Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, Oklahoma held their second race of the 2010 race season on April 10. Among the highlights were Nathan Dial running a best of 3.13 with his TE/Pro 1 Dragster and first time racer Steven Smith winning the Pro 1 Trophy class in the “Break N Luce II” Dragster. Continue on for full results.

Pro 1 Cars (Money)
1st-Kevin Wilson
2nd-Dustin Moore

Pro 1 Cars (Trophy)
1st-Steven Smith
2nd-Darwin Beck

Pro 2 Cars (Money)
1st-Robert Sisco
2nd-Gage Moore

Pro 2 Cars (Trophy)
1st-Tyner Morris
2nd-Chris Smith

Pro 1 Quads (Money)
1st-Rick Lovelace
2nd-Randy Kimbley

Pro 1 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Dylan Williams
2nd-Stephanie Kimbley

Pro 2 Quads (Money)
1st-Shelby Rice
2nd-Corey Dunegan
3rd-Jordan Zurline

Pro 2 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Josh Townsend
2nd-Kasey Cossey

Pro 3 Quads (Money)
1st-Anita Zurline
2nd-Kerri Jo Crossland

Pro 3 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Justin Rainwater
2nd-Troy Kimbley

Pro 4 Quads (Money)
1st-Bevan Smith
2nd-Brakus Williams

Pro 4 Quads (Trophy)
1st-Saysha Crossland
2nd-Bevan Smith

Pro 1 Cars Point Standings
1. Les Steelman 40
2. Kevin Wilson 35
3. Amie Wilson 30
4. Dustin Moore 25
5. Marc Luce 20
5. Darwin Beck 20

Pro 2 Cars Point Standings
1. Robert Sisco 45
2. Dude Muse 35
3. Gage Moore 30
4. Wyatt Fomby 20
5. Kevin Seward 15

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