Thunder Valley Sand Drags in Grain Valley, MO held their Show Me Spring Nationals over the weekend. Thanks to Kody Teters for doing a great job on putting together a thorough results run down and sending them in. Read on for the results.


Top Alcohol

1st-#101 Rod Trower

Top Eliminator
1st-#39 David Hauser
2nd-#156 Terry Glasscock

Pro Comp
1st-#79 Tony Hatfield
2nd-#11 Jeff Campbell

1st-#58X Gary Curtis Jr.

Sport Comp
1st-#94 David Chastair
2nd-#82 Tony Pierce

Sport ATV
1st-#200 Tyler Ross
2nd-#199 Jeremy Kitchen
3rd-#380 Ryan Allen

Trucks (Saturday)
1st-#58X Gary Curtis Jr.

Trucks (Friday)
1st-Jamie Winsor

1st-#829 Nick Crabaugh
2nd-#42 Ross Kratz

Pee Wees
1st-#04 Jacob Perry

2nd-#313 Connor Heitman

Saturday TA/TE Qualifying/Eliminations

Top Alcohol

Rod Trower-2.76, 2.65, 2.62, 2.67

Top Eliminator Qualifying
Final Session
Dee Trower-3.02, 2.93
Jack Monroe-3.07
Tim Hatfield-3.04, 3.01
Terry Glasscock-2.98
David Hauser-3.40, 3.09
Stacey Sieg-3.28
Jeff Sieg-3.50

Final Qualifying Order
#1-Terry Glasscock-2.98
#2-Tim Hatfield-3.01
#3-Dee Trower-3.02
#4-David Hauser-3.09
#5-Stacey Sieg-3.28
#6-Jeff Sieg-3.50
Jack Monroe-broke

1st Round
Terry Glasscock (W) 2.99/103.83 MPH vs Bye
Dee Trower (W) 2.99/105.104.30 MPH vs Jeff Sieg 3.06/104.30 MPH
Tim Hatfield (W) 3.20/103.64 MPH vs Bye
David Hauser (W) 3.13/104.69 MPH vs Stacey Sieg 3.10/98.74 MPH

2nd Round
Terry Glasscock (W) 2.97/104.49 MPH vs Dee Trower 3.01/107.50 MPH
David Hauser (W) 3.11/103.32 MPH vs Tim Hatfield 3.12/104.00 MPH

Final Round
David Hauser (W) 3.06/102.58 MPH vs Terry Glasscock 2.92/103.69 MPH

Friday TA/TE Qualifying

Top Alcohol Qualifying

Rod Trower-3.19

Top Eliminator Qualifying
1st Session
Dee Trower-3.08
Jack Monroe-3.06
Terry Glasscock-3.09
2nd Session
Dee Trower-2.93
Jack Monroe-3.04
Terry Glasscock-2.98
Tim Hatfield-3.17
3rd Session
Jack Monroe-3.05

TE Qualifying Order (After Day One)
#1-Terry Glasscock-2.98
#2-Jack Monroe-3.04
#3-Tim Hatfield-3.17
#4-Dee Trower-2.93

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