.
- Unfortunately, Risher will be unable to make eliminations due to chassis damage on her final qualifying pass.
Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 2 Quads
1st-Phillip Stephens
2nd-Shelby Rice
3rd-Kevin Self
3rd-Shannon Ben

Pro 3 Quads
1st-Kenny Crossland
2nd-Lance Langehenning
3rd-Phillip Stephens

Pro 4 Quads
1st-Devin Tomlinson
2nd-Bracus Williams
3rd-Filipe Rosales
3rd-Eric Smith

1st-Cole Shull


The 2009 edition of the Heartland Nationals has begun. It is looking to be a great race with a great turnout of competitors from all across the country. Top qualifier in Top Alcohol is Arizona’s Scott Carroll with a great 2.742 pass. Leading the Top Eliminator class after day one is Las Vegas’ Mark Punos with a 2.991. Winners on the day’s Quick 16 classes were Jackie Stidham from Texas (Q16 Cars) and California’s Mark Ratliff (Q16 ATV).

Top Alcohol

Qualifying Order
1. Scott Carroll 2.742/133.68
2. Pat Goodale 2.789/131.00
3. Rod Trower 2.828/126.26
4. David Hauser 2.883/123.97
5. Billy Morris 2.917/103.31

Qualifying Notes
- Scott Carroll ran Low ET of both qualifying sessions, also leading the second session with a 2.77 pass. Dan Allen made the trip with Scott to help crew for him.
- Pat Goodale ran a nice 2.789 off the trailer with his Michigan-based Crude Awakenings dragster.
- All five entries in the Top Alcohol class are all from different states; Carroll (Arizona), Goodale (Michigan), Trower (Oklahoma), Hauser (Missouri), and Morris (California).
Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Qualifying Order
1. Mark Punos 2.991
2. Joyce Risher 3.070
3. Dee Trower 3.138
4. Terry Glasscock 3.211
5. Terry Crawford 3.331
6. Kenny Kapple NT

Qualifying Notes
- Mark Punos made an impressive off the trailer 2.991 pass.
- Joyce Risher set the best pass of session two with a 3.070.
- Terry Crawford experienced troubles on day one with his Las Vegas-based “Yabba Dabba Doo” dragster, however after some help from the 2 Dolla’ Bill crew he should be ready for the rest of the weekend.
- Kenny Kapple had problems on his only attempt Friday and did not record a time.
Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Quick 16 Cars
1st-Jackie Stidham
2nd-Brad Sivells
3rd-Jessie Wyche
3rd-Steve Foster

Quick 16 Quads
1st-Mark Ratliff
2nd-Bobby Kincaid
3rd-Ty Allen
3rd-Troy Kimbley

National Sand Drag News is heading to Atoka, OK for the 2009 version of the Heartland Nationals at Atoka Motorsports Park May 22-24. NSDN will have Daily Race Coverage from this event with results, news, and videos each night after racing action is complete. Also, check out the left side bar under the main menu for live updates from the event. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by Trower Racing and Heavy Metal/2 Dolla’ Bill Racing. Racing starts on May 22 with early round heads-up class qualifying (TF, TA, TE) and Quick 16 action. For any questions throughout the race weekend or to inquire about future Daily Race Coverage sponsorship opportunities, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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