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Top Fuel
1st-Rob Scheytt
2nd-Scott Scheytt
3rd-Brian Ambs
Top Fuel Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Top Fuel Qualifying & Eliminations Video

PTN 3.5 Index
1st-Bob Kelly
2nd-Matt Peel
3rd-Ben Dozeman
3rd-Roger Jareo
3.5 Index Eliminations Run Sheet

PTN 3.95 Index Pro ATV
1st-Steve Kaupa
2nd-Jeff Jareo
3rd-Shawn Roth
3.95 Index Pro ATV Eliminations Run Sheet

Quick 16
1st-Kip Martin
2nd-Bob Kelly
3rd-Chad Reust
3rd-Roger Jareo
Quick 16 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro Cars
1st-Tom Hartman
2nd-Charlie Willis
3rd-Buddy Hammett
3rd-Bob Kelly
Pro Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Teddy Clark
2nd-Steve Ewing
3rd-Matt Ewing
Pro ATV Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro Truck
1st-Willie Berzley
2nd-Buddy Hammett
3rd-Dave Kramer
Pro Truck Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman Car
1st-Buddy Hammett
2nd-Jack Hoskins
3rd-Tom Cady
Sportsman Car Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Steve Ewing
2nd-Teddy Clark
3rd-Dylan Beld
ATV Eliminations Run Sheet

Outlaw ATV
1st-Steph Bennett
2nd-Sam Scheytt
Outlaw ATV Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Tanner Hartman
2nd-Drew Courser
3rd-Jessie Berzley
3rd-Bennet Dozeman

Mighty Midgets
1st-Chase Fredricks
2nd-Cody Fredricks
3rd-Luke DeBoer
3rd-Keaton Hendricks

Top Fuel Round One Eliminations
Rob Scheytt (W) 5.143/37.59 .259 def. Brian McWethy NT-Broke
Scott Scheytt (W) 2.967/112.90 .116 def. Nick Vanderputte NT-Broke
Brian Ambs (W) 2.939/110.06 .110 def. Adam Roe 3.301/98.33 -.227

Top Fuel Round Two Eliminations
Rob Scheytt (W) NT Bye
Scott Scheytt (W) 2.947/110.01 .115 def. Brian Ambs 2.932/109.25 .134

Top Fuel Final Round Eliminations
Rob Scheytt (W) 2.796/120.44 .186 def. Scott Scheytt 2.919/110.56 .078

Top Fuel Qualifying Order
1. Rob Scheytt 2.862/121.47
2. Scott Scheytt 2.947/115.92
3. Brian Ambs 3.022/108.43
4. Adam Roe 3.224/106.67
5. Nick Vanderputte 3.300/95.57
6. Brian McWethy 3.394/75.19


Due to inclement weather, Day 1 of the 2013 Sand Nationals at West Michigan Sand Dragway was postponed. The PTN 3.5 Index & 3.95 Index Pro ATV classes will be contest on Saturday as part of the normal WMSD race program while the Ironman category will be cancelled. The weather forecast looks promising for Saturday, so it should be an action packed day of racing.

National Sand Drag News will be at West Michigan Sand Dragway in Mears, MI on July 26-27 for the track's Sand Nationals event. This event also features the PTN Fast Friday Nights series. NSDN will have our normal race coverage including all the stats, results, news, and videos each night after racing action is complete. Unfortunately, due to poor cell service at the track we will not be able to post live updates, but we will have full coverage each night. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage event is brought to you courtesy of Pro Truck Nationals & Mid-West Coatings.

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