The 4th point series race of the 2007 NSDA season is now complete. Scott Whipple (Top Fuel), Richard Montiel (Top Alcohol), and DL King (Top Eliminator) were among the weekend's winners.

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Sunday Video Highlights ( )

Top Fuel
Round 1
Charlie Brown (W) 2.586 Bye
Scott Whipple (W) 2.629 Bye
Keith Longerot (W) 2.657 def. Mike Peasley NT-RL
Dennis Rieck (W) 2.663 def. Craig Brown 2.699

Round 2
Charlie Brown (W) 2.600 def. Dennis Rieck 2.630
Scott Whipple (W) 2.537 def. Keith Longerot 2.827

Scott Whipple (W) 2.576 def. Charlie Brown 2.527

Top Alcohol
Round 1
Richard Montiel (W) 2.580 def. Pedro Villa NT
Nick Januik (W) 2.659 def. Gary Mink 2.665
David Morton (W) 2.787 def. Dan Allen 2.656 RL
Mike DeNunzio (W) 2.691 def. Shane Sanford 2.659

Round 2
Richard Montiel (W) 2.564 def. Nick Januik 2.680 RL
David Morton (W) 2.601 def. Mike DeNunzio 2.699

Richard Montiel (W) 2.513 def. David Morton 2.611

Top Eliminator
Round 2
DL King (W) 3.074 def. Taylor Brewer NT-RL
Tim Martin (W) 2.972 def. Paul Graham 3.134
Pete Schenk (W) 10.202 def. Darrell Cypert 3.072 RL
Rick Morris (W) 3.016 def. Mike Rasmussen 3.138

Round 3
DL King (W) 3.105 def. Rick Morris 3.026
Pete Schenk (W) NT def. Tim Martin NT

DL King (W) 3.026 def. Pete Schenk 2.934

Pro 1
1st-Mike Erwin
2nd-Lori Ketron
3rd-Joe Janoe

Pro 2
1st-David Cox
2nd-Tommy Zavala
3rd-Steve Anthony

Pro 3
1st-Grant Fraysier
2nd-Arend Schouten
3rd-Jose Beas

MC Pro 1
1st-Brad Olson
2nd-Ian Brown
3rd-Ronnie Bryson
3rd-Ryan Winkle

MC Pro 2
1st-Joey Weaver
2nd-Jake Russell
3rd-Bo Crossland


Saturday Video Highlights ( )

Top Fuel

Charlie Brown took the top spot in the final qualifying session with a great 2.484/162.80mph pass. Scott Whipple followed him closely with a 2.500 with Keith Longerot's 2.558 rounding out the top half of the field.

Qualifying Order
1. Charlie Brown 2.484
2. Scott Whipple 2.500
3. Keith Longerot 2.558
4. Craig Brown 2.595
5. Dennis Rieck 2.614
6. Mike Peasley 2.696

Top Alcohol

Qualifying Order
1. Richard Montiel 2.580
2. Dan Allen 2.599
3. Shane Sanford 2.599
4. Nick Januik 2.627
5. Gary Mink 2.676
6. Mike DeNunzio 2.697
7. David Morton 2.837
8. Pedro Villa 2.993

Top Eliminator

Round One
Taylor Brewer (W) 3.025 def. Lori Ketron 3.383
Mike Rasmussen (W) 3.128 def. Jim Williams 3.178
Tim Martin (W) 2.908 def. Terry Crawford NT-Broke
Paul Graham (W) 3.180 def. Jeff Mamer 2.921
DL King (W) 3.026 def. Paul Taylor 3.130
Rick Morris (W) 3.056 def. Don Diffenbaugh 3.064
Darrell Cypert (W) 3.102 def. Chris Adamson NT-RL
Pete Schenk (W) 2.974 def. Bob Gill 3.298

Pro Mod
1st-Geoff Gill
2nd-Larry Minor

Pro Index
1st-Paul Becker
2nd-Jose Beas
3rd-Al McKinney
3rd-Wes Johnson

Sportsman 1
1st-Craig Durning
2nd-Mike Stone
3rd-Clayton Record

Sportsman 2
1st-Nick Young
2nd-Joe Simmons
3rd-Jim Clark
3rd-Joe Simeone

MC Sportsman 1
1st-Christy Garnas
2nd-Curt Brown
3rd-Matt Shearer
3rd-Wes Foller

MC Sportsman 2
1st-Jake Russell
2nd-Rob Winkle
3rd-Clint Vanhooser
3rd-James Browning

Youth 1
1st-Christian Myers
2nd-Briana Flanigan

Youth 2
1st-Jordan Mings
2nd-Mariah Doty

Youth 3
1st-Caleb Mings
2nd-Brianna Smith

Junior Dragster
1st-Aaron Mamer
2nd-Bradley Myers


Friday Video Highlights ( )

Top Fuel

Scott Whipple ended the day in the top qualifying spot with a 2.608. Dennis Rieck and Craig Brown ended up 2nd and 3rd in qualifying on the day. The team of Longerot & Stires is also on the grounds to compete in TF.

Qualifying Order
1. Scott Whipple 2.608
2. Dennis Rieck 2.680
3. Craig Brown 3.121

Top Alcohol

Richard Montiel backed up his Primm top qualifying spot with the quick time Friday in TA with a 2.614. Dan Allen laid down a nice 2.632 to end up 2nd. Shane Sanford rounded out the top half of the field with a 2.680.

Qualifying Order
1. Richard Montiel 2.614
2. Dan Allen 2.632
3. Shane Sanford 2.680
4. Mike DeNunzio 2.795
5. Nick Januik 2.880
6. Pedro Villa 2.993

Top Eliminator

A stout field in TE was topped by Taylor Brewer's nearly perfect 2.955. Primm winner Pete Schenk is currently #2 with a 2.98. Rick Morris and Mike Rasmussen complete the top 4.

Qualifying Order
1. Taylor Brewer 2.955
2. Pete Schenk 2.988
3. Rick Morris 2.992
4. Mike Rasmussen 3.009
5. Terry Crawford 3.033
6. Paul Taylor 3.047
7. Chris Adamson 3.065
8. Tim Martin 3.076
9. Darrell Cypert 3.122
10. Don Diffenbaugh 3.220
11. Jim Williams 3.224
12. Bob Gill 3.340
13. Lori Ketron 3.368
14. Mark Punos 3.382
15. DL King 3.387
16. Dan Cronin 6.116

Bonus Race
1st-Nick Young
2nd-Justin Adamson
3rd-Tommy Zavala


National Sand Drag News will be bringing you daily race coverage this weekend presented by the National Sand Drag Assocation & Heavy Metal Racing/Chittenden Motorsports from NSDA's fourth point series event of the season. Racing action starts at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA on Friday with test and tune for Pro and Sportsman bracket classes as well as the opening two sessions of TF/TA/TE qualifying. Check back each evening for results, news, and video from the event.

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