tbjeeplead10.jpgThe 2010 race season is now in the books. It was definitely a banner year for NSDN. We were able to present 14 Daily Race Coverages from 10 different venues in 6 states. I definitely logged a lot of miles, but it was completely worth it. Seeing new parts of the country, interacting with the best people on earth (racers/track staff/spectators), and experiencing first hand the best sand drag racing in the world is just the best. I can’t begin to describe how lucky I am to be able to do this each season. Let me take this time to thank those that helped make this happen as well as reflect on the season that was.

Let me thank all of the supporters that in one way or another made it possible for NSDN to cover the sport in such a big way in 2010. I want to thank all of the tracks/promoters that greeted me with open arms over the course of the season. These folks worked with me to supply full results and/or sponsor race coverage for the major events at their particular race track. In alphabetical order; Atoka Motorsports Park, Big River Sand Drags, Dome Valley Raceway, IOK 4-Wheelers, Ionia Sand Drags, Kingman Sand Drags (Route 66 Wings & Wheels), Little Sandy Raceway, National Sand Drag Association, Pro Truck Nationals, Thunder Valley Sand Drags, and West Michigan Sand Dragway. I hope everyone realizes how much work goes into putting on sand drag events, and these are the folks that make sure we have places to race. Be sure to thank them for their efforts when you can.

I also want to recognize all of the individuals that have sponsored/supported NSDN in one way or another throughout 2010. Heavy Metal/2 Dolla Bill Racing (Rick, Shelly, & Billy Morris), Swag Racing (Mike Erwin), Rich Simon (Pro Truck Nationals), Gary Burrow (Lone Star Graphics), Mike Sommer (Sand Sports Magazine), Ernesto Juarez & Family (Dome Valley Raceway), NSDA (The Ketron Family), Dave & Lisa Ohmer (IOK 4-Wheelers), Rod & Dee Trower (Trower Racing), Atoka Motorsports Park (Cecil & Debbie Wilson), Derek Howard, Gallay Motorsports, Big River Sand Drags (James & Lisa Merseal), West Michigan Sand Dragway (Jim & Judi Briggs and Family), Ionia Sand Drags (Gregg Price), Johnny Speed Racing (John & Val Moreland), Thunder Valley Sand Drags (Sieg Family), Little Sandy Raceway (Jim & Gay Johnson), Route 66 Wings & Wheels (Brian Devincenzi), and John Cadzow (WSM Auctioneers). These folks all deserve a big thank you for their part in helping enable NSDN to cover the sport in the way that we do. From the Editor to all mentioned above, Thank You!

I usually pick a moment or two out from the season and describe how great it was to be able to witness as well as put the moment into perspective. In 2010, there were so many of these that it’s hard to pare it down to just a couple. The headlining heads-up classes always get top billing, but being a bracket racer myself it’s easy to get caught up in some of the big moments in these classes. One of these moments was Big River Sand Drags PTN race. On Friday night, there was a great purse on the line for what was called the “Ironman” open bracket class. The final round came down to William Sutton & his small block Chevy-powered Altered against Russ Bailey with his wild Turbo Motorcycle-powered Buggy. Russ’ car dipped into the 3.2 second range on this particular weekend. Typically you wouldn’t expect a car like this to go rounds in bracket competition. All eyes were on this match up to see if Russ could pull off the big win. He would continue his streak of killer RT’s on the line, but soon after his Buggy went towards the guard rail. It would keep drifting towards the wall, forcing Russ to do a quick pedal job regaining control just inches before making contact. At the stripe, Sutton would hang on by mere inches to take the victory. It was a huge win for Sutton, but most of us will remember Russ’ great driving to get to the final as well as his amazing save and near win in the final.

Another was at the Dome Valley Raceway October event. The final round in the Motorcycle Pro 1 class came down to Keith Ahart vs. Mark Ratliff. Ahart, a legend in the sport, has won just about everything possible bracket racing in the sand, and at this event his trademark ATV seemed to be back on track after struggles for a while. Ratliff has really started to come into his own, and is now a major threat to win in either ATV class at each event he enters. Check out these numbers:

FINAL ROUND                                                                                                    

W            16           KEITH AHART      4.350      0.431      1.646      4.352      68.87      0.067
L             2R           MARK RATLIFF    4.320      0.404      1.651      4.416      68.87

Ratliff would throw down a nearly perfect .404 (.400 Perfect RT), but in the other lane Ahart’s legend would grow with a .431 RT & deadly 4.352 (4.35). The margin of victory would no more than a couple feet at the stripe. These guys put up one of the best races of the season for sure.

It has been an unbelievable year for sand drag racing, and my hope is that things continue to grow in 2011. NSDN will continue to provide high quality sand drag racing coverage in the New Year. We hope all race promoters & tracks will work with us and continue to allow NSDN to cover the sport as we have the past four years. Obviously, funding is what keeps us going, and things are tough in today’s economy. NSDN has numerous sponsorship packages available. Daily Race Coverage sponsorship packages are also available to ensure coverage of each event. In order to continue to produce the high quality sand drag coverage offered by NSDN, we need help from our readers to: spread to word to potential sponsors you may know, buy a Standard sponsor ad for your race team or company, sponsor a Daily Race Coverage, and/or buy products from our Café Press store (http://www.cafepress.com/nsdn). Sponsorship packages are very affordable & obviously reach our whole sand drag niche market. Please do what you can to not only support NSDN, but support the sport of sand drag racing.

All of this being said, I want to thank all each & every one of the readers for continuing to log on to NSDN for the latest sand drag racing news. Every year, NSDN’s readership numbers increase, and 2010 was no exception. You guys and gals are certainly the best.

I want to wish everyone an excellent holiday season, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the track in the New Year.

Until next month…

Tom Bray (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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