Some of the winners from Fast Track Racing’s West Coast Nationals at the AVI Resort & Casino in Laughlin, NV.

Top Eliminator
1st-Paul Taylor
2nd-Mike Erwin
3rd-Ralph Switzer

3.95 Index
1st-Tommy Zavala
2nd-Nick Schulzman
3rd-Keith Ahart

Pro 1
1st-Tommy Zavala
2nd-Clint Lamb

Pro 2
1st-Kelly White
2nd-Phil Soper

Pro 3
1st-Mike Smith
2nd-Shawn Thompson

Top Eliminator Eliminations
Round One
Ralph Switzer (W) 3.21 Bye
Paul Taylor (W) 3.13 def. Terry Crawford 3.34
Mike Erwin (W) 3.29 def. Pete Schenk 3.35

Round Two
Mike Erwin (W) 3.29 def. Ralph Switzer 3.16
Paul Taylor (W) 3.10 Bye

Final Round
Paul Taylor (W) 3.07 def. Mike Erwin 3.26

Thanks to Mike Erwin & Tommy Zavala for the updates from this event. If the promoter or anyone else has further results or information to add to this, feel free to e-mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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