Sunday Update 3

The TF Showdown at Dome Valley Raceway is complete. Matt Ludlow in the Coldwater Kid Top Fueler ran a 2.587 in the final round to defeat Shane Sanford to win the TF Showdown. Other winners in the heads-up classes were Billy Morris (Top Alcohol), Paul Taylor (Top Eliminator), and Brian Chapman (Fast Fours). Steve Anthony (Pro 1), ? Williams (Pro 2), Tiffany Brock (Motorcycle Pro 1), and Mike Brock (Motorcycle Pro 2) .

Top Fuel
Final Round Eliminations
Matt Ludlow (W) 2.587/106 def. Shane Sanford 2.615/142

Top Alcohol
Final Round Eliminations
Billy Morris (W) 2.675/124 .047 def. Lori Ketron 2.669/114 .120

Pro 1
1st-Steve Anthony 3.946 (3.91)
2nd-Craig Durning 3.718 (3.70)

Pro 2
Husband-Wife Final Round: Jim vs. Kathy Williams – Guess who won?

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Tiffany Brock
2nd-Jeremy Allison

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Mike Brock
2nd- Jarrett Allison

*Thanks to Mike Erwin for all the help with the updates this weekend.*

Sunday Update 2

Top Fuel
Round Two Eliminations
Matt Ludlow (W) 2.426/145 def. Dennis Rieck NT-Broke at the hit.
Shane Sanford (W) 2.537/139 def. John Cadzow 2.809/109

Final Round will be Matt Ludlow/Coldwater Kid vs. Shane Sanford/Frederosa Racing.

Top Alcohol
Round Two Eliminations (Best 2 out of 3)
Lori Ketron (W) 2.707 def. Billy Morris 2.726; Series Tied 1-1

Top Eliminator

Final Round Eliminations
Paul Taylor (W) 2.962 def. Mike Erwin 3.174

Fast Fours
Final Round Eliminations
Brian Chapman 3.18/96 def. Jim Cronin 3.70/101

Three cars remain in Pro 1: Tommy Beck, Craig Durning, and Steve Anthony.

Sunday Update 1

Round one of eliminations is complete at the Dome Valley Raceway TF Showdown. Read on for results.

Top Fuel
Round One Eliminations
Shane Sanford (W) 2.614/126 def. Jeff Janoe 3.15/133
Matt Ludlow (W) 2.505/121 def. Marcus Norris 2.655/129
Dennis Rieck (W) Idled Down Track def. Terri Blair NT-Broke
John Cadzow (W) 3.21/63 Bye

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations (Best 2 out of 3)
Billy Morris (W) 2.71/124 def. Lori Ketron 2.81/119

Top Eliminator
Round One Eliminations
Paul Taylor (W) 3.04/117 def. Pat Hedington 3.21/112
Mike Erwin (W) Idled Down Track def. Rebecca Barlow NT-Broke

Fast Fours
Round One Eliminations
Brian Chapman (W) 3.138/112 def. John Cronin 3.039/102
Jim Cronin (W) 2.978/106 def. Mario Tavares NT-Broke

Aaron Mamer ran a nice 3.180 on an Exhibition pass getting used to driving his dad’s Sidewinder FF/TE Dragster.

Saturday Update

Racing action is complete on Saturday at Dome Valley Raceway’s TF Showdown. John Cadzow still sets a top the TF qualifying order with his Friday run of 2.313. Other #1 qualifiers heading into race day are Paul Taylor (Top Eliminator), Brian Chapman (Fast Fours), and Billy Morris (Top Alcohol). Steve Anthony (Pro Sport) and Larry Brown (Sportsman) were the day’s winners in the bracket classes.

Top Fuel
Final Qualifying Order
1. John Cadzow 2.313/154 (NT-L3BA) – Cadzow left before the tree was activated on his only attempt Saturday, and had a monster wheel stand down track damaging his front end putting him out for the day. The crew anticipates having the car ready for round one on Sunday.
2. Dennis Rieck 2.351/139 – Dennis made a nice straight pass in the morning with a .973 60’ time to move up the ladder. He did not make the final quaifying session as he headed to host his Annual Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Fundraiser. Dennis will be back for eliminations on Sunday.
3. Matt Ludlow 2.376/NS (2.506/126) – Matt had a solid pass in the final session with a 1.00 60’ time.
4. Shane Sanford 2.416/NS (2.48 & 2.66) – Correction: Shane ran a 2.48 in the afternoon session & 2.66 in the evening session with a cylinder out.
5. Jeff Janoe 2.558/136 (2.916) – Jeff pedaled on both of his Saturday qualifying passes.
6. Marcus Norris 2.58/145 (2.68/131) – Marcus closed out qualifying with a personal best pass.
7. Terri Blair 2.596 – The Fugowie Team is out for the weekend after breaking on Friday.

Round One Pairings
1. John Cadzow Bye
2. Dennis Rieck vs. 7. Terri Blair (Broke)
3. Matt Ludlow vs. 6. Marcus Norris
4. Shane Sanford vs. 5. Jeff Janoe

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Paul Taylor 2.967
. Rebecca Barlow 2.974 (3.238)
3. Mike Erwin 3.035 (3.09 & 3.79)
4. Pat Hedington 3.153 (3.226)

Round One Pairings
1. Paul Taylor vs. 4. Pat Hedington
2. Rebecca Barlow vs. 3. Mike Erwin

Fast Fours
Final Qualifying Order
1. Brian Chapman 2.903
2. Jim Cronin 3.091
3. Mario Tavares 3.243
4. John Cronin 3.286

Round One Pairings
1. Brian Chapman vs. 4. John Cronin
2. Jim Cronin vs. 3. Mario Tavares (Broke)

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Billy Morris 2.722/120 (2.742/124)
2. Lori Ketron 2.796/117 (2.837)

Round One Pairings
1. Billy Morris vs. 2. Lori Ketron

If the racer did not improve on their Friday times, their Saturday time(s) are listed in parentheses.

Pro Sport
1st-Steve Anthony 3.968 (3.89)
2nd-Gerald Soltero 3.418 (3.39)

1st-Larry Brown
2nd-Juan Garcia

Friday Update 2

Qualifying is complete on day one of the TF Showdown @ Dome Valley Raceway. John Cadzow stole the show again lowering the track record with an incredible 2.313/154mph shot. Almost as incredible as Cadzow’s pass was Shane Sanford wheeling the Team Frederosa Top Alcohol Dragster to the #2 qualifying spot in the TF class with a personal best 2.416 blast. Rebecca Barlow stayed atop the Top Eliminator class standings with her first round 2.974. Saturday action will see two more qualifying sessions for the heads-up classes as well as Pro Sport & Sportsman class bracket racing action. Read on for qualifying orders.

Top Fuel
1. John Cadzow 2.313/154 – Another huge wheel stand on a great track record lowering pass.
2. Shane Sanford 2.416/NS – A personal best run for the Frederosa team.
3. Matt Ludlow 2.444/126 (DNR)
4. Dennis Rieck 2.466/145 (2.475) -- Another clean pass for Dennis & the Hammer Down Team.
5. Marcus Norris 2.777 – Marcus makes another clean pass.

*Jeff Janoe & the JWJ TF Dragster are also on-site. They will make their first pass on Saturday.

Top Eliminator
1. Rebecca Barlow 2.974 (3.070)
2. Paul Taylor 3.032 (3.040)
3. Mike Erwin 3.035 (3.10)
4. Lori Ketron 3.066 (2.936) – Lori also ran 3.001 & 2.945 on Test & Tune passes.

Fast Fours
1. Art Cronin 3.036
2. Brian Chapman 3.097
3. John Cronin 4.14

Test & Tune/Exhibition
1. Terri Blair 2.596 – A clean pass for the Fugowie dual-tire TF Dragster.

If the racer did not improve on their earlier run, their Q2 time is listed in parentheses.

Friday Update 1

Round one of qualifying for the heads-up classes are complete. Both the TF & TE fields appear to be closely bunched and highly competitive this weekend. John Cadzow has already taken the Dome Valley track record with a 2.402 lap. We will see how much lower the record can go through the rest of the weekend. Continue on to view Round 1 Qualifying orders.

Top Fuel
1. John Cadzow 2.402/NS – Big wheel stand down by the finish line for Cadzow on a great pass.
2. Matt Ludlow 2.44/126 – Headed for the center and shut off a tad early.
3. Dennis Rieck 2.466/145 – A clean pass for Dennis with the front end close to the ground.
4. Shane Sanford 2.560/NS – The Frederosa TA Dragster with a great opening pass & a huge wheelie down track.
5. Marcus Norris 2.799/131 – Marcus makes a clean pass in the Pat Norris Racing Fueler.

Top Eliminator
1. Rebecca Barlow 2.974
2. Paul Taylor 3.032
3. Mike Erwin 3.035
4. Lori Ketron 3.066

Fast Fours
1. Brian Chapman – Brian made a check out pass with his Short Fuse Dragster. He was the only FF entry to make a pass in Q1.


Dome Valley Raceway puts a wrap on the 2009 sand drag racing season with the TF Show Down event this weekend. Racing action kicks off with the first round of Top Fuel qualifying at 1PM Friday afternoon. Updates will be called in to us at NSDN, and posted after each session. Keep checking back for the latest updates & news from this event.

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