Update 3: Chassis work is ongoing on this project, check out the latest pics. Click "Read More" to view... (1-12)

It’s a busy off-season at the Trower Racing shop in Tonkawa, OK with three race car projects underway. Dee Trower’s Pauter-powered entry that she debuted at the Atoka Fall Fest event is undergoing some upgrades, including new wiring & the addition of a Racepak with Dash. Dee’s car will also have a new front end with modern-style A-Arms on the front. Frank Martuscelli’s new ride is under construction at the Trower shop. Frank’s car is being put together to run in the Fast Fours class with his 2800cc Pauter Nitro combination. Rod is also putting together a new car for himself to run at the monthly Atoka Motorsports Park races with an identical 3500cc Pauter Alcohol combination to what is in Dee’s car. This team is busy preparing for the Season Opener at Dome Valley, where Rod will have his Thunder TA Dragster; Frank’s Nitro Four-Cylinder Dragster is slated to debut; and most likely Dee’s Pauter-powered Dragster. Thanks to Rod and Frank for sending in progress photos, they will try to keep us posted as things come together. Anyone out there with a project underway, feel free to send photos and descriptions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read on to view the photos.

Update 3 - January 12

Most of the recent work has revolved around Frank's car. Here is the driveline layout before the backhalf of the chassis was completed.

Now here is the finished back half chassis work on Frank's car.

Another shot of the chassis work. Now it's time to install everything.

Here is the start of the wiring project on Frank's car.

Work is now beginning on the back half of Rod's new car.

Update 2 - December 21

New rearends for Rod & Frank's Dragsters have arrived at the Trower Racing shop. Look for some major updates within the next week or so.

Update 1 - December 15

The Oklahoma crew is still working the Midnight Oil at the shop. They just recently completed the new Modern-style A-Arm setup on Dee's Pauter-powered Fast Fours Dragster.

Here is a Before (Left) and After (Right) comparison of the front end setups on this Dragster. The Trower team should be taking delivery of new rear ends for Rod & Frank's Dragsters early next week, so look for the next update soon.

Original Update

Rod's new car nearest to us in Silver, Frank's car in black, and Dee's car furthest from the camera. Both Rod & Frank's cars are in the process of being back halved.

Frank back at home in the chassis that he originally owned and ran his first four-cylinder combination in as well as his Blown Small Block Top Alcohol motor. This car is being completely redone with back half, wiring, and install of motor/tranny for battle in the Fast Fours/A Fuel class.

Dee's car in the process of rewiring & Racepak installation. This car showed great promise with a 3.06 on its first full pass at Atoka.

Rod's 3500cc Pauter Turbo Alcohol motor.

Frank's 2800cc Pauter Turbo Nitro motor.

Frank's car waiting on tubing to finish up the chassis.

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