It has become a tradition for me to sit down in December and reflect on the season of sand drag racing that was for this end of the season version of Editor’s Notes. It’s amazing that after seven years of covering sand drag racing and many more before that as solely a racer, the only thing predictable about the sport of sand drags is its unpredictability. I’m not going to lie, there were tons of high points but just as many low points over the course of the season. But as I sit here with snow falling, wind blowing, and the heat cranked up; there’s nowhere I’d rather be than at a race track under sunny skies with the sights and sounds that can only be found at a sand drag event.

The 2013 season for NSDN was incredibly hectic. I was on-site with Daily Race Coverage at 17 events across seven states. Plus, there were many more that coverage was posted from thanks to our partners and contributors. Throw in all of the time that is dedicated to helping promote & administrate some of the series/tracks I’m involved with, the great web work through TB Web Development that I’m blessed with, and actually racing my Jeep it definitely spread “The Editor” thin. My biggest accomplishment was somehow fighting through all of that and somehow scoring the hardware earned by becoming a PTN Pro Truck champion. To make a long story short, I was given the opportunity to drive my good friend Lee Reynders’ Orange & Blue Jeep during the PTN Championship Weekend at a MI track as Lee had a prior commitment for that weekend. After administrating the PTN series since its inception, it was a privilege to race against such a tough group of racers. Nobody took it easy on “The Editor”, but after two tough nights of racing I walked away with the Championship, Pro Truck class win (Saturday), and Pro Shootout runner-up (Friday). Accomplishing the biggest goal on my sand drag racing to-do list is an amazing feeling. I wanted to convey this deal so that in a way I can explain what keeps me active in sand drag racing. You have to understand that when I see racers fight, scratch, and claw for that coveted win, I appreciate 100% what it takes to make that happen. My goal, to the racers, is to give that racer the due respect for taking home that hard earned win. We all know that there’s no way for this sport to be financially worthwhile, so it’s the recognition that makes brings it all full circle. I hope through NSDN that the photos, videos, recaps, and run sheets is able to continue to push and motivate everyone to continue on in this great sport that we all enjoy surrounded by our great sand drag family.

With that being said, there is absolutely no way I could justify continuing to provide the service NSDN does without the great sponsors and supporters of our sport. Please say a big thank you to these folks if you see them at the racers, or give their business a call & order up something special for Christmas. I can’t thank the following folks enough; Hammer Down Racing (Dennis Rieck), Morris Family Racing (Rick, Shelly, and Billy Morris), Rialto Trophy/Team UTI (Todd Kinney), Pro Truck Nationals/Mid-West Coatings (Buddy & Kristin Hammett), Trower Racing (Rod & Dee Trower), and Swag Racing (Mike Erwin). Two big sponsors stepped in to back NSDN in 2013 and I would like to remind everyone to give these great companies a call for all of your off-season/Christmas race equipment needs; the fine folks at Good Vibrations Motorsports & Racing In The Dirt. These quality companies support the sport of sand drag racing, so please return the support and let them know you saw their ad on NSDN. The photographers that contribute to NSDN are also a huge part of making this all happen. I appreciate each and every one, but the one that stands out the most our friends at Lonestar Graphics. Gary & Michelle Burrow are the two most dedicated folks to sand drag racing that I have ever met. They work non-stop to supply us with high quality products; whether it be personalized T-Shirts, Photo Prints, Coffee Cups, and even now Phone Cases. This Holiday Season be sure to mosey on over to and order some cool stuff to put under the tree or in the stockings. Last but not least, I’d like to thank all of the tracks that supported NSDN and allowed me full access to make the coverage happen in a timely, professional manner as it does. That reminds me, one thing I do have to say is thank your tower operators whenever you have the opportunity to. Believe me, I’ve been in the line of fire in the tower, and these individuals can never be thanked enough for what they do to ensure a positive & fair experience on the race track. Please, thank your race track tower operators.

That brings me to a quick look into what NSDN has in store for 2014. There are some changes that have already happened, and some more on the horizon. You may have already noticed that there has been a change in the Classifieds section. Please read through fully to understand how the new section works, and if you would like to place an ad please E-MAIL me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I have had some positive feedback on new things happening with the site over the course of the past year; including the NSDN Live Update box on Daily Race Coverage weekends and more integration of NSDN onto our Facebook page at The biggest thing I hear about at the races is how much people love the Run Sheets posted after each event. To me, as a racer, that’s the good stuff. I spend anywhere from 2-6 Hours after an event compiling all the data and inputting it into a readable format. It’s very time consuming, but I feel it is an incredibly important aspect of NSDN moving forward. I would really like to see more viewer submitted content. There are races that I cannot attend, and I’d really like to see some folks step up to submit coverage. Also, race team news, not only during the off-season but during the race season is much appreciated. I definitely enjoy reading about what’s new and exciting with racers on a regular basis. There may also be some more cool additions to what NSDN brings to the table soon.

NSDN is looking forward to a great 2014 race season. I can already say that we have two new Advertisers heading into the season. My friends at MKE Motorsports (Mike & Kathy Ellington) have become an NSDN sponsor. They have become one of the top dealers for Skat-Trak tires and not only excellent racers but definitely great people to deal with that support our sport. Another new supporter is the Las Vegas Jeep Club. They have purchased an Ad to promote not only their club, but their upcoming event on President’s Day Weekend (Feb 15-16) the Las Vegas Jeep Club Jamboree. Check out NSDN for all the latest info on this great event. These are two great examples of businesses within the sand drag world that have stepped up to support NSDN and gain the great exposure we have to offer to the sand drag world. Race teams, associations, tracks, businesses owned by racers, the list is endless of what can be advertised on NSDN to the sand drag racing market. By purchasing an ad not only are you promoting your business, but you are also supporting a business that gives so much to the sport. Advertising rates are extremely affordable, starting at $300/Year. Send me an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive more information on becoming an Advertiser with NSDN. It’s a win-win for all, so click on the e-mail link and let’s talk.

I know this month’s Editor’s Notes has been a lot of reading, but hopefully you enjoyed this dissertation, had a few laughs, shed a tear or two, and are pumped up for 2014. Let’s go racing folks! The season starts January 24-26 at Dome Valley Raceway in Wellton, AZ. BE THERE! See you at the races…

Tom Bray (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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