Here we are again with another month of sand drag racing in the books. If you were to ask racers what their favorite part of the sport is, a lot of people would say going fast or winning but a large group would say it’s the people. I would have to agree with the latter answer in that there just aren’t better people out there than those involved in sand drag racing. Fortunately for me, running NSDN I get the privilege of talking with a wide range of racers, crew, and race officials.

One topic that seems to always come up in these conversations is sponsorship. We know that race promoters and even online magazines are always searching for the almighty advertising dollar, however I am hearing more and more from racers that they are in search of procuring sponsorship money to offset the rising expenses that occur from racing. This is obviously a hard sell to potential sponsors for the most part because of a lack of exposure for the sport in traditional outlets. However, one not so traditional outlet that a lot of racers don’t use to their fullest potential in their sponsor search is the Internet.

The Internet allows a racer to create exposure for him or herself with very little to no out of pocket expense. One very easy way is through press releases. A short note in the format of who, what, where, and when sent to outlets such as NSDN and other industry publications pre and post-race can create a buzz for the racer as well as create another outlet to plug sponsors and supporters. For examples of press releases, go to and click on “Alcohol Racing News” or and read the press releases on the main page. Obviously these can be written fairly easily by the racer themselves or a third party can be retained to write them for a reasonable price. 

NSDN will post any press releases sent to us, so help boost your sponsor search and start sending them in. We also can write these releases for your team, please send us an email to inquire about our services. This is a quick, easy step all of us can do to ramp up the exposure of our sport and possibly procure that sponsor we would all like for our race programs. 

Until next month...

Tom Bray ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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