lead.jpgThe 2011 NSRA Point Series presented by Quality Aircraft Car & Sand Times Magazine put on a great show at the events in the Southwest over the course of the season. The season started at Dome Valley in January before heading to Soboba in April & Kingman in May before the summer break, then ended up with two big events at Dome Valley & Soboba in October. Read on to see who came out on top of the championship races.

Top Fuel
Final Standings
1. Dennis Rieck 515
2. Jeff Janoe 347
3. Marcus Norris 293
4. Terri Blair 291
5. Scott Whipple 240

Dennis Rieck won the Top Fuel championship on the strength of runner-up finishes at Soboba 1 & Kingman as well as a #1 qualifying effort in Kingman with a 2.37 with the Hammer Down Racing/Quality Aircraft Care small block-powered Fueler. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Jeff Janoe had a slow start to the season, missing the season's first two races, but more than made up for it in the second half of the season. Jeff took back-to-back wins at Kingman & Dome Valley 2, then took a runner-up finish at the Soboba 2 season finale. The JWJ Design Builders Fueler tuned by Jay Erschen ran a season best 2.37 at the Dome Valley 2 event. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Top Alcohol
Final Standings
1. Gary Mink 590
2. Scott Carroll 543
3. Dan Allen 392
4. Pedro Villa 342
5. Jim Hammond 280

Gary Mink led the pack in Top Alcohol in 2011 with his Bad to the Bone Dragster. Mink won three of the five events in the series (Dome 1, Kingman, Soboba 2) as well as set the new NSRA TA World Record with a 2.369 at the Dome Valley 1 event. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Scott Carroll in the Carroll Racing Top Alcohol Dragster gave Mink a run for his money in 2011. Scott took two victories (Soboba 1 & Dome 2) as well as running a personal best ET of 2.502 at the Dome Valley 1 event. (Lonestar Photo)

Fast Fours
Final Standings
1. Art Cronin 530
2. Brian Chapman 512
3. Aaron Mamer 508
4. Don Diffenbaugh 407
5. Daniel King 369

Art Cronin was solid all year long in Fast Fours competition taking home one win (Kingman) as well as two runner-up finishes (Dome 1 & 2). Art also ran Low ET for the class in 2011 with a 2.792 at the Dome Valley 2 event with the Meltdown/Cronin Racing entry. (Lonestar Photo)

Brian Chapman put up a monster effort in 2011 and ended up with a stellar second place finish in the point standings. Brian started out the season with a huge win at the Dome Valley Season Opener. Bad luck would sideline him early at the next two events, before the Charlie Starns-led Short Fuse team ended up back in the Winner's Circle at the Dome Valley 2 race. Unfortunately, more bad luck took them out at the Soboba Season Finale, leaving them less than two rounds behind the champion. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Top Eliminator
Final Standings
1. Jim Rossi 504
2. Paul Taylor 495
3. Billy Morris 312
4. Paul Graham 303
5. Ron D’Artenay 293

Jim Rossi put up a great effort in the Top Eliminator class throughout the 2011 season with his Bad Toy Dragster. Jim took the win at the Dome 2 event as well as a runner-up at Soboba 1 & a great #1 qualifying effort at Soboba 2. These performances all equal up to a class championship for the Bad Toy team. (Lonestar Photo)

Paul Taylor's Outta Control team had a slow start to the season, but a late season charge nearly ended up with a championship. Paul's late season run of a runner-up at Kingman, #1 qualifier at Dome 2, and victory at the Soboba 2 Season Finale put him just nine points behind eventual champion, Rossi. (Lonestar Photo)

Pro 1
Final Standings
1. Keith Ahart 465
2. Craig Durning 320
3. Jon Welniak 266
4. Tracy Malan 260
5. Kermit Larby 258

Keith Ahart started out strong and never looked back on his way to the Pro 1 championship. Keith's victory at the Soboba 2 Season Finale capped off a great seaon for the Second Urge team. (NSDN Photo)

Craig Durning came in second place in the 2011 NSRA point series. Despite missing the Kingman event, Craig came on strong with a semi-final finish/#1 qualifying effort at the Dome 2 event to make the push towards 2nd in the final standings. (Lonestar Photo)

Pro 2
Final Standings
1. Phil Soper 436
2. Wes Johnson 377
3. Charlie Johnson 361
4. Bill Gonzalez 242
5. Jim Williams 174

Phil Soper topped the tough Pro 2 category on the season. Phil's best performance in 2011 was a wire-to-wire top qualifying & race winning effort at the Kingman event in May. Phil & Sherice definitely did a great job with their Blown Some Buggy in 2011. (Lonestar Photo)

Wes Johnson certainly had another strong season in 2011. Wes started off the season with a semi-final finish & #1 qualifying effort at the Dome Valley Season Opener. From there, he put up a W in the 'win column' at the first Soboba event. Despite missing the Kingman event, Wes put up another semi-final finish at the Dome 2 event en route to a second place finish in the Pro 2 category. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Pro 3
Final Standings
1. Arend Schouten 433
2. Alan Mamer 387
3. Jim Clark 378
4. Charlie Johnson 349
5. Darin Lynn 251

Arend Schouten is always one of the top competitiors in the Pro 3 category and 2011 was no different. Arend used the strength of final round finishes at both Dome Valley events to accumulate enough points to win the year-end championship. Arend had a runner-up finish at the first Dome event before taking the class victory at the sesaon's second Dome race in October. (Lonestar Photo)

Alan Mamer definitely proved in 2011 he is one of the up & coming young racers in sand drag racing. Alan put up some great finishes over the course of the season, topped by a semi-final finish in Kingman to secure second place in the season's Pro 2 class standings. Read on for more about Alan's great season in the Sportsman 2 category. (NSDN Photo)

Motorcycle Pro 1
Final Standings
1. Mark Ratliff 435
2. Garrett Ratliff 400
3. Collin Barnella 376
4. Brad Olson 354
5. Chris Spitali 310

The MPC Racing Team of the Ratliff Family definitely put on a show in the Motorcycle classes in 2011. Let's start off with MP1, where Mark (the father) used a clutch win at the Soboa Season Finale to bypass his son, Garrett for the class championship. (NSDN Photo)

Garrett Ratliff started off the 2011 season strong with a stellar class win/#1 qualifying effort in MP1 followed up by a runner-up finish at the first Soboba event. Some bad luck followed at the next two events before an improbable set of circumstances saw his dad, Mark walk away with the class championship. Keep on reading for more on the Ratliff domination in 2011. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Motorcycle Pro 2
Final Standings
1. Mark Ratliff 536
2. Garrett Ratliff 456
3. Wes Smith 395
4. Mike Brock 268
5. Grant Hutchinson 258

This was a familiar sight throughout the season as Mark Ratliff (Near Lane) & son Garrett (Far Lane) faced off in MP2 action. Mark ended up as the class champion after sweeping both Soboba events as well as taking runner-up finishes at both Dome events. Garrett also had a stellar season with wins at Dome 1 & Kingman in the MP2 category. (NSDN Photo)

Sportsman Car 1
Final Standings
1. Phil Soper 458
2. Kermit Larby 306
3. Ty Larson 259
4. Bill Gonzalez 220
5. Al McKinney Jr. 206

Phil Soper once again put a hurting on the Sportsman 1 class. Phil, a former class champion, put two wins up on the board in 2011, with victories at Dome 1 as well as Kingman. The Blown Some team joins the MPC Racing team as the only multiple class champions this season. (NSDN Photo)

Kermit Larby with the Leap Frog Buggy put himself second in the Sportsman 1 class standings in 2011 with some good showings throughout the season. Kermit's best outing was a final round appearace at the Dome 2 event. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Sportsman Car 2
Final Standings
1. Alan Mamer 317
2. Arend Schouten 276
3. Jim Clark 219
4. James Varnadore 185
5. Mike Smith 167

Alan Mamer had a strong 2011 season in the Sportsman 2 class. His first big win in the Sportsman 2 class at the Kingman event highlighted his season en route to the season championship with his Snake Buggy. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Arend Schouten backed up his Pro 3 class championship with a runner-up in the Sportsman 2 class. Arend's Moving Violation entry made it a sweep of the Top 2 spots by VW-powered Buggies in this category as well as the Pro 3 class. (Lonestar Photo)

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
Final Standings
1. Garrett Ratliff 457
2. Mark Ratliff 432
3. Collin Barnella 399
4. Chris Spitali 315
5. KC Barnella 282

Motorcycle Sportsman 1 saw another Ratliff sweep, but this time it would be Garrett taking the hardware at the end of the season. Garrett's biggest race of the season was the Dome 2 event where he not only won the class, but was the #1 qualifier as well. (Lonestar Photo)

Even though Mark Ratliff finished second in the MS2 class, he sure didn't make it easy on the rest of the class. Mark's season was topped by a big win at the Dome Valley Season Opener in January. He would end up just 25 points behind Garrett at the en dof the season. (NSDN Photo)

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
Final Standings
1. Mark Ratliff 448
2. Garrett Ratliff 417
3. Joey Weaver 325
4. Wes Smith 276
5. Zoe Pantoja 200

The Motorcycle Sportsman 2 class ended up being the fourth class swept by MPC Racing. In this category, Mark Ratliff ended up with his third class championship of the season. Mark started off the season with back-to-back wins at Dome Valley & Soboba then never looked back on his way to the championship. (NSDN Photo)

Garrett Ratliff came in second place in the Motorcycle Sportsman 2 category, just 31 points behind his dad, Mark. His highlight of the season in this class was a win at the second Dome Valley event. (NSDN Photo)

Junior Dragster
Final Standings
1. Aimee Mamer 466
2. Abby Carroll 442
3. Ryan Rodriguez 429
4. Lauren Rodriguez 380
5. Kyla Belville 269

The Junior Dragster class saw probably the most exciting championship battle come down to the final event. Aimee Mamer came into the final event just two points out of first place. Points leader Abbigale Carroll would go out in round one, and Mamer took advantage with a first round win clinching the 2011 class championship. Aimee's highlight of the year was a win & #1 qualifying effort at Kingman. (NSDN Photo)

Abbigale Carroll definitely had a great 2011 season. She ended up with two runner-up finishes (Dome 1 & 2) on the year. The Carroll Racing Junior Dragster had some tough luck hold her back from the championship, but we expect to see her battling for the top spot in 2012. (NSDN Photo)

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Lonestar Graphics - www.LoneStarGraphics.com
Tim Marshall - Tim Marshall/Donna Bistran Photography
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