lead.jpgIt is that time of the year once again; as we go through the Best Runs of the 2011 sand drag racing season. Since NSDN has the data from most major events across the country; we are compiling the quickest ET’s in the Top Fuel, Top Alcohol, Fast Fours, and Pro Outlaw FE classes as well as the closest to the Index runs in Top Eliminator. The data used is from events that NSDN either attended or data was submitted to us. Let’s kick off the countdown with the Pro Outlaw FE category this year.

The Pro Outlaw FE class really came into its own in the 2011 sand drag racing season. Not only did the PTN series in the Midwest run this class, but the west coast adopted the same type of class at their events. The bar was raised in the ET department throughout the country in this wildly popular Front Engine category. Let’s take a look at the Best Runs of 2011 in Pro Outlaw FE.

Pro Outlaw FE - Top 10 Best Runs 2011
1. Carey Mahoney 2.824 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
2. Bob Gill 2.838 - Avenal, CA - Apr-11
3. Carey Mahoney 2.855 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
4. Bob Gill 2.885 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
5. Bob Gill 2.896 - Avenal, CA - Apr-11
6. Bob Gill 2.899 - Avenal, CA - Apr-11
7. Carey Mahoney 2.901 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
8. Geoff Gill 2.950 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
9. Geoff Gill 2.951 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
10. Jim DePasse 2.978 - Kingman, AZ - May-11

Carey Mahoney really laid the gauntlet down on the Pro Outlaw FE field at the Dome Valley Raceway Season Opener event in January. Great atmospheric & track conditions made it possible for Carey to run a sizzling 2.824 en route to a final round victory at this event. The amazing conditions led to this event playing host to 6 of the Top 10 runs of 2011. Bob Gill came close to eclipsing Carey’s Low ET of the season with a 2.83 at Avenal in April.  Geoff Gill in the Larry Minor Motorsports Jeep ran a solid 2.950 at the Dome Valley event while Jim DePasse also dipped into the 2 second range with the Larry Minor Motorsports-bodied Rat Poison Jeep of Otis Simpson running a great 2.978 at Kingman in May. The quickest 2011 PTN Pro Outlaw FE passes were recorded at the West Michigan Sand Dragway PTN Season Finale as Steve DeLeeuw ran a 3.026 in his Blown Altered while Brian McWethy ran a string of three runs between 3.095-3.103 with “The Boss” Funny Jeep.

2011 Race Winners:
Dome Valley (Jan ’11) - Carey Mahoney
SCSDA Soboba (Apr ’11) - Allen Taylor
Kingman (May ’11) - Jim DePasse
PTN Cleves (May ’11) - Kathy Ellington
PTN Little Sandy (June ’11) - Ben Dozeman
PTN WMSD (July ’11) - Brian McWethy
SCSDA Soboba (Oct ’11) - Geoff Gill

Judging from the winner’s list, there was great competition in this category all season long with a wide variety of winners. Kathy Ellington took the Pro Truck Nationals Pro Outlaw FE class championship on the strength of her win at Cleves & runner-up at Little Sandy Raceway. Kathy’s best pass of the season was a 3.26 at Little Sandy Raceway in June.

It seems as though the Front Engine movement is here to stay as we move on to 2012. Look for more wild action and great side by side competition starting at Dome Valley in February of next year.


Washington's Carey Mahoney in his "Big Time" Altered ran Low ET of the 2011 season for Pro Outlaw FE with a sizzling 2.82 en route to the win at the January Dome Valley event. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Bob Gill ran strong all season long with his beautiful Funny Jeep carding a best ET of 2.83 at Avenal Sand Drags in April. (NSDN Photo)

The Larry Minor Motorsports Jeep driven by Geoff Gill ran a season best 2.950 at Dome Valley in January and also went on to take a victory at Soboba in October. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

Jim DePasse and the Rat Poison team had an exceptional 2011 season making their first trip into the 2's with a 2.97 on the way to a race win at Kingman in May. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Kathy Ellington's Black Widow Altered topped the Midwest-based PTN Pro Outlaw FE points championship in 2011 and scored a big win at the Cleves, OH Series Opener in May. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

Steve DeLeeuw in the Bodacious Blown Altered made the Best Run in PTN Pro Outlaw FE competition in 2011 with a 3.02 at West Michigan Sand Dragway in July. (Lonestar Graphics)

Brian McWethy ran a nice string of 3.09's en route to the WMSD PTN Pro Outlaw FE class victory with "The Boss" screw-blown BBC powered Funny Jeep. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

These two entries put on a great show in PTN action in 2011. Near Lane Rich Simon's BBC-powered Funny Jeep took the win at Little Sandy Raceway in June with Ben Dozeman behind the wheel running a Best ET of 3.31. Far Lane Kathy Ellington & the MKE Motorsports Black Widow ran great with a win at Cleves and runner-up at Little Sandy running a season best of 3.26. (PTN Photo)



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