Sunday Recap

Cloudy skies and fog greeted racers in the morning of the final day of NSDA's second event of the 2007 season, however warm temps and sunny skies prevailed in the afternoon leading to some great racing action. Click "Read More" for results and video. (Bracket Finals Video added 3/19 and Photo of the Week Updated 3/20)


Top Fuel

Keith Longerot made it two wins in a row at the Soboba Casino defeating Charlie Brown in the final round. Keith won in his last appearace with the NSDA back in November 2006.

Round One
Charlie Brown (W) NT Bye
Dennis Reick (W) 2.476 def. Michael Peasley 2.727
Keith Longerot (W) 2.532 def. Jeff Janoe NT
Scott Whipple (W) 2.447 def. Terri Blair NT

Round Two
Keith Longerot (W) 2.622 def. Scott Whipple 2.586 RL
Charlie Brown (W) 2.506 def. Dennis Reick 2.494 RL

Keith Longerot (W) 2.485 def. Charlie Brown 2.576

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Top Alcohol

Shane Sanford continued his early season dominance of Top Alcohol with his second win of the '07 season. Shane squeaked out a final round victory over Gary Mink with the margin of victory equaling .0005.

Round One
Gary Mink (W) 2.604 def. Scott Carroll 3.165
Shane Sanford (W) 2.582 def. Carey Mahoney 2.830
Dan Allen (W) 2.556 def. Tim Martin 2.845
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.780 def. Mike Davis 2.948

Round Two
Shane Sanford (W) 2.633 def. Dan Allen 2.588
Gary Mink (W) 2.577 def. Mike DeNunzio 2.866

Shane Sanford (W) 2.637 def. Gary Mink 2.624

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Top Eliminator

John Keller entered his first NSDA event with the "Plum Nasty" altered and took home the TE title defeating DL King in the final round.

Round Two
DL King (W) 3.082 def. Mike Rasmussen 3.056
Jim Williams (W) 3.020 def. Steve Hoffman 2.909
John Keller (W) 3.052 def. Terry Crawford 3.208
Chris Adamson (W) 3.067 def. Don Diffenbaugh 3.210

Round Three
DL King (W) 3.134 def. Jim Williams 3.186
John Keller (W) 3.009 def. Chris Adamson 3.072

John Keller (W) 3.029 def. DL King 3.061

Top Eliminator Highlight Video ( )

Pro 1
1st-Steve DeNunzio
2nd-Jaret Nelson
3rd-Bill Swim

Pro 1 Semi-Finals and Finals Video ( )

Pro 2
1st-Steve Anthony
2nd-Mike Record
3rd-Stacy Bolton
3rd-Clayton Record

Pro 2 Semi-Finals and Finals Video ( )

Pro 3
1st-Arend Schouten
2nd-Jerry Peripoli
3rd-Eddie Spears

Pro 3 Semi-Finals and Finals Video ( )

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Steve DeLeon
2nd-Lito Estrada
3rd-Greg Partsatas
3rd-Frank Prock

MC Pro 1 Finals Video ( )

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Bo Crossland
2nd-Rob Winkle
3rd-Joey Weaver

MC Pro 2 Semi-Finals and Finals Video ( )


Top Fuel

Charlie Brown will start race day as the #1 qualifier after a nice 2.45 pass in the day's final session. Keith Longerot ended up #2 with a 2.48 followed by Scott Whipple's Friday 2.52.

Qualifying Order
1. Charlie Brown 2.455
2. Keith Longerot 2.488
3. Scott Whipple 2.520
4. Dennis Reick 2.524
5. Michael Peasley 2.750
6. Terri Blair 2.755

Top Fuel Highlights Video ( )

Top Alcohol

Gary Mink was "Bad to the Bone" with a 2.55 to top the TA class in qualifying followed closely by Shane Sanford's 2.56. Rounding out the top half of the field was Dan Allen and Mike Davis.

Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.558
2. Shane Sanford 2.560
3. Dan Allen 2.682
4. Mike Davis 2.699
5. Mike DeNunzio 2.699
6. Tim Martin 2.765
7. Carey Mahoney 2.809
8. Scott Carroll 2.855
Did Not Qualify
9. Rick Morris 2.905
10. Pedro Villa 2.937

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Top Eliminator

DL King stayed as lower qualifier with his Friday 2.96. TE began eliminations on Saturday night. The major upset was when points leader Jeff Mamer fell to Don Diffenbaugh.

Round One
DL King (W) 3.10 def. Craig Sines 5.97
Jim Williams (W) 3.05 def. Kurt Murphy 3.25
Steve Hoffman (W) 2.95 def. Mike Erwin 3.19
John Keller (W) 3.04 def. Lori Ketron 3.35
Don Diffenbaugh (W) 3.17 def. Jeff Mamer 3.77
Chris Adamson (W) 3.02 def. Taylor Brewer 2.94 RL
Terry Crawford (W) 3.17 def. Shawn Thompson 3.30
Mike Rasmussen (W) Single (Paul Taylor unable to make the call - Update: Paul was back at the track today after his scary ride on Friday).

Top Eliminator Round One Highlights ( )

Pro Mod
1st-Geoff Gill
2nd-Larry Minor

Pro Mod Finals Video ( )

Pro Index
1st-Steve Foster
2nd-Al McKinney
3rd-Stacy Bolton
3rd-Wes Johnson

Pro Index Finals Video ( )

Sportsman 1
1st-Mike Record
2nd-Bill Morris
3rd-Donnie Burns

Sportsman 1 Finals Video ( )

Sportsman 2
1st-Eddie Spears
2nd-Fran McKinney
3rd-Wendy Thompson
3rd-Carl Jennings

Sportsman 2 Finals Video ( )

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Bob Sechi
2nd-Steve DeLeon
3rd-Ron Garnas
3rd-Chad Peterson

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Randy Mings
2nd-Shane Bedford
3rd-Scott Kinney
3rd-Joey Weaver


Top Fuel

Scott Whipple stayed on top of the TF leaderboard with his 2.52/155MPH pass in the second qualifying session. Charlie Brown was in the opposite lane of Scott and turned a 2.63 to put him 2nd.

Qualifying Order
1. Scott Whipple 2.520
2. Charlie Brown 2.638
3. Terri Blair 2.755
4. Michael Peckley 3.179
5. Dennis Reick 3.635
6. Jeff Janoe DNF

TF Highlights Video ( )

Top Alcohol

Mike DeNunzio edged out Dan Allen for the top qualifying spot in TA. Mike ran a 2.701 which was only .002 faster than Dan's pass. Mike Davis in his return is currently sitting 3rd with a 2.74.

Qualifying Order
1. Mike DeNunzio 2.701
2. Dan Allen 2.703
3. Mike Davis 2.746
4. Carey Mahoney 2.809
5. Pedro Villa 2.937
6. Rick Morris 2.937
7. Shane Sanford 4.227
8. Scott Carroll DNS

TA Highlights Video ( )

Top Eliminator

A huge turnout of TE machines was topped by the "Animal Control" car of DL King after two sessions with a 2.966. John Keller ended up #2 with Steve Hoffman and Jim Williams just behind. A scary incident occurred when Paul Taylor's machine got out of shape and rolled in the shut down area. Paul was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures, we'll have an update on him tomorrow.

Qualifying Order
1. DL King 2.966
2. John Keller 2.989
3. Steve Hoffman 2.989
4. Jim Williams 2.998
5. Taylor Brewer 3.069
6. Shawn Thompson 3.086
7. Paul Taylor 3.158
8. Terry Crawford 3.265
9. Chris Adamson 3.272
10. Kirt Murphy 3.337
11. Don Diffenbaugh 3.351
12. Craig Sines 3.535
13. Glen Hickey 3.682
14. Mike Rasmussen 3.970
15. Tim Martin 2.920

TE Highlights Video ( )

Bonus Race

David Cox was the winner of the Bonus race defeating Gary Williams in the final round.

1st-David Cox
2nd-Gary Williams
3rd-Rocky Randolph


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