The Mid-America Sand Drag Series came together for the first time in 2012 with two races each at Atoka Motorsports Park (Atoka, OK) and Thunder Valley Sand Drags (Grain Valley, MO). This series turned out great for both tracks with lots of cross track & state competition for the series championships. Interestingly enough, two of the Champions are from Texas. Let’s take a look at who were the top performers throughout the MASD series.

Top Eliminator

Final Standings
1. Jeff Sieg 81
2. Marc Luce 63
3. Mike Smith 61
4. Courtney Stidham 59
5. Terry Glasscock 50

Event Winners
Atoka 1 - Terry Glasscock
Thunder Valley 1 - Mike Smith
Thunder Valley 2 - Courtney Stidham
Atoka 2 - Jeff Sieg

Season Recap
Most Wins: No repeat winners
Most Final Rounds: Jeff Sieg & Mike Smith (2 - Tie)
Most #1 Qualifiers: No repeat top qualfiiers

Missouri racer Jeff Sieg split the season between driving his own car and his brother Stacey's (pictured) en route to the championship. Jeff won the season finale at Atoka along with having a runner-up and a pair of semi-final finishes in this championship season. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

Jeff, whose family also operates Thunder Valley Sand Drags, accepts the great trophy courtesy of Trower Racing along with the championship cash. (NSDN Photo)

Oklahoma racer Marc Luce had a great Top Eliminator season in MASD 2012 action as he finshed 2nd in the standings. Marc broke into the 2 second range for the first time at Thunder Valley and ran his personal best ET of 2.90 at the Sept race there. His best finish was a runner-up at the first Thunder Valley race to Mike Smith. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

Pro 1 Cars

Final Standings
1. John Acker 100
2. Dennis Burrows 45
3. Tim Feuerhelm 34
4. Russ Bailey 30
5. Kenny Kapple 25

Event Winners
Atoka 1 - John Acker
Thunder Valley 1 - John Acker
Thunder Valley 2 - John Acker
Atoka 2 - Glenn Swanner

Season Recap
Most Wins: John Acker (3)
Most Final Rounds: John Acker (3)

Texas racer John Acker came up two rounds short of a perfect MASD Series campaign in 2012. John swept the first three events of the season in Pro 1 before falling in the semi-finals of the season finale at Atoka. (NSDN Photo)

It was a great sand drag season for Team Mud as they celebrated the championship in style at Atoka. John (second to right) and car owner David Riddle (far right) put forth a huge effort making the full series hauling to each event from the Killeen, TX area. (NSDN Photo)

Missouri bracket racer Dennis Burrows ended up second in the first ever MASD series Pro 1 championship battle. Dennis had a solid runner-up finish at the Thunder Valley September race. The VW-powered Buggy ran consistent 3.7's all season long. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)


Final Standings
1. Luke Martin 58
2. Mollie Eades 55
3. Darren Dockins 52
4. Nick Allen 42
5. James Martin 40

Event Winners
Atoka 1 - Luke Martin
Thunder Valley 1 - Charlie Curtis
Thunder Valley 2 - Mollie Eades
Atoka 2 - Randy Kimbley

Season Recap
Most Wins: No repeat winner
Most Final Rounds: No repeat finalists

Texas racer Luke Martin put all the pieces together to take home a big championship in the Pro ATV class for the 2012 MASD season. Luke won the season opener at Atoka and never relinquished the lead throughout the rest of the season. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

Luke (right) with his father James, who finished 5th in the standings, made the entire series from their home base in Texas. These guys logged the miles and it paid off with the big trophy as well as the championship cash. (NSDN Photo)

Mollie Eades did an exceptional job riding here Motorcycle-powered bike in the 2012 MASD series. She would take the win at the Thunder Valley September event, and come within 3 points of the championship. Mollie and the Eades Racing team did a great job representing Missouri throughout the Mid-America series season. (Lonestar Graphics Photo)

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