lead.jpgFor the next few weeks, NSDN is going to feature the best runs of 2010. Since we have the data from most major events from this season, we have compiled the quickest ET’s from Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, A/Fuel, and Pro Outlaw FE as well as closest to the Index runs in Super Eliminator & Top Eliminator. The data used is from events that we attended or the info was submitted to us. One class will be posted per week with some commentary & recognition for winners in those classes throughout 2010. Let’s dive right into our first class.

Top Eliminator has become one of the toughest categories in the whole sport of sand drag racing. A diverse grouping of cars show up at races all across the country shooting to run as close to the 2.95 Index as possible. You see everything from Blown Big Block V8 to Carbureted Nitrous-assisted V8 to Turbo 4-cylinder on Nitro and everything in between for power plants with Dragsters, Altered, Jeeps, Buggies, etc. used for chassis. This class is all about utilizing the combination to cut a great Reaction Time and run as close to 2.95 as possible. Let’s take a look at the top runs of 2010.

Top Eliminator - Top 10 Best Runs 2010
1. Jim Rossi 2.950 - Kingman AZ, Nov-10
2. Jim Rossi 2.951 - Kingman AZ, Nov-10
2. Daniel King 2.951 - Lake Elsinore CA, May-10
4. Carey Mahoney 2.954 - Kingman AZ, Nov-10
4. Terry Crawford 2.954 - Kingman AZ, Nov-10
6. Tim Martin 2.955 - Dome Valley AZ, Mar-10
7. Lori Goodale 2.957 - Atoka OK, May-10
8. Jeff Sieg 2.958 - Grain Valley MO, Oct-10
9. Daniel King 2.961 - Kingman AZ, Nov-10
10. Daniel King 2.967 - Lake Elsinore CA, Apr-10

Jim Rossi really set the bar high at the last race of 2010 in Kingman, AZ running a perfect 2.950 in qualifying, then running a nearly perfect 2.951 in eliminations. Daniel King was also very impressive in his grandfather DL’s Animal Control Dragster, having 3 of the top 10 runs in 2010 with his best being a 2.951 to tie for 2nd best overall with Rossi. Carey Mahoney and Terry Crawford both made this list with 2.953 qualifying efforts in Kingman, AZ. The Kingman race saw 4 of the top 5 as well as 5 of the top 10 passes made in 2010.

2010 Race Winners:

AVI (Jan ’10) - Terry Crawford
NSDA Dome Valley (Mar ’10) - Steve Hoffman
NSDA Lake Elsinore (Apr ’10) - Paul Graham
NSDA Lake Elsinore (May ’10) - Brian Chapman
Atoka Heartland Nats (May ’10) - Courtney Stidham
Ionia Sand Drags (Sept ’10) - Brian Ambs (Race 1), Brian Morgan (Race 2)
TVSD Fall Nats (Oct ’10) - Tim Hatfield (Friday), Terry Glasscock (Saturday)
Atoka Fall Fest (Oct ’10) - Tim Martin
Dome Valley Oct Showdown (Oct ’10) - Billy Morris
Kingman West Coast Winter Nats (Nov ’10) - Billy Morris

As you can see, there was definitely a diverse group of winners throughout the 2010 Top Eliminator class. Congrats go to Brian Chapman as the champion in NSDA’s Top Eliminator class, despite the abbreviated race season. Chapman’s big win at Lake Elsinore in May put him over the top to end up in the lead with Aaron Mamer and Steve Hoffman right behind.

It looks like the 2011 season should be tougher than ever in this category with new cars joining the fray and possibly new areas embracing this class. To put a cap on the season, here is the rest of the Top 25 passes of 2010 in the TE class.


Jim Rossi topped the Best Runs in TE list in 2010 with a perfect 2.950 at the Kingman race. Jim also took the second spot with a 2.951 at that same event. (Lonestar Photo)

Daniel King took three of the top ten spots on the Best Runs TE list in 2010, with a season best 2.951 at Lake Elsinore. (NSDN Photo)

Carey Mahoney dusted off the Big Time Altered & ran a 2.953 in qualifying at Kingman on his way to a runner-up finish at this event. (NSDN Photo)

Tim Martin laid down the early season # to beat with a 2.955 at Dome Valley in March, then went on to a TE class win at Atoka in October. (Lonestar Photo)

Michigan's Lori Goodale laid down a great 2.957 for the top qualifying spot at the Heartland Nationals in Atoka, OK. (Lonestar Photo)

Thunder Valley Sand Drags' operator Jeff Sieg put his track on the list with a great 2.958 at the Show-Me Fall Nats in October. Jeff also had a great runner-up finish at Atoka's Heartland Nationals. (Lonestar Photo)

Brian Chapman's Short Fuse Turbo 4-cylinder Dragster accumulated the most points in NSDA TE action in 2010 as well as taking home the win at NSDA's May Lake Elsinore event. (NSDN Photo)

Billy Morris topped the toughest TE field of the season in the Season Finale at Kingman as well as scoring a win at Dome Valley in October. (NSDN Photo)

Paul Graham (Near Lane) & Steve Hoffman (Far Lane) both scored TE class wins in 2010. Paul's win came at Lake Elsinore in April, while Hoffman kicked off the Season with a win at Dome Valley. (NSDN Photo)

Brian Ambs put MI on the list with a 2.974 at Ionia in September. Ambs went on to win the first race of that weekend, while his son-in-law took over driving in the second race & went on to win that one as well. (NSDN Photo)

Photos Courtesy Lone Star Graphics | www.LoneStarGraphics.com

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