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The 14th Annual Heartland Nationals at Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK concluded on Sunday with some great performances all around. Rod Trower was the lone Top Alcohol entry, but he did not hold back as he came within one-thousandth (.001) of a new track record with a 2.634/142MPH, just missing Gary Mink’s 2.633 record set in 2011. The Top Eliminator class saw veteran Missouri racer Terry Glasscock find the sweet spot in his Corvair-powered Dragster as he ran a 2.95 & 2.97 before taking the final round win over fellow Kansas City area racer Jeff Sieg. In the Pro 1 Cars class, Texas racer & Friday night’s Quick 16 Cars Winner John Acker came back to double up on the weekend as he took the final round victory over Ethan Fomby. In the Pro 2 cars class, Kansas City racer Bill White drove his Altered to the win over local racer Timmy Hamer. Another Texas racer, Luke Martin reached the Winner’s Circle as he defeated Danny Travis in a great final round. All of these racers got a leg up on the 2012 Mid-America Point Series title chase. The next event will be June 15-16 at Thunder Valley Sand Drags in Grain Valley, MO. *Note: Run Sheets are now posted. (5-29-12)*

Top Alcohol
1st-Rod Trower

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Rod Trower (W) 2.634/142.04 .642 Bye

Top Alcohol Highlight Video
Top Alcohol Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Top Eliminator
1st-Terry Glasscock
2nd-Jeff Sieg
3rd-Dee Trower
3rd-Russ Payne

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Dee Trower (W) 2.966 .750 Bye
Terry Glasscock (W) 2.957 .518 def. Marc Luce 3.075 .503
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.091 .628 def. Courtney Stidham NT-Broke
Russ Payne (W) 3.072 .553 def. Robert Smith NT-Broke

Round Two Eliminations
Terry Glasscock (W) 2.972 .426 def. Dee Trower 3.020 .504
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.043 .602 def. Russ Payne 3.030 .650

Final Round
Terry Glasscock (W) 3.597 .531 def. Jeff Sieg 3.049 .173 RL

Top Eliminator Highlight Video
Top Eliminator Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1 Cars
1st-John Acker
2nd-Ethan Fomby
3rd-Tim Feuerhelm
Pro 1 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1 Quads
1st-Luke Martin
2nd-Danny Travis
3rd-Nick Allen
Pro 1 Quads Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2 Cars
1st-Bill White
2nd-Timmy Hamer
3rd-Jimmy Smith
Pro 2 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet


Qualifying concluded on Saturday for the heads-up classes at the 14th Annual Heartland Nationals. Rod Trower ran a great 2.67 in the Top Alcohol class, which is just four-hundredths of a second off of the track record set by Gary Mink last year. Dee Trower’s 2.951 held up for the top spot in Top Eliminator. Dee also ran the best pass of Saturday in TE qualifying with a 3.01 in the final session. Bracket class winners from Saturday included Kevin Self (Pro 2 Quads), Cody Ford (Pro 3 Quads), Chloe Cooper (Pro 4 Quads), and Cody Reeves (Peewees). Eliminations are on tap for Sunday in Top Alcohol, Top Eliminator, Pro 1 & 2 Cars, as well as Pro 1 Quads. Stay tuned to NSDN for elimination day coverage.

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Rod Trower 2.679/133.00

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Dee Trower 2.951
2. Courtney Stidham 3.058
3. Robert Smith 3.079
4. Marc Luce 3.083
5. Terry Glasscock 3.102
6. Russ Payne 3.219
7. Jeff Sieg 3.657

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro 2 Quads
1st-Kevin Self
2nd-Eric Smith
3rd-Jamie Winsor

Pro 3 Quads
1st-Cody Ford
2nd-Mitchell Harper
3rd-Jeff Walton
3rd-Randy Kimbley

Pro 4 Quads
1st-Chole Cooper
2nd-Nate Moss
3rd-Leah Steelmon

1st-Cody Reeves
2nd-Allie Moss


The 14th Annual Heartland Nationals at Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK is underway. Friday’s action saw Dee Trower lay down a nearly perfect 2.951 to take the top spot in Top Eliminator. A strong field is behind her in the TE class with several entries rolling in the gates looking to make their first qualifying attempt on Saturday. Rod Trower is currently the only entry in Top Alcohol, and the Strasburg’s made some great tuning calls to run a 2.73 in just the second pass after making some wholesale parts changes over the winter. The Quick 16 classes put on an amazing show as always on Friday night. Texas racer John Acker battled through the Q16 Cars class to take the win with his V8-powered Dragster over the Motorcycle-powered Dragster of Tim Feuerhelm. Another out of towner took the Q16 Quads class as Phoenix AZ’s Keith Ahart put his trademark Motorcycle-powered ATV in the Winner’s Circle after defeating the four stroke-powered entry of NHRA Comp Eliminator racer Kevin Self. Saturday’s action will include final qualifying for the Heads-Up classes, eliminations for the lower ATV classes, and time trials for the Pro Bracket categories.

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Rod Trower 2.736/136.36

Friday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Dee Trower 2.951
2. Courtney Stidham 3.058
3. Marc Luce 3.107
4. Robert Smith 3.162

Friday TE Highlight Video

Quick 16 Cars
1st-John Acker
2nd-Tim Feuerhelm
3rd-Jimmy Evans
3rd-David Collins
Q16 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

Quick 16 Quads
1st-Keith Ahart
2nd-Kevin Self
3rd-Joseph Evans
3rd-Rick Lovelace
Q16 Quads Eliminations Run Sheet

Q1 101 ROD TROWER 0.748 1.206 2.825 126.26
Q2 101 ROD TROWER 0.632 1.216 2.736 136.36

Q1 99 COURTNEY STIDHAM 0.554 1.308 3.058 100.28
Q1 501 ROBERT SMITH 0.487 1.389 3.162 121.77
Q1 358 MARC LUCE 0.571 1.332 3.134 119.61
Q1 112 DEE TROWER 0.582 1.171 2.951 87.41
Q2 112 DEE TROWER 0.465 1.407 3.096 86.31
Q2 99 COURTNEY STIDHAM 0.493 1.317 3.069 100.27
Q2 501 ROBERT SMITH 0.638 2.286 NT  
Q2 358 MARC LUCE 0.516 1.304 3.107 121.75
Q2 1142 MIKE SMITH 0.510 1.360 3.212 106.54

National Sand Drag News is heading to Atoka, Oklahoma for the 14th Annual Heartland Nationals over Memorial Day Weekend May 25-27. This is also Race 1 of the 2012 Mid-America Sand Drag Series. NSDN will have our normal Coverage with same day results, video, and more. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage event is brought to you courtesy of Trower Racing and Atoka Motorsports Park. NSDN will also have Live Text & Video updates on our left sidebar. Racing kicks off on Friday with the initial rounds of TA & TE qualifying as well as the Q16 Cars & Quads Shootouts. Check back throughout the weekend for all the latest from this event.

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