Pro 1

Friday was the day for “Wild Willy”. Bill Swim would end up taking the Pro 1 final round victory over Billy Morris in a double red light decision. Geoff Gill was the lone semi-finalist.

Sunday ended up being a completely different day in Pro 1. Swim’s attempt at the Orange Hammer Down award went down in round one with a breakout. The final round would come down to Tom Sauter and Lori Ketron. Ketron would break out handing the class win to Sauter. Geoff Gill again was stopped in the semi-final round.

Gill’s semi-final finishes helped move him into a tie for first place in points with “Wild Willy” Swim. Billy Morris, Carl Jennings, and Jaret Nelson complete the top 5 in NSDA Pro 1 points.

Bill Swim took home Friday's Pro 1 victory and is tied for the Pro 1 points lead.

Billy Morris made it to the final round on Friday night and sits 3rd in Pro 1 points.

Tom Satuer took home the Sunday Pro 1 victory.

Lori Ketron took the Miss Conduct dragster to a runner-up finish on Sunday.

Pro 2

Mike Bolton ended up with the Friday victory defeating Wes Johnson in a close race by just .041. David Cox and Dave Stidham were the semi-finalists.

David Cox would turn the tables on Sunday and take home the Pro 1 win, defeating Oregon’s Jim Smith in the final round. Bruce Wood and “Wonder Woman” Elizabeth Buettner were the semi-finalists. Bolton’s attempt to win the Hammer Down Award ended in round two against eventual winner Cox with a break out.

Cox’ win and semi-final finishes give him a 29 point lead over Steve Anthony. Phil Soper, Wes Gilmore, and Steve Foster rounded out the top 5 in Pro 2 points.

Mike Bolton won the Pro 2 class on Friday.

David Cox had a great weekend capped off with a Sunday win which gives him the Pro 2 points lead.

Jim Smith made the trip from Oregon pay off with a runner-up in Pro 2 on Sunday.

Elizabeth Buettner took the Wonder Woman dragster to the semi-finals on Sunday.

Pro 3

Joe Simeone was the Friday Pro 3 winner taking the victory over Jerry Peripoli’s “Jeragsters” dragster. Mark Eckart and Reed Taylor were defeated in the semi-final round. 

Mark Eckart, like David Cox, improved from a semi-final finish on Friday to take home the class title on Sunday. Eckart thwarted Simeone’s try at the Hammer Down Award in the semi-final round with a great .013 light and a .006 margin of victory. Mark was able to move on and defeat points leader Grant Fraysier, who went .041 red in the final round. Linette Buettner was the other semi-finalist in Pro 3.

The Pro 3 points battle is a tight one with Grant Fraysier holding a slim 6 point lead over Joe Simeone. Arend Schouten, Al Griffith, and Brian Root complete the top 5.

Joe Simeone won Pro 3 on Friday and made it to the semi-finals on Sunday which puts him 2nd in Pro 3 points.

Jerry Peripoli was the runner-up in Pro 3 on Friday.

Mark Eckart took the Cityfied jeep to the Pro 3 victory on Sunday.

Grant Fraysier's runner-up finish on Sunday maintains his point lead in the Pro 3 class.

MC Pro 1

Ian Brown emerged victorious in the MC Pro 1 class on Friday. Ian defeated Ron Garnas in the final round. Christy Garnas and Rudy Kurtz were the semi-finalists.

Ian would fall just short of the weekend sweep as Rob Winkle was able to win a close final round race to win MC Pro 1 on Sunday. Ryan Winkle was the only semi-final victim on Sunday.

Ian Brown’s great weekend puts him 51 points ahead of Frank Prock in the MC Pro 1 point standings. The rest of the top 5 in MC Pro 1 points are Curt Brown, Christy Garnas, and Ryan Winkle.

Point leader Ian Brown nearly swept the weekend with a win on Friday and runner-up on Sunday.

Ron Garnas came away with a runner-up finish in MC Pro 1 on Friday.

Rob Winkle was the Sunday MC Pro 1 winner.

MC Pro 2

Friday’s MC Pro 2 class was won by Ron Cox, who defeated George Amos in the final round. Rob Winkle and Cody Rhoades were the semi-finalists.

Randy Mings came away with the Sunday MC Pro 2 victory. Randy defeated George Amos, who ended up with two runner-up finishes on the weekend. Amos got payback from Friday’s final round as he was able to defeat Ron Cox in the semi-final round, Cox was the lone semi-finalist.

Joey Weaver left Primm with a 4 point lead in MC Pro 2 points over Jake Russell. Rob Winkle and Randy Mings are tied for 3rd place, 60 points behind the leader Weaver.

Randy Mings won MC Pro 2 on Sunday.

George Amos had a good weekend with runner-up finishes on both Friday and Sunday.

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