As you can imagine, the past couple months have been very busy for NSDN. It was an unprecedented run of events with traveling to events five weekends in a row with the final tally being six events in a seven week span. By the end, the traveling certainly took its toll, but it was all worth it in the end to see some of the best sand drag racing in the history of the sport. Ultimately, NSDN is a little behind in the race recap department, but it is in the process of catching up & will post them as they get completed.

There were certainly a lot of memorable moments over the course of the last section of the season. The highlight to me was seeing the quickest sand drag pass of all time, which of course was Dennis Rieck’s 2.16 at Dome Valley. That run was unworldly quick. Even though it was disappointing the Hammer Down team was unable to back that pass up for a record, it will be fun to see what they can do in 2013. Seeing all of the championship battles come down to the bitter end was sure entertaining to watch. Jeff Sieg snuck up on the Top Eliminator competitors in the MASD series and walked away with the title at the final event. Another great battle was seeing Mark Ratliff & George Amos go back-and-forth over the final few races for the MP2 title in the NSRA series, which went down to the final event with George winning by just two points. Then, the most bizarre of all was the PTN Pro Truck Championship Weekend battle going down to a three-way tie Championship Race-Off. What a battle that was, with Kyle Harney breaking out the least & walking away with the Cup and Wally. I know from experience that there is no greater feeling as a racer than winning a championship and it was satisfying to see so many great champions celebrate their accomplishments throughout the different race series over the past month.

I’ll get back to work on updating the site, and leave the rest of my thoughts about 2012 for next month’s season closing column. I hope everyone has a happy & safe Thanksgiving.

Until next month…

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