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The SCSDA Racin’ For A Cure event concluded on Sunday under Sunny Skies in Southern California. Robert Skidmore continued to set amaze as he lowered his Fast Fours World Record with a 2.747 in Eliminations, the Quickest Ever pass by a Turbo 4-cylinder Dragster. Another record was set as Geoff Gill piloted the Larry Minor Motorsports Hemi-powered Jeep to a 2.86 backed up by a 2.87 for the A/Pro Jeep World Record. Gill also emerged victorious in Pro Mod Unlimited action. Garrett Ratliff celebrated his 21st Birthday with the win in the Motorcycle Pro 1 category. Other winners on the day included Randy Mings (Motorcycle Pro 2), Tara DeNunzio (Powderpuff Cars), Nikki Bailey (Powderpuff ATV), Christian Myers (Junior Dragster), Breanna Canfield (Juniors), Dylan Hegwood (Mini Jr Dragster), and Deegan Gutierrez (Peewees). The event was cut short due to electrical gremlins in the Timing System, so several classes split the money and points while others will finish at the November SCSDA race. Read on for the full breakdown on those categories. **Run Sheets are now posted**

Top Fuel Exhibition
Pass 1: Dennis Rieck 2.295/157.46 .691 vs. Billy Morris 14.675/13.59 .647
Pass 2: Billy Morris 2.354/146.62 .758 vs. Dennis Rieck 2.593/98.67 .654
Top Fuel Exhibition Data Log
Top Fuel Sunday Eliminations Video

Top Alcohol
Final To Be Contested at November SCSDA Race
Gary Mink vs. David Morton
3rd-Geoff Gill
3rd-Jim Hammond
Top Alcohol Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Top Alcohol Sunday Eliminations Video

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Gary Mink (W) 2.603/140.00 .561 Bye
Geoff Gill (W) 3.182/104.73 .597 def. Pedro Villa 2.838/93.40 1.344
Jim Hammond (W) 2.669/133.68 .507 Bye
David Morton (W) 2.562/129.37 .427 Bye

Round Two Eliminations
Gary Mink (W) 2.601/128.88 .586 def. Geoff Gill 2.879/121.53 .597
David Morton (W) 2.574/135.82 .636 def. Jim Hammond 3.034/132.13 .184

Top Eliminator
Split At 2 Cars
#786-Marc Whitmore
#5022-Billy Morris
3rd-Jim Rossi
3rd-Paul Graham
Top Eliminator Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Top Eliminator Sunday Eliminations Video

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Billy Morris (W) 2.978 .502 Bye
Jim Rossi (W) 3.055 .668 def. Ron D’Artenay 3.101 .000
Paul Graham (W) 3.036 .606 def. Jimmy DePasse 3.180 .583
Marc Whitmore (W) 3.060 .698 def. Paul Taylor 3.414 .177

Round Two Eliminations
Billy Morris (W) 3.075 .454 def. Jim Rossi NT-RL
Marc Whitmore (W) 3.026 .581 def. Paul Graham 3.429 .169

Fast Fours
Final To Be Contested at November SCSDA Race
Art Cronin vs. Mario Tavares
3rd-Robert Skidmore
3rd-Daniel King
Fast Fours Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Fast Fours Sunday Eliminations Video

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Robert Skidmore (W) 2.838/121.53 .851 def. Greg Johnson NT-No Show
Art Cronin (W) 2.963/108.74 .612 def. Aaron Mamer NT-DNF .565
Daniel King (W) 2.884/113.25 1.066 def. Brian Chapman NT-No Show
Mario Tavares (W) 2.784/117.15 .605 def. John Cronin NT-No Show

Round Two Eliminations
Art Cronin (W) 2.969/109.79 .453 def. Robert Skidmore 2.747/120.46 .827
Mario Tavares (W) 2.937/116.35 .486 def. Daniel King 3.018/102.22 .485

Pro Mod Unlimited
1st-Geoff Gill
2nd-Jimmy DePasse
Pro Mod Unlimited Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Pro Mod Unlimited Sunday Eliminations Video

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Geoff Gill (W) 2.860/116.94 .638 def. Jimmy DePasse 3.079/102.52 .578

Pro 1
Split at 2 Cars
#141-Ray Islas
#4444-Bill Swim
3rd-Bill Meaney
3rd-Larry Brown
Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2
Split at 2 Cars

#380-Justin Adamson
#800-Wes Johnson
3rd-Charlie Johnson
Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 3
Split at 2 Cars

#87-Charlie Johnson
#647-Chad Kinney
3rd-Kathy Williams
3rd-Jeff Goorsky
Pro 3 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Garrett Ratliff
2nd-Bo Crossland
3rd-Brock Rushing
3rd-Grant Hutchinson
Motorcycle Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Randy Mings
2nd-George Amos
3rd-Mark Ratliff
Motorcycle Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Powder Puff Cars
1st-Tara DeNunzio
2nd-Kathy Williams

Powder Puff ATV
1st-Nikki Bailey
2nd-Gianna Spitali

Junior Dragster
1st-Christian Myers
2nd-Derrick Hegwood
3rd-Bradley Myers
Junior Dragster Eliminations Run Sheet

1st-Breanna Canfield
2nd-Kyle Hensley

Mini Junior Dragster
1st-Dylan Hegwood
2nd-Levi Suggs
3rd-Leonardo Villa
3rd-Gavin Gutierrez

1st-Deegan Gutierrez
2nd-Jayden Pena


The second day of racing action at the 2013 SCSDA Racin’ For a Cure event is complete. A great crowd at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA saw some incredible racing action, including a new World Record as Robert Skidmore set a new Fast Fours World Record with a 2.763, eclipsing DL King’s nearly 10 year old record of 2.768. Skidmore leads the way in a tough Fast Fours class this weekend. Hammer Down Racing’s Dennis Rieck has a Top Fuel bracket car as he led Qualifying with a 2.31 best so far. The Top Alcohol class has a real competitive field this weekend, but it’s the same ole Gary Mink at the top of the list running a 2.50 best. TE points leader and newly licensed Top Fuel driver Billy Morris took the #1 spot running a 2.969 on the 2.95 TE Index. Geoff Gill in the new Larry Minor Hemi-powered Jeep topped the Pro Mod Unlimited order with a solid 2.91/115 MPH blast. In the bracket classes, Wes Gilmore was the big story as he won both the Pro Gambler & Sport 1 categories with the Rattitude Jeep. First time winner Kevin Cambridge took home the hardware in Sport 2. Other big winners on the day included Austin Thomas (Motorcycle Gambler), Heather Taylor (Motorcycle Sportsman 1), and Pedro Villa Jr. (Motorcycle Sportsman 2). Eliminations conclude on Sunday.

Top Fuel
Final Qualifying Order
1. Dennis Rieck 2.318/160.05
2. Billy Morris 2.683/134.21

Saturday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Gary Mink 2.504/141.45
2. Jim Hammond 2.542/139.71
3. David Morton 2.555/135.55
4. Pedro Villa 2.676/123.96
5. Geoff Gill 3.050/117.15

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Billy Morris 2.969
2. Paul Graham 2.970
3. Paul Taylor 2.986
4. Ron D’Artenay 2.993
5. Jim Rossi 2.996
6. Marc Whitmore 3.090
7. Jimmy DePasse 3.201

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Fast Fours
Final Qualifying Order
1. Robert Skidmore 2.763/122.85
2. Daniel King 2.770/116.35
3. Mario Tavares 2.807/118.57
4. Art Cronin 2.866/109.79
5. Aaron Mamer 3.067/92.26
6. John Cronin 3.116/83.55
7. Brian Chapman 3.402/87.07
8. Greg Johnson 3.960/71.92

Saturday FF Highlight Video

Pro Mod Unlimited
Final Qualifying Order
1. Geoff Gill 2.915/115.36
2. Jimmy DePasse 3.217/100.41

Saturday PMU Highlight Video

Sportsman 1
1st-Wes Gilmore
2nd-Joe Simeone
3rd-Larry Brown
Sportsman 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Sportsman 2
1st-Kevin Cambridge
2nd-JR Speer
3rd-Joe Harnit
3rd-Jeff Wolfgang
Sportsman 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Heather Taylor
2nd-Mark Ratliff
3rd-Garrett Ratliff
3rd-Grant Hutchinson
Motorcycle Sportsman 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Pedro Villa Jr.
2nd-Mark Ratliff
3rd-Garrett Ratliff
Motorcycle Sportsman 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro Gambler
1st-Wes Gilmore
2nd-Charlie Johnson
3rd-Chris Adamson
3rd-Wes Johnson
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Gambler
1st-Austin Thomas
2nd-Jeff Coale
3rd-Cole Foy
Motorcycle Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet


Qualifying results are now posted. NSDN will be at the track with coverage starting Saturday morning.

Top Fuel
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 3 Sessions)
1. Dennis Rieck 2.321/160.80

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 3 Sessions)
1. David Morton 2.580/140.29
2. Jim Hammond 2.640/134.74

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 3 Sessions)
1. Paul Taylor 2.986
2. Billy Morris 3.040

Fast Fours
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 3 Sessions)
1. Robert Skidmore 2.769
2. Daniel King 2.840
3. Mario Tavares 2.901
4. Art Cronin 2.924
5. Brian Chapman 3.402
6. John Cronin 3.658

Pro Mod Unlimited
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 3 Sessions)
1. Jimmy DePasse 3.315
2. Geoff Gill 5.573

National Sand Drag News is heading to the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA for the Southern California Sand Drag Association (SCSDA) event this weekend October 4-6. This will be the sixth race of the seven race NSRA Quality Aircraft Care Sand Drag Series. NSDN will have our normal race coverage including all the stats, results, news, and videos each night after racing action is complete. Be sure to check our Twitter Feed at the top of the each page or visit the Twitter Feed directly at Also, we will be updating the NSDN Facebook page throughout the event at This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by Hammer Down Racing, Morris Family Racing/Heavy Metal/2 Dolla' Bill Racing, and Rialto Trophy & Signs/UTI Racing. Racing action kicks off on Friday with Test and Tune as well as first round Heads-Up Qualifying. For any questions throughout the race weekend or to inquire about future Daily Race Coverage sponsorship opportunities, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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