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atoka-lead2.jpgThe 2009 edition of the Heartland Nationals most definitely lived up to the pre-race hype. Cecil and Debbie Wilson did an exceptional job putting on the event. Rod & Dee Trower extended their hospitality to all of the racers with the Food Tent as well as the $250 drawing for out-of-towners. The Hauser’s put up a huge payout for the Top Alcohol class. These efforts combined with a nice turnout of racers from across the country made for a great event. Let’s take a look at the weekend’s winners.

Top Alcohol

The Top Alcohol class had a ton of excitement surrounding it all weekend long. David Hauser put up $3500 to win and $1500 for runner-up on top of the normal Atoka pay out in this class. This meant that the winner would take home a total of $4500. Five entries vied for the victory. After qualifying, Arizona’s Scott Carroll went into eliminations as the favorite, running a great 2.717/139.15mph for the top spot. Pat Goodale’s Michigan-based Crude Awakenings dragster ended up as the #2 qualifier with a 2.789/131.00mph. Missouri’s Hauser, Oklahoma’s Rod Trower, and California’s Billy Morris rounded out the qualified field.

Round one of eliminations kicked off with a great race between the #4 and #5 qualifiers. Trower’s Darren Mayer-tuned dragster took a .023 to .051 starting line advantage over the Dan Chittenden-tuned entry of Billy Morris, by 60’ Morris had taken a big lead; however, at the stripe, it would be the DMPE power of Trower driving around for a 2.922/133mph to 2.928/109mph win. The other three racers would have round one bye runs, with Scott Carroll running low ET for the round with a 2.828.

The semi-final round saw the quickest side-by-side pass of eliminations. Scott Carroll in his Dan Allen-tuned dragster faced off with Trower. Carroll would take a .115 to .222 starting line lead, and hang on for a 2.732 to 2.767 victory. Finishing off the round would be the Ted Lirones-tuned dragster of Pat Goodale against the Strasburg-tuned entry of David Hauser. Hauser would miss the tree and go red handing the win to Goodale’s 2.787/128mph pass. This would set up a huge final round between Carroll and Goodale for all the marbles. In an anti-climatic final, Goodale would stage foul, handing the win to Carroll. Carroll would have a huge wheel stand en route to a 2.875 for the victory. Congrats to the High Maintenance team on the huge victory at the Heartland Nationals.

Scott Carroll (Near Lane) won this close semi-final match up over Rod Trower (Far Lane) en route to the Top Alcohol class win at the Heartland Nationals.

Pat Goodale drove the Crude Awakening Top Alcohol dragster to a runner-up finish at Atoka.

Scott Carroll (Far Right) and crew pick up their big payout for winning the TA class from David Hauser (Second from Right).

Pat Goodale (Left) picks up his runner-up pay out from David Hauser.

Top Eliminator

Jeff Sieg, of Missouri, led the Top Eliminator class into race day with a great 2.990 in the final qualifying session. Nevada’s Mark Punos ended up qualifying second with a 2.991. Eight entries made an attempt to qualify for TE, with two entries (Joyce Risher and Kenny Kapple) suffering breakage rendering them unable to continue to eliminations.

Round one started off with Sieg facing off with Las Vegas’ Terry Crawford in the “Yabba Dabba Doo” dragster. Sieg took a starting line advantage and didn’t look back for a 3.20 to 3.18 victory. The next pair would see Punos face off with Missouri’s Terry Glasscock. This would prove to be the closest match up of the event. Terry took a .035 to .037 lead off the line, holding on for a .001 victory 3.072 to 3.071. The final pair was between Oklahoma’s Dee Trower and Missouri’s Stacy Sieg. Sieg had problems handing the win to Trower’s 3.106.

Glasscock would have the semi-final round bye run and take it easy on his pass. In the other pair, Trower would stage foul, handing the win to Jeff Sieg’s 3.129. This set up an all-Missouri final round. Sieg would leave first .051 to .178, however the Turbo Corvair power of Glasscock drove around for a 3.073 to 3.213 victory.

The final round TE match up between Terry Glasscock (Far Lane) and Jeff Sieg (Near Lane).

Terry Glasscock took the Heartland Nats TE class victory.

Jeff Sieg's left front tire hindered his chance at the TE class final round victory.

Pro Bracket Winners

Sunday’s Pro 1 Cars class came down to Kevin Wilson (son of track owner’s Cecil & Debbie Wilson) against California’s Steve Foster. Foster’s car stumbled coming up on the transbrake, giving Wilson the class victory in the 27 entry field. The Pro 1 Quads class was another Oklahoma versus California final round. In a rematch of Friday night’s Quick 16 Quads final round, Bobby Kincaid faced off against Mark Ratliff. On Friday, Mark pulled off a close win over Bobby. Sunday had a different outcome with Ratliff red lighting, handing the win to Kincaid. The Friday night Quick 16 Cars class saw an all-Texas final round with Jackie Stidham’s Fiat defeating Brad Sivells’ Jeep. Tyler Knight was the big winner in the Pro 2 Cars class over Natasha Fauske. The Pro 2 Quads class was won by Phllip Stephens over Shelby Rice. Kenny Crossland defeated Lance Langehenning in the Pro 3 Quads final. Devin Tomlinson won the Pro 4 Quads class over Bracus Williams. Cole Shull was the Peewees class winner on Saturday.

Pro 1 Cars Winner Kevin Wilson (Near Lane).

Pro 1 Cars Runner-up Steve Foster (Near Lane).

Pro 1 Quads Final Round: Winner Bobby Kincaid (Far Lane) vs. Runner-up Mark Ratliff (Near Lane).

Jackie Stidham won the Quick 16 Cars class on Friday night.

Brad Sivells was the runner-up in the Quick 16 Cars class.

Quick 16 Quads Final Round: Winner Mark Ratliff (Near Lane) vs. Runner-up Bobby Kincaid (Far Lane).

Tyler Knight was the Pro 2 Cars class winner.

Photo Bonus

Mary Tyner drove this nice looking Altered in the Pro 2 Cars class.

Jimmy Martin from Ponca City made some nice passes with his Mopar-powered Altered.

The Boogie Woogie truck competed in the Pro 2 Cars class at the Heartland Nationals.

Another one of the nice dragsters that made the tow from Texas to compete in the Pro 1 Cars class.

Gary Parker put on a good show in the Pro 1 Cars class with this VW-powered dragster.

Dee Trower had a good showing in the TE class with a semi-final round finish.

A close look at Rod Trower's TA dragster sporting a new body at this event.

Wayne Wursthorn brought his Blown Chevy truck to compete at Atoka.

Jeff Sieg made the trip from Kansas City pay off with a runner-up finish in the TE class.

Ashley Ralston drover her dad Bill's Jeep in competition at the Heartland Nationals.

David Hauser hooking up the big Hemi-powered Lethal Threat in TA Qualifying.

Stacy Sieg had some struggles with his TE dragster throughout the weekend.

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