lead.jpgJust in time for Christmas, here is the final installment of the 2011 Best Runs series. I would like to thank all of the race tracks & organizations that either submitted or allowed us to track the numbers from their race events. In 2011, the Fuelers were thundering all season putting on great shows at each event. The field was wide open most of the season and led to some awesome racing. Let’s take a look at the Best Runs for Top Fuel in 2011.

Top Fuel - Top 10 Best Runs 2011
1. Matt Ludlow 2.308 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
2. Scott Whipple 2.32 - Soboba, CA - Apr-11
3. Scott Whipple 2.33 - Soboba, CA - Apr-11
4. Jeff Janoe 2.373 - Dome Valley, AZ - Oct-11
5. Dennis Rieck 2.374 - Kingman, AZ - May-11
6. Scott Whipple 2.384 - Soboba, CA - Oct-11
7. Scott Whipple 2.389 - Soboba, CA - Oct-11
8. Matt Ludlow 2.392 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
9. Dennis Rieck 2.394 - Dome Valley, AZ - Jan-11
10. Terri Blair 2.39 - Avenal, CA - Apr-11

Matt Ludlow and the Coldwater Kid team ended the season on top of the 2011 Best Runs list for Top Fuel. With John Aleman leading the Coldwater Kid crew, Ludlow wheeled his 300” long Nitro burner to a sizzling 2.308 at 158MPH blast to take the win at the Dome Valley Top Fuel Shootout in January. “Famous Amos” Satterlee would turn the screws on the CANIDAE Fueler of Scott Whipple to take 4 of the Top 10 spots on the list with his great 2.3 runs on the tricky track surface at the Soboba events. Jeff Janoe broke into the Top 5 with a 2.37 at Dome Valley’s October event. Janoe would be followed closely by Dennis Rieck’s 2.37 as the 5th Best Run of the season. Butch & Terri Blair broke into the Top 10 with a great 2.39 at Avenal’s April event with their dual-tire Fugowie entry.

2011 Race Winners:
Dome Valley (Jan ’11) - Matt Ludlow
Soboba (Apr ’11) - Scott Whipple
Kingman (May ’11) - Jeff Janoe
Avenal (Sept ’11) - Dennis Rieck
Dome Valley (Oct ’11) - Jeff Janoe
Soboba (Oct ’11) - Scott Whipple

The 2011 season saw a wide variety of winners in the Top Fuel class. Scott Whipple won both of the 2011 events that he entered with the CANIDAE entry. Jeff Janoe and the JWJ team made a great return to the Fuel wars taking two wins in the three events he entered on the season. Ludlow and the Coldwater Kid team won the Top Fuel Shootout for the second time in a row. Last but definitely not least, Dennis Rieck and the Hammer Down small block Fueler not only won at Avenal in September, but also won the 2011 NSRA TF class championship.

2011 was a season that produced some great action in the Top Fuel class and several teams definitely improved their programs throughout the season. It is quite possible that Top Fuel could be as competitive as ever in 2012. With an eight car field being a distinct possibility for the 2012 Season Opener at Dome Valley, we can’t wait to see what the Nitro burners have in store for us in the New Year.


Matt Ludlow & the Coldwater Kid team ran the Quickest pass in Top Fuel 2011 with a 2.308 at Dome Valley in January en route to the Top Fuel Shootout win. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Scott Whipple continued to dominate at the Southern California events as he swept both Soboba events and ran four of the Top 10 runs of the season at those races. (NSDN Photo)

Jeff Janoe had a great return to Top Fuel action in 2011 taking two wins and a runner-up in three starts. The JWJ team certainly has some big momentum heading into 2012. (Tim Marshall Photo)

Dennis Rieck put on a good show throughout the 2011 season, including running a 2.37 season best at Kingman in May. Dennis also ended up as the 2011 NSRA Top Fuel champion. (Lonestar Photo)

Terri & Butch Blair made big strides in 2011 with the Fugowie dual-tire Top Fueler led by a great 2.39 at Avenal in April. (Crazy Photo Squad Photo)

Marcus Norris and the Pat Norris Racing team definitely stepped up their game in 2011 running personal best 2.48's at both Kingman & Dome Valley. (Lonestar Photo)

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