lead.jpgThe Midwest-based Pro Truck Nationals series introduced a new class in 2010. This class supplanted the Fastest 4x4 class, which was a heads-up class limited to 4WD vehicles. The new category, Pro Outlaw FE is heads-up and open to both 2 & 4 wheel drive vehicles, but is strictly for Front Engine entries with a wheel base less than 150”. This has turned into a wildly popular class in this area with entertaining wheels up action. Let’s take a look at the Best Runs in the PTN Pro Outlaw FE class in 2010.

Pro Outlaw FE – Top 10 Best Runs 2010
1. Brian McWethy 2.970 – Cleves, OH – May-10
2. Brian McWethy 2.987 – Cleves, OH – May-10
3. Brian Ambs 3.010 – Bonne Terre, MO – Aug-10
4. Josh Stephens 3.017 – Cleves, OH – May-10
5. Josh Stephens 3.024 – Cleves, OH – May-10
6. Brian Ambs 3.057 – Bonne Terre, MO – Aug-10
7. Brian Ambs 3.060 – Bonne Terre, MO – Aug-10
8. Brian Ambs 3.066 – Bonne Terre, MO – Aug-10
9. Josh Stephens 3.095 – Cleves, OH – Jun-10
10. Brian McWethy 3.128 – Bonne Terre, MO – Aug-10

Brian McWethy in “The Boss” Funny Jeep set Low ET of the season in qualifying at Cleves, OH with a 2.970. He came back later that night and ran a 2.987. These would be the two quickest passes in this class for 2010 as well as the only 2 second runs. Brian Ambs didn’t get the quickest run of the year in this class in 2010, but was able to top just about every other statistic. Brian’s 3.010 on the last pass of the year in Bonne Terre, MO ended up the 3rd quickest pass of the season. Ambs ended up with 4 of the Top 10 passes on the season. Josh Stephens was also among the quickest cars in the class, running a best of 3.017 in his “Blown Income” Altered.

2010 Race Winners
PTN Cleves 1 (May ’10) – Brian Ambs
PTN Cleves 2 (June ’10) – Brian Ambs
PTN Bonne Terre (Aug ’10) – Brian Ambs

Ambs ended up sweeping the PTN series in the 2010 Pro Outlaw FE class. His consistent performances and great RT’s put him in the winners circle at all three PTN races where this class was contested. Kathy Ellington & her “Black Widow” Altered scored two runner-up finishes in the class, running a best of 3.32 at the Bonne Terre Season Finale. Brian McWethy was also a factor throughout the season, not only carding the quickest pass of the year, but he also took home runner-up hardware from the Season Finale.

The outlook for the Pro Outlaw FE class is bright in 2011. New entries and competitors are eyeing the class in PTN action. Also, this class is being adopted on the west coast, as it will be a feature class at the Dome Valley Season Opener in January. This class should continue to bring crowd thrilling heads-up action anywhere it competes. Here is a full run down of the 15 quickest passes in 2010 PTN Pro Outlaw FE action.


Brian McWethy ran Low ET of the season in Pro Outlaw FE with a 2.970 in Cleves, OH.

Brian Ambs swept the PTN Pro Outlaw FE class with victories at all three events.

Josh Stephens brought the big Hemi power to the table in the Blown Income Altered, carding the season's Top MPH with a pair of 122MPH blasts in Cleves, OH.

Kathy Ellington had an excellent season in Pro Outlaw FE action with two runner-up finishes and a 3.32 season best ET.

Gary Vereeke brought out the Turbulence Ford F-150 to play in Pro Outlaw FE action, running a best of 3.32 in Bonne Terre, MO.

Dan Wies ran the full PTN Pro Outlaw FE season with his Patterson small block Chevy-powered Altered. Dan's Best Run in Pro Outlaw FE action was a 3.42.

Ben Steele & the Steele/Wilson Connection Racing Team followed the PTN series all season with Ben running his Altered in Pro Outlaw FE class action. Ben scored a semi-final finish along the way & Best Run of 3.54.

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