lead.jpgDome Valley Raceway played host to an ATV event at the Wellton, AZ track in early November. Chuy Ortega and Swag Racing combined forces to put on this event that saw racers from as far away as Central California, Las Vegas, and even Puerto Rico show up to compete. Our friend Ruben Rodriguez of Crazy Photo Squad was on hand to take shots at this event. Let’s go through Ruben’s photos and recap this event.

Fresno's Stephen Chase was the big winner in the Unlimited Open class running a 3.58 to defeat Mike Brock's 3.66 in the  Final Round. Stephen also scored a runner-up in the 3.50 Index class.

Mike Brock returned the favor to Chase in the 3.5 Index class by taking the win in the final round of that class running a 3.44 after Chase red lighted.

Brad Olson turned on the win light in the final round of Motorcycle Pro 1 defeating Lance Root.

Mark Ratliff was a double class winner taking the 4.00 Index class on Garrett's 66 Bike while riding his normal 2R Bike to the Motorcycle Pro 2 win.

Justin Cunha was another multiple class winner as he won both the Unlimited 0-850 & 0-625CC classes. Justin ran a nice 3.49 en route to the 0-850 victory.

Dion Castelazo was the dominator in the Limited class winning the 0-561 & 0-475 classes as well as taking a runner-up in the 0-691 class. Dion carded a best pass of 3.90 in these classes.

Craig Durning brought out his three-wheeled ATV where he would take semi-final finishes in Motorcycle Pro 2 & Motorcycle Sportsman.

Lance Root scored a runner-up finish in Motorcycle Pro 1 as well as laying down Low ET of the event with a great 3.32.

Noel Lopez came all the way from Puerto Rico and ran a best of 3.69 on his way to a runner-up finish in Unlimited 0-825CC.

Angel Estevez ran a best ET of 3.92 on his way to a final round finish in the Limited 0-650CC class.

The group out of Fresno put on a great show. From Left to Right: Rick Best, Dave, Justin Cunha, Stephen Chase.

Collin Barnella was running strong as always taking runner-up finishes in Motorcycle Pro 2, Motorcycle Sportsman, and 4.00 Index.

Photos Courtesy Ruben Rodriguez - Crazy Photo Squad - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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