The first half of the Thunder Valley Sand Drags season is in the books. John Moreland and David Hauser had some nasty crashes this year, but luckily they are all right. D.J. Cheese had a nasty spill as well, but he is alright too. Mike Smith joined the 2 second club with a 2.96, with his VW dragster. Here is a recap of the winners from the first half of the TVSD season.

Pro Comp                            6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals
5/12/07                                 Top Eliminator
1st-David Hauser                   1st-Terry Glasscock
2nd-Dan Yardley                   2nd-Dee Trower
5/19/07                                 B.A.D. Class
1st-Bill Hatfield                      1st-Rod Trower
2nd-Dennis Burrows               2nd-John Moreland
1st-Terry Glasscock
2nd-Ralph Keller 
1st-Ralph Keller
2nd-Terry Glasscock 
6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals 
1st-Dennis Burrows
2nd-Tim Hatfield
3rd-Terry Wies

4.99 & Faster ATV                  Sport Comp
5/12/07                                  5/12/07
1st-Beau Berry                       1st-Tony Hatfield
2nd-Charlie Curtis                   2nd-James Andrews
5/19/07                                  5/19/07
1st-Ricky Meads                    1st-Tony Hatfield
2nd-Charlie Curtis                   2nd-Karen Hauser
6/9/07                                   6/9/07
1st-John Butler                      N/A
2nd-Darren Urban                   6/16/07
6/16/07                                 N/A
1st-Robert Frandsen              6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals
2nd-Dennis Banks                 1st-David Schreiner
1st-Charlie Curtis
2nd-Michael Parker

Sport ATV                              Pro ATV
5/12/07                                   5/12/07
1st-Jamie Winsor                    1st-Kennith Bayte
2nd-David Hartzell                   2nd-David Hartzell
5/19/07                                   5/19/07
1st-Mike Dilday                       1st-Jamie Winsor
2nd-Lauren Sinclair                  2nd-Kennith Bayte
6/9/07                                     6/9/07
1st-Gage Knight                      1st-Ken Free
2nd-Ken Free                          2nd-Paul Hombs
3rd-Heather Sinclair                 6/16/07
                                  1st-Ken Free
1st-Ryan Clevenger                 2nd-Jamie Winsor
2nd-Spike Bolte                      6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals
3rd-Steve Horner                     1st-Kennith Bayte
6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals         2nd-Jamie Winsor
1st-Chris King                        3rd-Roger Sears
2nd-Garry Perry                     
3rd-Jeremy Click 

Pee Wees                               Juniors
5/12/07                                    5/12/07
1st-Lilian Stehpens                   1st-Ross Kratz
2nd-Kassie Curtis                     2nd-Tory Pitts
5/19/07                                    5/19/07
1st-Mason Moreland                 1st-Justin Smith
2nd-Marissa Hatfield                 2nd-Brooke Martin
6/9/07                                      6/9/07
1st-Seth Curtis                         1st-Britanie Clark  
2nd-Mason Moreland                 2nd-Ashley Licata
6/16/07                                    6/16/07
1st-Kassie Curtis                     1st-Kennith Bayte
2nd-Weston Duncan                 2nd-Ross Kratz
6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals          6/23/07-B.A.D. Nationals 
1st-Kalei Duncan                     1st-Courtney Licata  
2nd-Mason Moreland                2nd-Shae Yardley 

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