tbjeeplead11.jpgAs we round the corner into December, it is hard to believe that it is already time to wrap up the 2011 sand drag racing season. This being the fifth season of sand drag racing coverage for National Sand Drag News saw us cover nine Daily Race Coverage events as well as post up results and news from countless other events all across the country. I’m very thankful for all of the folks that contribute to NSDN in one way or another. It is great to see so many folks across the country passionate about the sport of sand drag racing.

Logging so many miles is an expensive proposition. I am thankful for all of the supporters of NSDN that make it possible to do what is done. Let these folks know you appreciate their support of us; Heavy Metal/2 Dolla’ Bill Racing (Rick, Shelly & Billy Morris), Hammer Down Racing (Dennis Rieck), Pro Truck Nationals/Richards Auto Parts (Rich Simon), Swag Racing (Mike Erwin), Rialto Trophy (Todd Kinney), Trower Racing (Rod & Dee Trower), WSM Auctioneers (John Cadzow), Wood River Auto Parts (Eric Gallay), Atoka Motorsports Park (Debbie & Cecil Wilson), and Coldwater Kid Top Fuel (Dwight & Matt Ludlow). Another group of individuals that I would like to thank are the photographers & contributors to NSDN. These folks supply us with great photos and/or video from events, or supply us with race results from events that we are unable to attend. Lonestar Graphics (Gary & Michelle Burrow), Crazy Photo Squad (Ruben Rodriguez), Charlie Lowe (Bang Shack Digital/, Tim Marshall Photography, Derek Howard (Atoka Motorsports Park), Kody Teters (Thunder Valley Sand Drags), Mario Bramblia (Avenal Sand Drags), and Wendy Thompson (Dumont Dunes Jeep Jamboree). The track operators and event promoters are definitely a group of people that we must be appreciative for in our sport. Promoting and putting on race events is a grueling, mentally exhausting, and for the most part thankless job. I personally want to thank the tracks and crews that NSDN attended in 2011. These folks include Pro Truck Nationals (Rich Simon & Crew), Dome Valley Raceway (Swag Racing & Crew), IOK 4-Wheelers (Ohmer’s & Crew), Atoka Motorsports Park (Cecil & Debbie Wilson & Crew), Little Sandy Raceway (Jim & Gay Johnson and Family), West Michigan Dirt Drags (DeHaan’s & Crew), West Michigan Sand Dragway (Briggs Family), Route 66 Wings & Wheels/Fast Track Racing (Brian DeVincenzi/Kenny Larson & Crews), and Southern California Sand Drag Association (DeNunzio’s & Crew).

For all five years of NSDN, Mike Sommer & Sand Sports Magazine has been a great supporter. Mike has always given me the space needed to put the top stories from the sand drag world out to the sand sports world in the “Sand Drag Scene” column. If you haven’t been receiving Sand Sports magazine, you can order a subscription right from their web site at Please support those who support the sport.

I am very proud of what NSDN has accomplished in its five years online. The people I have met & places I have seen are definitely unforgettable. As for the future, NSDN will continue to provide the sport with the highest quality coverage possible. With the help of our current supporters, NSDN has a 2012 schedule that is currently filling up. With that being said, in order to continue to producing the high quality sand drag coverage offered by NSDN, we need help from our readers to: spread to word to potential sponsors you may know, buy a Standard sponsor ad for your race team or company, sponsor a Daily Race Coverage, and/or buy products from our Café Press store ( Sponsorship packages are very affordable & obviously reach our whole sand drag niche market. Please do what you can to not only support NSDN, but support the sport of sand drag racing.

In December, look for the annual Best Runs features as well as some Nostalgia to get us through this lull in sand drag racing action. I am already looking forward to the first NSDN Daily Race Coverage of 2012 on February 3-5 at Dome Valley Raceway in Wellton, AZ. It is shaping up to be a huge race with racers coming in from across the country.

Thank you, to the readers of NSDN, for making this another great year, and I will see all of you in the New Year.

Tom Bray (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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