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The 12th Annual Heartland Nationals came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday. The highlight class of the event, Top Eliminator, came down to a final round between #8 qualifier Courtney Stidham of Texas versus #16 qualifier Jeff Sieg of Missouri. At the green, Stidham gained a starting line advantage and never looked back taking a 3.02 to 3.01 victory back home to Texas. In the Top Alcohol class, Pat Goodale brought the title home to Michigan, getting a single run in the final after Rod Trower was unable to make it back after round one breakage. Oklahoma’s Kenny Kapple scored a big win in the Pro 1 Cars class defeating a tough field. Rick Lovelace (Pro 1 Quads) & Wyatt Fomby (Pro 2 Cars) also were winners on the final day of the Heartland Nationals.

Top Alcohol

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Pat Goodale (W) 2.870/119.61 .541 def. John Moreland 3.649/62.55 .486
Rod Trower (W) 4.189/52.44 .437 def. Scott Carroll 2.904/121.77 .394

Final Round
Pat Goodale (W) 2.883/131.13 .700 def. Rod Trower NT-Broke

Top Alcohol Highlight Video

Top Eliminator

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Courtney Stidham (W) 3.032 .575 def. Lori Goodale 3.000 .705
Karen Hauser (W) 2.993 .606 def. Dee Trower 3.061 .620
Stacey Sieg (W) 3.120 .626 def. Robert Smith 3.285 .529
Carey Mahoney (W) 3.026 .529 def. Terry Glasscock 3.074 .358
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.100 .457 def. Mike Smith 3.213 .417
Burt VanBennekom (W) 3.321 .433 def. Russ Bailey 3.630 .490
Kenny Kapple (W) 3.392 .445 def. Lee Lynam NT-Stage Foul
Nathan Dial (W) 3.231 .442 def. Tim Hatfield 3.328 .485

Round Two Eliminations
Courtney Stidham (W) 3.019 .529 def. Karen Hauser 3.284 .585
Carey Mahoney (W) 3.030 .522 def. Stacey Sieg 3.074 .542
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.078 .607 def. Burt VanBennekom 3.216 .475
Nathan Dial (W) 3.215 .477 def. Kenny Kapple 3.294 .655

Round Three Eliminations
Courtney Stidham (W) 3.029 .517 def. Carey Mahoney 3.001 .601
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.041 .405 def. Nathan Dial 3.185 .432

Final Round
Courtney Stidham (W) 3.025 .462 def. Jeff Sieg 3.014 .606

Top Eliminator Highlight Video

Pro 1 Cars
1st-Kenny Kapple
2nd-Marc Luce
3rd-Steven Smith
3rd-Tommy Oliver

Pro 1 Quads
1st-Rick Lovelace
2nd-Kevin Self
3rd-Aaron Dunagan

Pro 2 Cars
1st-Wyatt Fomby
2nd-Louis Shulb


Day two of the 12th Annual Heartland Nationals at Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK is complete. The hot and humid weather slowed down the pace of the Top Alcohol class on the day, sending Scott Carroll into race day as the #1 qualifier with his 2.73 on Friday. Scott also had Low ET of Saturday, running a 2.753 in the day’s opening session. The hot weather couldn’t slow down Lori Goodale as she jumped to the top of the qualifying list in TE with a nearly perfect 2.957. She will lead a strong 16 car field into race day. The Pro 1 Cars, Pro 2 Cars, & Pro 1 Quads are ready for race day on Sunday after a couple of qualifying rounds on Saturday. Pro 2, 3, and 4 Quads as well as Peewees raced on Saturday. We will have full results for those classes in our Sunday Daily Race Coverage report.

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Scott Carroll 2.736/NS
2. Pat Goodale 2.765/128.66
3. John Moreland 2.941/103.30
4. Rod Trower 2.944/119.61

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Lori Goodale 2.957
2. Robert Smith 2.970
3. Carey Mahoney 2.994
4. Dee Trower 3.004
5. Karen Hauser 3.036
6. Terry Glasscock 3.063
7. Stacey Sieg 3.071
8. Courtney Stidham 3.080
9. Mike Smith 3.094
10. Lee Lynam 3.143
11. Nathan Dial 3.180
12. Russ Bailey 3.250
13. Burt VanBennekom 3.324
14. Tim Hatfield 3.353
15. Kenny Kapple 3.364
16. Jeff Sieg 3.366

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro 2 Quads
1st-Michael Tomlinson
2nd-Seth Tree
3rd-Todd Higginbotham
3rd-Kevin Self

Pro 3 Quads
1st-Tony Pierce
2nd-Hunter Mitchell
3rd-Michael Smith
3rd-Jacque Dunagan

Pro 4 Quads
1st-Bevan Smith
2nd-Eric Smith

1st-Marli Nagel
3rd-Brittany Wilson
3rd-Allie Allen


Sunny skies were accompanied by hot and humid weather on day one of the 12th Annual Heartland Nationals. However, the heat didn’t put a damper on the racing action. Scott Carroll holds the provisional #1 qualifying spot with a great 2.736 in the first qualifying round of Top Alcohol, just off the class track record Scott set in 2009 of a 2.71. In the Top Eliminator class, the local boys stole the show as Atoka’s Robert Smith laid down a 2.970 to lead the pack into Saturday. Washington’s Carey Mahoney sits second after running a pair of 2.99’s. As always, the Quick 16 races put on a great show for the Friday night crowd. Jessie Wyche (Cars) and Bobby Kincaid (Quads) ended up being the Q16 big winners on the night.

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Scott Carroll 2.736/NS
2. Pat Goodale 2.765/128.66
3. John Moreland 3.089/85.22
*Note: Rod Trower is also entered & will race on Saturday.*

Friday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Robert Smith 2.970
2. Carey Mahoney 2.994
3. Dee Trower 3.013
4. Lori Goodale 3.035
5. Karen Hauser 3.036
6. Terry Glasscock 3.063
7. Courtney Stidham 3.080
8. Lee Lynam 3.143
9. Nathan Dial 3.180
10. Russ Bailey 3.250
11. Kenny Kapple 3.731
12. Burt VanBennekom 3.762

Friday TE Highlight Video

Quick 16 Cars
1st-Jessie Wyche
2nd-Dustin Moore
3rd-Kenny Kapple
3rd-Steven Smith

Quick 16 ATV
1st- Bobby Kincaid
2nd-Randy Kimbley
3rd-Stephanie Kimbley
3rd-Justin Evans


National Sand Drag News is heading into the final weekend of our May three-weekend in a row Daily Race Coverage extravaganza. We are heading to Atoka, Oklahoma for the 12th Annual Heartland Nationals May 28-30. The main event will be the Top Eliminator class, which features a $5000 purse. This class should provide exciting racing from start to finish as well as the Top Alcohol category. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage event is brought to you courtesy of Trower Racing. NSDN will also attempt Live Updates on our left sidebar once again. We have had issues with cell service at the track in the past, but will try our best to keep up with the action as the event goes on. Racing kicks off on Friday with the initial rounds of TA & TE qualifying as well as the Q16 Shootout for both Cars & Quads. Check back throughout the weekend for all the latest from this event.

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