The National Sand Drag Association (NSDA) has announced a reorganization of the Heads-Up classes that lead the NSDA Professional race program. The Top Fuel (TF) and Top Alcohol (TA) classes will remain the same rules wise for 2010. Top Eliminator (TE) will be adjusted to a 2.80 Index. This will be an 8-car qualified field. Beyond Top Eliminator will be a new category called Super Eliminator (SE) that will feature a 2.99 Index. As with TE, SE will also be an 8-car qualified field. In event of breakage, the number 9 qualifier in each class will replace any car that is unable to run in final eliminations for first round only. The number 9 car will be inserted into the number 8 spot. All cars will move up one spot until the qualifying position of the car unable to run is filled.

All Heads-Up categories will be offered FOUR (4) qualifying sessions. The only mandatory qualifying session will be the fourth and final (Saturday night) round. Each racer must at least make an attempt in that session.

Another change to the Heads-Up classes for 2010 is that the fourth and final qualifying session run order will be determined by the fastest qualifying ET’s from the first three rounds of qualifying. The qualifying run order will be from slowest to fastest. This is being done to allow spectators to follow along as the slower qualified cars attempt to bump into the field.

Keep in mind that the 2010 NSDA series will consist of FIVE (5) events at Lake Elsinore and all five will be point series races. More exciting announcements will be released soon regarding the 2010 NSDA race season.

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