lead.jpgThe Top Alcohol class was once again pushed their performance barriers down in 2011. These guys put on a great show at each event with these high RPM, methanol burning machines. 2011 saw the limits of this combination pushed. The data for Best Runs used is from events that we attended or the info was submitted to us. Let’s take a look at the 2011 Best Runs in Top Alcohol.

Top Alcohol - Top 10 Best Runs 2011
1. Gary Mink 2.369 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
2. Gary Mink 2.394 - Avenal, CA - Sep-11
3. Gary Mink 2.395 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
4. Gary Mink 2.414 - Avenal, CA - Sep-11
5. Gary Mink 2.414 - Avenal, CA - Sep-11
6. Gary Mink 2.414 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
7. Gary Mink 2.452 - Kingman, AZ - May-11
8. Gary Mink 2.452 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
9. Dan Allen 2.472 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
10. Gary Mink 2.482 - Avenal, CA - Sep-11

Gary Mink set the performance standard for the Top Alcohol class again in 2011. The Bad to the Bone team qualified #1 and set Low ET at each event they attended this season. They scored 11 of the quickest 15 passes of the season. Gary became the first Top Alcohol racer in the 2.3’s with a 2.395 at the Dome Valley Season Opener followed up by a 2.369 to set the World Record. He would then break into the 2.3 zone again later in the year with a 2.394 at Avenal, CA’s September race. Dan Allen and the Lucas Oil team was the only other team to dip into the 2.4’s with a 2.47 at the Dome Valley October event. Scott Carroll & David Morton were two TA teams that carded personal best ET’s over the course of the season, both running 2.50’s. I would expect to see them break into the 2.4’s in 2012.

2011 Race Winners:
Dome Valley (Jan ’11) - Gary Mink
Soboba (Apr ’11) - Scott Carroll
Avenal (Apr ’11) - Jeff Hitchman
Kingman (May ’11) - Gary Mink
Atoka (May ’11) - Gary Mink
Avenal (Sept ’11) - Gary Mink
Dome Valley (Oct ’11) - Scott Carroll
Soboba (Oct ’11) - Gary Mink

Mink’s performance domination also spilled over to competition where he scored five wins in the seven events he attended. Carroll was Mink’s next closest competition all year long, taking two event victories over Mink. Gary would end up first in NSRA Top Alcohol points with Scott just a few rounds behind.   

As we head towards 2012, it should be interesting to see if the competition can catch up to the Bad to the Bone team. It sounds as if several of the top teams are stepping up their programs in the New Year to do just that. This should definitely be a class to watch as the new season looms.


Gary Mink led the field in Top Alcohol action during the 2011 race season. Gary ran 9 of the 10 quickest runs in the class during the season while taking 5 event wins as well as the NSRA TA class championship. (Lonestar Photo)

Scott Carroll put up the biggest fight for Mink in 2011. Scott won two events during the season and ran his quickest pass so far with a 2.502. (Lonestar Photo)

Dan Allen consistently put up some big #'s in 2011 Top Alcohol class action with the Lucas Oil entry. Dan's Best ET was a 2.47 at Dome Valley while he consistently had Top MPH in the class with mid 140MPH blasts. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Oregon's Craig Sines continued to step up his program in 2011 running a best ET of 2.55 for the season at Avenal in April. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Shane Sanford made a few appearances in the Top Alcohol class in 2011 while he debuted his new Top Fuel program. In the TA events Shane entered, he made some great passes including a season best 2.53 at Dome Valley in January. Look for Shane's daughter Ashley to pilot the entry in the Top Alcohol class in 2012. (Lonestar Photo)



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