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The 2013 Fall Fest at Atoka Motorsports Park in Oklahoma completed on Saturday with some stellar sand drag racing. Courtney Stidham had a string of amazing RT’s & ET’s en route to the Top Eliminator class victory. Courtney defeated 2013 MASD TE class champ Terry Glasscock in the final round. The Pro 1 Cars class featured a dramatic final round with a lot riding on this one pass. Not only would the winner of this pass decide the 2013 MASD Pro 1 Cars champion, but Tim Feuerhelm also had the opportunity to lock up the Atoka Motorsports Park Pro 1 Cars championship with a victory. When the dust settled, Feuerhelm scored dual championships as he defeated 2012 MASD class champion John Acker. In the Pro 1 Quads final round, Larry Holt took a close victory over newly crowned 2013 MASD class champion Randy Kimbley. Rod Trower soloed to the Top Alcohol victory as well as MASD championship with a stout 2.73/134MPH. Other big winners on the day included Michigan’s Buddy Hammett (Pro 2 Cars), Rick Lovelace (Pro 2 Quads), John Pate (Pro 3 Quads), and Gus Griffith (Pro 4 Quads). **Run Sheets & Videos are now posted**

Top Alcohol
1st-Rod Trower
Top Alcohol Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Saturday TA Highlight Video

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Rod Trower (W) 2.731/134.43 .286 Bye

Top Eliminator
1st-Courtney Stidham
2nd-Terry Glasscock
3rd-Jeff Sieg
3rd-Frank Martuscelli
Top Eliminator Eliminations Run Sheet & Qualifying Data Log
Saturday TE Eliminations Video
Saturday TE Qualifying Video

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Terry Glasscock (W) 2.941 .183 Bye
Jeff Sieg (W) NT-RL def. Russ Bailey NT-No Show
Courtney Stidham (W) 2.993 .066 def. Dee Trower 3.063 .155
Frank Martuscelli (W) 3.045 .205 def. Jack Monroe NT-No Show

Round Two Eliminations
Terry Glasscock (W) 2.983 .123 def. Jeff Sieg 3.127 .143
Courtney Stidham (W) 2.998 .056 def. Frank Martuscelli 3.500 .102

Final Round
Courtney Stidham (W) 2.991 .029 def. Terry Glasscock 3.139 .139

Final Qualifying Order
1. Terry Glasscock 2.962
2. Courtney Stidham 2.996
3. Frank Martuscelli 3.041
4. Russ Bailey 3.167
5. Jeff Sieg 3.171
6. Jack Monroe 3.214
7. Dee Trower 6.387

Pro 1 Cars
1st-Tim Feuerhelm
2nd-John Acker
3rd-Roy Focht
Pro 1 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1 Quads
1st-Larry Holt
2nd-Randy Kimbley
3rd-Luke Martin
3rd-Tim Martin
Pro 1 Quads Eliminations Run Sheet

PTN 3.5 Index
1st-Stephanie Kimbley
2nd-Tom Coovert
3rd-Kenny Kapple
PTN 3.5 Index Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2 Cars
1st-Buddy Hammett
2nd-Jake Darling
3rd-David Collins
Pro 2 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2 Quads
1st-Rick Lovelace
2nd-Danny Travis
3rd-Jamie Winsor

Pro 3 Quads
1st-John Pate
2nd-Randy Kimbley
3rd-Roy Cooper

Pro 4 Quads
1st-Gus Griffith
2nd-Chloe Cooper
3rd-Leah Steelmon
3rd-Laura Feuerhelm

Pro 1 Cars - Trophy
1st-Danny Mathews
2nd-Jimmy Evans

Pro 1 Quads - Trophy
1st-Nick Allen
2nd-Randy Kimbley

Pro 2 Cars - Trophy
1st-David Collins
2nd-James Hammons

Pro 2 Quads - Trophy
1st-Anthony Moss
2nd-Roy Cooper

Pro 3 Quads - Trophy
1st-Anthony Moss
2nd-Roy Cooper

Pro 4 Quads - Trophy
1st-Gus Griffith
2nd-Leah Steelmon


The 2013 Fall Fest is underway at Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK and has already seen some great competition on the track. Frank Martuscelli ran a Personal Best ET in his Pauter-powered Buggy to lead the field in TE with a 3.041. The rest of the TE pack is close behind with Terry Glasscock in at a 3.044 and Courtney Stidham running 3.052 with a nice .033 RT. Rod Trower is the lone Top Alcohol racer this weekend and ran a 2.83 on his only pass of the day. The Quick 16 Cars saw some great bracket racing action. Les Steelmon used a solid .009 RT to score the final round win over Tim Feuerhelm in Quick 16 Cars. Dustin Labrada showed them how it’s done in the Quick 16 Quads class. Racing action continues on Saturday with Eliminations for the Mid-America Sand Drag Series Season Finale.

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 1 Session)
1. Rod Trower 2.832/118.70

Friday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 2 Sessions)
1. Frank Martuscelli 3.041
2. Terry Glasscock 3.044
3. Courtney Stidham 3.052
4. Russ Bailey 3.167
5. Jack Monroe 3.214
6. Dee Trower 3.282
7. Jeff Sieg 6.076

Friday TE Highlight Video

Quick 16 Cars
1st-Les Steelmon
2nd-Tim Feuerhelm
3rd-Roy Focht
3rd-Kenny Kapple
Quick 16 Cars Eliminations Run Sheet

Quick 16 Quads
1st-Dustin Labrada
2nd-Randy Kimbley
3rd-Luke Martin
3rd-Stephanie Kimbley
Quick 16 Quads Eliminations Run Sheet

National Sand Drag News will be on-site at Atoka Motorsports Park in Atoka, OK this weekend October 11-12 for AMP's Fall Fest event. This will also be the Season Finale for the 2013 Mid-America Sand Drag Series. NSDN will have our normal race coverage including all the stats, results, news, and videos each night after racing action is complete. Be sure to check our Twitter Feed at the top of the each page or visit the Twitter Feed directly at Also, we will be updating the NSDN Facebook page throughout the event at This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by Trower Racing & Atoka Motorsports Park. Racing action kicks off on Friday with Test and Tune as well as early round Heads-Up Qualifying & Q16 Cars & Quads classes. For any questions throughout the race weekend or to inquire about future Daily Race Coverage sponsorship opportunities, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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