Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK opened their 2010 race season on March 13 with what could be stated as their craziest season opening event in history. Howard Ford took a wild ride with his Pro 2 class entry into the guard rail and parts breakage hampered the Pro 1 Cars class with the 13 entries whittled down to just 7 cars able to make the round one call of the Money class. On the positive side of things, Rod Trower wowed the crowd with his “Lots of G’s” Pro 1 Buggy. Les Steelman was the man to beat in the Pro 1 class winning the Money Round & getting 2nd place in the Trophy class. Bobby Kincaid got off to a fast start by sweeping the Pro 1 Quads class. Another note from AMP is that the Watermelon Patch Nationals will be moved to October this season and renamed “Fall Fest”.

Race Results

Pro 1 (Money)
1st-Les Steelman – Claremore, OK
2nd-Amie Wilson – Durant, OK

Pro 1 (Trophy)
1st-Marc Luce – Atoka, OK
2nd-Les Steelman, Claremore, OK

Pro 2 (Money)
1st-Dude Muse – Atoka, OK
2nd-Robert Sisco – Ponca City, OK

Pro 2 (Trophy)
1st-Dude Muse – Atoka, OK
2nd-Wyatt Fomby – Lehigh, OK

Pro 1 Quads (Money)
1st-Bobby Kincaid – McAlester, OK
2nd-Kirk Whitlow – Dallas, TX

Pro 1 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Bobby Kincaid – McAlester, OK
2nd-Ty Allen – Okmulgee, OK

Pro 2 Quads (Money)
1st-Roy Cooper – Atoka, OK
2nd-Seth Tree – Atoka, OK

Pro 2 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Seth Tree – Atoka, OK
2nd-David Buck

Pro 3 Quads (Money)
1st-Justin Rainwater
2nd-Set Three – Atoka, OK

Pro 3 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Justin Rainwater
2nd-Joseph Evans – Cumby, TX

Pro 4 Quads (Money)
1st-Jake Southerland – Atoka, OK
2nd-Bevin Smith – Clayton, OK

Pro 4 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Eric Smith – Clayton, OK
2nd-Saysha Crossland – Clayton, OK

Results Courtesy Derek Howard, Atoka Motorsports Park

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