lead.jpgOne of the biggest stories in sand drag racing this season was the resurgence of the Fast Fours/A-Fuel category. The turbocharged four-cylinder dragster class had a great turnout for all of the NSRA point series races with a highly competitive field pushing the performance standards of the class. Let’s look at the Best Runs in A/Fuel for 2011.

A/Fuel - Top 10 Best Runs 2011
1. Art Cronin 2.792 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
2. Brian Chapman 2.799 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
3. Daniel King 2.818 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
4. Art Cronin 2.821 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
5. Art Cronin 2.822 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
6. Daniel King 2.827 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
7. Daniel King 2.828 - Kingman, AZ - May-11
8. Art Cronin 2.832 - Kingman, AZ - May-11
9. Brian Chapman 2.834 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
10. Brian Chapman 2.839 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11

Dome Valley Raceway was the place to go fast for the A/Fuel cars in 2011. Eight of the ten quickest passes on the season were recorded at the Wellton, AZ track. With Dennis Rieck/Hammer Down Racing putting up $500 for the first 2.7 pass on the season, the performance level increased all season and it all paid off at the October Dome Valley event. The first pass in Q1 for the Fast Fours class saw Brian Chapman & the Short Fuse team throw down an amazing 2.799 to earn the $500 Bonus. In the next qualifying session, Art Cronin and his Meltdown dragster would record a mind numbing 2.792, which would stand up for Low ET of the year. The trio of Cronin, Chapman, and Daniel King scored the 16 quickest passes of the 2011 season.   

2011 Race Winners:
Dome Valley (Jan ’11) - Brian Chapman
Soboba (Apr ’11) - Aaron Mamer
Kingman (May ’11) - Art Cronin
Dome Valley (Oct ’11) - Brian Chapman
Soboba (Oct ’11) - Don Diffenbaugh

The class dominators in 2011 were Chapman & Cronin, accounting for three of the five class victories on the season. Chapman would win the battle being the only racer with two wins on the season, but Cronin would win the war taking the NSRA class points title. It was also great to see two first time Fast Fours winners in Aaron Mamer and Don Diffenbaugh.  

The 2012 season looks like it will be another great one for the four-cylinder contingent with the technology level stepping up and teams trying new parts to enhance performance. There is no doubt that since the 2.7 door has been broken down again, this number will become the standard & who knows how far the class record could dip. It should sure be fun to follow along with right here on NSDN.


Art Cronin led the field in A/Fuel in 2011 running the Quickest pass of the year with a 2.792, then taking the NSRA points championship over a tough field. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Brian Chapman & the Short Fuse team put up a valiant effort in 2011. They fought through some parts breakage and plain ole bad racing luck to take two class victories on the season as well as running a spectacular 2.79 at Dome Valley in October. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Daniel King really put forth a great effort in 2011 with the DL King-tuned Animal Control Dragster. Daniel ran as quick as 2.81 at Dome Valley in October and was the #1 qualifier in Kingman with a 2.82. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Don Diffenbaugh & the Poison Ivy crew made a statement at the final event of 2011 taking the victory at the Soboba Casino after qualifying #1 with a season best 2.850. Look for the Poison Ivy crew to be near the front of the pack in 2012. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

The Soboba Casino SCSDA events were kind to Aaron Mamer in 2011 as he scored his first Fast Fours event win at the April race, then he backed that up with a runner-up finish at the Season Finale with the Mamer Family Sidewinder Dragster. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)



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