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Records were shattered during the final day of the 2010 NSDA CANIDAE Pet Foods Nationals at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex in Lake Elsinore, CA. Scott Whipple and tuner Famous Amos Satterlee left everyone in amazement with a string of 2.2 second passes culminating in the quickest run in sand drag racing history with a 2.221 during his final round Top Fuel victory. The run will also stand as the Top Fuel World Record as Scott’s prior 2.255 is sufficient back up for the record to be certified. The action was also hot in the Top Alcohol class. Both Gary Mink and Dan Allen looked to be the class of the field all weekend, knocking on the World Record on every pass. In the final, the Allen Racing crew broke a fuel line having to be shut off while defending champion Gary Mink went on to take his first win of the 2010 season. In the Super Eliminator class, it’s beginning to become routine as it was once again Billy Morris and Paul Taylor facing off in the final round. The outcome would be the same as Billy would have a great reaction time and take home his second SE class win to start the season. Local favorite Paul Graham waded through a tough Top Eliminator class to take home his first NSDA TE class victory at the Inaugural Lake Elsinore race. Other winners on the day were Mike Gazzeny (Pro 1), Wes Johnson (Pro 2), Arend Schouten (Pro 3), and Mark Ratliff (Motorcycle Pro 1 & 2).

Top Fuel

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Scott Whipple (W) 2.265/165.65 .124 Bye
Dennis Rieck (W) 2.458/133.48 1.150 def. Rick Cameron NT-Stage Foul

Final Round
Scott Whipple (W) 2.221/172.79 .103 def. Dennis Rieck 3.529/48.75 .099

Top Fuel Highlight Video

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Gary Mink (W) 2.470/130.75 .147 Bye
Scott Carroll (W) 2.662/141.89 .131 def. Craig Sines 2.612/NS -.006
Dan Allen (W) 2.609/NS .068 def. Shane Sanford NT-DNS
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.576/NS .137 def. Jim Hammond 2.774/111.51 .111

Round Two Eliminations
Gary Mink (W) 2.464/133.93 .059 def. Scott Carroll 2.570/143.76 .088
Dan Allen (W) 2.427/135.39 .113 def. Mike DeNunzio 2.969/87.06 .086

Final Round
Gary Mink (W) 2.483/132.14 .144 def. Dan Allen NT-DNS

Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Super Eliminator

Round One Eliminations
Jim Rossi (W) 2.870 .161 def. Dan Cronin 2.905 .254
Paul Taylor (W) 2.841 .081 def. Pedro Villa 3.009 .145
Billy Morris (W) NT def. Mario Tavares NT

Round Two Eliminations
Paul Taylor (W) 2.836 .099 def. Jim Rossi 2.842 .119
Billy Morris (W) 2.823 .045 Bye

Final Round
Billy Morris (W) 3.098 .024 def. Paul Taylor 2.822 .323

Super Eliminator Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Round One Eliminations
Paul Graham (W) 3.134 .240 Bye
Taylor Brewer (W) 3.357 .084 def. Mike Rasmussen 2.941 .145
Aaron Mamer (W) 3.154 .078 def. Sidney Payne NT-DNS
Daniel King (W) 2.967 .006 def. Larry Snow 3.100 .116
Brian Chapman (W) 3.096 .126 def. Don Diffenbaugh 3.239 .022

Round Two Eliminations
Paul Graham (W) 3.075 .180 def. Taylor Brewer NT-DNS
Brian Chapman (W) 3.037 .063 def. Daniel King 3.033 .096
Aaron Mamer (W) 2.968 .116 Bye

Round Three Eliminations
Paul Graham (W) 3.057 .112 def. Aaron Mamer 3.084 .091
Brian Chapman (W) 9.777 Bye

Final Round
Paul Graham (W) 3.040 .089 def. Brian Chapman 3.102 -.097

Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 1
1st-Mike Gazzeny
2nd-Rick Heitzman
3rd-Geoff Gill
3rd-Mike Kelly
Results Sheet

Pro 2
1st-Wes Johnson
2nd-Tony DeNunzio
3rd-David Cox
3rd-Tommy Zavala
Results Sheet

Pro 3
1st-Arend Schouten
2nd-Luz Malan
3rd-Jeff Goorsky
Results Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Mark Ratliff
2nd-Garrett Ratliff
3rd-Heather Taylor
3rd-Ryan Winkle
Results Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Mark Ratliff
2nd-Joey Weaver
3rd-Rob Winkle
Results Sheet


Day two of the NSDA CANIDAE Pet Foods Nationals at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex saw some amazing action. In the Top Fuel class, Scott Whipple set the bar high with a spectacular 2.255 in the final qualifying session. Gary Mink showed why he is the defending Top Alcohol class champion running a 2.41to take the top spot into race day. Billy Morris continued to lead the pack in Super Eliminator with a 2.809 while Paul Graham also held on to his top spot in the Top Eliminator class with a 2.97. Mike Erwin (Pro Outlaw) and Clayton Record (Pro Mod) were big winners on the day as were Al McKinney Jr. (Sportsman Car), Joey Weaver (Motorcycle Sportsman), and Christian Payne (Junior Dragster).

Top Fuel

Final Qualifying Order
1. Scott Whipple 2.255/149.61
2. Geoff Gill 2.314/160.35
3. Dennis Rieck 2.383/135.26
4. Rick Cameron 2.627/123.18

Saturday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.418/128.63
2. Dan Allen 2.477/137.32
3. Mike DeNunzio 2.523/140.00
4. Scott Carroll 2.567/143.22
5. Craig Sines 2.716/127.95
6. Jim Hammond 2.719/119.77
7. Shane Sanford 3.284/68.05

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Super Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Billy Morris 2.809
2. Jim Rossi 2.823
3. Paul Taylor 2.845
4. Pedro Villa 2.926
5. Dan Cronin 2.943
6. Mario Tavares 3.190

Saturday SE Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Paul Graham 2.977
2. Aaron Mamer 2.989
3. Daniel King 2.989
4. Don Diffenbaugh 2.992
5. Mike Rasmussen 3.031
6. Taylor Brewer 3.063
7. Brian Chapman 3.080
8. Larry Snow 3.115
9. Sidney Payne 3.236

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro Mod
1st-Clayton Record
2nd-Geoff Gill
Results Sheet

Pro Outlaw
1st-Mike Erwin
2nd-Wes Johnson
3rd-Wes Gilmore
3rd-Clayton Record
Results Sheet

Sportsman Car
1st-Al McKinney Jr.
2nd-Jim Williams
3rd-Matt Gill
3rd-Jeff Goorsky
Results Sheet

Motorcycle Sportsman
1st-Joey Weaver
2nd-Brooks Ryan
3rd-Ryan Winkle
Results Sheet 1
Results Sheet 2

Junior Dragster
1st-Christian Payne
2nd-Allen Mamer
3rd-Michael Wright
Results Sheet

Bonus Footage
Justin Adamson Wheelie Contest Winner
We’ll have more video from this soon…


Day one of the NSDA CANIDAE Pet Foods Nationals is in the books and it appears as though the new Lake Elsinore Motorsports Complex sand drag racing facility is shaping up to be an amazing race track. Geoff Gill, in his first race of the year, led Top Fuel qualifying with a sizzling 2.314/160mph in the second qualifying round. The Top Alcohol class saw some great passes as Gary Mink led the pack with a 2.45 followed closely behind by Dan Allen in the LUCAS Oil Dragster with a 2.47. Billy Morris backed up his great performance in Super Eliminator at the Season Opener by leading qualifying on day one with a great 2.809. The Top Eliminator class was led by Paul Graham with a nice 2.977. Wes Johnson once again took the Pro Gambler class win over his brother Charlie. Racing action continues on Saturday with more Professional qualifying as well as Sportsman and Kids class eliminations.

Top Fuel

Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Geoff Gill 2.314/160.35
2. Dennis Rieck 2.500/145.98
3. Scott Whipple 2.721/93.97

- Geoff Gill also ran quick time of the first session with a 2.438/124.62 pass.
- Dennis Rieck went 2.57 on his first pass, then improved to a 2.50 on the second run.
- Scott Whipple had problems and clicked it off way early on the first pass. On his second qualifying round attempt, the chutes deployed as he rolled up to the starting line. They were able to pack the chutes and make a pass that didn’t count towards qualifying where he would run quick time of the day with a 2.313.

Friday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Gary Mink 2.451/123.82
2. Dan Allen 2.477/137.72
3. Scott Carroll 2.667/138.24
4. Craig Sines 2.757/114.11
5. Mike DeNunzio 2.764/91.39
6. Jim Hammond 2.955/96.84
7. Shane Sanford 4.412/136.04

- Gary Mink had a .973 60’ on his 2.45 pass. He also ran quick time of the first session with a 2.531.
- Dan Allen ran a nice 2.477 on his second qualifying round.
- Mike DeNunzio had some problems on his 2.76 opening qualifying pass, but they will be ready for Saturday.
- Jim Hammond had a monster wheel stand in the second qualifying session, causing some major chassis damage. Jim plans on transplanting his drive train into his old chassis to complete the weekend.
- Shane Sanford had a pretty looking pass in the first qualifying session, but rolled the beams coming up with a 4.41 ET. His daughter, Ashley made her first licensing pass in the car for Super Eliminator earlier in the day.

Friday TA Highlight Video

Super Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Billy Morris 2.809
2. Jim Rossi 2.860
3. Paul Taylor 2.886
4. Dan Cronin 2.943
5. Mario Tavares 3.190
6. Pedro Villa 3.227
7. Sidney Payne 3.369

Friday SE Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Paul Graham 2.977
2. Daniel King 2.989
3. Don Diffenbaugh 2.992
4. Larry Snow 3.115
5. Brian Chapman 3.286
6. Taylor Brewer 3.322
7. Jim DePasse 3.511
8. Mike Rasmussen 2.889

Friday TE Highlight Video

Pro Gambler
1st-Wes Johnson
2nd-Charlie Johnson
Eliminations Sheet Page 1

Sport Bonus
1st-Fran McKinney
2nd-Al McKinney Jr.

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