All of us in drag racing, whether it be sand or asphalt, know that bracket racing is the backbone of our sport. Bracket racing is an economical way to get your foot in the door and can teach you important driving lessons such as consistent staging, cutting good reaction times, and driving the finish line. It can also teach you how to build a reliable race car. While some view bracket racing as a stepping stone into higher levels of the sport, there are those that feel there’s no other racing except bracket racing. In asphalt drag racing promoters have recognized this phenomenon and started putting on huge bracket programs with large payouts, and big incentives to draw in more racers. Some tracks are awarding new cars and trailers to point winners. On almost any given weekend you can find a “big money” asphalt bracket race somewhere in the country.

That level of bracket racing is starting to catch up here in the dirt world. Around the country there have been some huge payouts for sand drag bracket races and the Midwesterners are going to get a taste of that this summer. Billy Daniels, owner of the Union County Speedway in Liberty, IN, is hosting his first $10,000 bracket racing weekend. Billy was a former sand drag racer back in the ’80s and has owned the dirt oval track in Indiana for several years. In the early ‘90s he recognized the need for another sand drag facility in the tri-state area. This track has been used by several organizations over the years, but the Central Indiana Dirt Racing Association has called this venue home for the last few seasons and has turned it into an exceptional track.

This event is scheduled for June 29th & 30th. Each night there will be two separate classes and the races will be run according to CIDRA rules. Classes will be split evenly and Friday night the winner of each class will be taking home $1000. Runner-up will be receiving $400, third $200, and 4th $150. If you’re lucky enough to take home the money on Saturday night it will get you $2000, $700, $400, & $150 for first through fourth place respectively. That is definitely a good payout for this area. Entry fees are set at $50 for Friday and $75 for Saturday or you can pay for both nights for $100. It will be a double elimination format, so you’ll get at least two elimination runs. Double entries are allowed (2 drivers sharing one vehicle), so bring along a buddy to double your chances for success.

Racing will be ran under the lights with Friday practice starting at 4:00 pm and first round at 8:00 pm. Saturday practice will begin at 3:00 pm with first round at 7:00 pm. This is a race I’ve been looking forward too and should definitely bring out some of the best bracket racers in the Midwest. If you’re interested in attending this event check the following website for details:

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