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Fall Fest 2012 at Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK served as a great season ending event for racers in the Mid-America Sand Drag Series with the points battles going down to the very end. In the Top Eliminator class, Jeff Sieg not only won the final round over Dee Trower, but he also took the 2012 MASD TE championship trophy back to Missouri. In the Pro 1 Cars class, John Acker clinched the championship, but could not complete the full season sweep as Glenn Swanner defeated him in the semi-final route en route to his first sand drag class win. The Pro 1 Quads championship battle came down to the semi-final round where Mollie Eades lost a close battle, which clinched the championship for Texas racer Luke Martin. Unfortunately for Luke, he would fall the eventual class winner Randy Kimbley in the semi-final round. Kimbley went crazy as he completed a rare feat as he won three ATV classes on the night as he took the Pro 1, 2, and 3 Quads classes. Note: Run Sheets are now posted.

Top Alcohol
1st-Rod Trower

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Rod Trower (W) 2.620/142.04 .440 Bye

Top Alcohol Eliminations Run Sheet
Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
1st-Jeff Sieg
2nd-Dee Trower
3rd-Courtney Stidham
3rd-Russ Bailey

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.006 .545 Bye
Russ Bailey (W) 3.285 .439 def. Marty Boone 3.284 .021
Courtney Stidham (W) 3.021 .458 def. Marc Luce 3.110 .544
Dee Trower (W) 3.056 .675 def. Mike Smith 3.219 .358

Round Two Eliminations
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.048 .639 def. Russ Bailey 3.235 .579
Dee Trower (W) 2.979 .504 def. Courtney Stidham 3.132 .456

Final Round
Jeff Sieg (W) 3.132 .587 def. Dee Trower 2.968 1.174

Final Qualifying Order
1. Jeff Sieg 3.020
2. Courtney Stidham 3.023
3. Mike Smith 3.163
4. Russ Bailey 3.247
5. Marty Boone 3.283
6. Dee Trower 3.833
7. Marc Luce 7.786

Top Eliminator Eliminations Run Sheet
Saturday TE Highlight Video

Pro 1 Cars
1st-Glenn Swanner
2nd-Gage Moore
3rd-John Acker
3rd-Brent Durant
Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1 Quads
1st-Randy Kimbley
2nd-Nick Allen
3rd-Luke Martin
3rd-Mollie Eades
Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2 Cars
1st-Sydney Moore
2nd-David Collins
3rd-Jimmy Smith
Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2 Quads
1st-Randy Kimbley
2nd-Craig McNeil
3rd-Eric Smith
3rd-Dustin Labrada

Pro 3 Quads
1st-Randy Kimbley
2nd-Roy Cooper
3rd-Quenton Thompson

Pro 4 Quads
1st-Gus Griffith
2nd-Brianna Acker
3rd-Leah Steelmon

Pro 1 Cars - Trophy
1st-Tim Feuerhelm
2nd-Marc Luce

Pro 1 Quads - Trophy
1st-Mollie Eades
2nd-Danny Travis

Pro 2 Cars - Trophy
1st-David Collins
2nd-Sydney Moore

Pro 2 Quads - Trophy
1st-Rick Lovelace
2nd-Randy Kimbley

Pro 3 Quads - Trophy
1st-John Pate
2nd-Randy Kimbley

Pro 4 Quads - Trophy
1st-Chloe Cooper
2nd-Chloe Cooper

2012 MASDS Final Point Standings

Top Eliminator
1. Jeff Sieg 81
2. Marc Luce 63
3. Mike Smith 61
4. Courtney Stidham 59
5. Terry Glasscock 50

Pro 1 Cars
1. John Acker 100
2. Dennis Burrows 45
3. Tim Feuerhelm 34
4. Russ Bailey 30
5. Kenny Kapple 25

Pro 1 Quads
1. Luke Martin 58
2. Mollie Eades 55
3. Darren Dockins 52
4. Nick Allen 42
5. James Martin 40


The 2012 Fall Fest at Atoka Motorsports Park kicked off on Friday with a big time moment in the track’s history. Rod Trower would set a new track record with his “Thunder” Top Alcohol Dragster running a 2.618 to eclipse the previous mark of 2.633 set by Gary Mink in May of 2011. Not to be outdone by that, Jeff Sieg ran a nice 3.020 to lead Top Eliminator qualifying heading into the final session on Saturday morning. John Acker continued his hot streak as he took the Quick 16 Cars victory over Brent Durant. Krista Loudermilk was very impressive on her way to the Quick 16 Quads title over Randy Kimbley. Final eliminations action is on tap for Saturday.

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Rod Trower 2.618/133.68

Friday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Jeff Sieg 3.020
2. Courtney Stidham 3.023
3. Mike Smith 3.163
4. Russ Bailey 3.247
5. Marty Boone 3.283
6. Dee Trower 3.833
7. Marc Luce 10.704

Friday TE Highlight Video

Quick 16 Cars
1st-John Acker
2nd-Brent Durant
3rd-James Jackson
3rd-Amie Wilson
Eliminations Run Sheet

Quick 16 Quads
1st-Krista Loudermilk
2nd-Randy Kimbley
3rd-Mike Eades
3rd-Danny Travis
Eliminations Run Sheet

National Sand Drag News is heading to Atoka, Oklahoma for the 2012 Mid-America Sand Drag Series during Atoka Motorsports Park's Fall Fest event. NSDN will have our normal Coverage with same day results, video, and more. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage event is brought to you courtesy of Trower Racing and Atoka Motorsports Park. NSDN will also have Live Text & Video updates on our left sidebar. Racing kicks off on Friday with the initial rounds of TA & TE qualifying as well as the Q16 Cars & Quads Shootouts. Check back throughout the weekend for all the latest from this event.

Fall Fest Event Info

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