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The 2016 SCSDA Opener at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA wrapped up on Sunday with some incredible 300’ sand drag racing action. Pedro Villa got the job done with the Express / Villa Racing Team Top Alcohol Dragster taking the TA class victory with a 2.67 in the final over Jimmy Depasse. Defending Top Eliminator class champion Billy Morris picked up where he left off last season with another final round win, this time getting by Paul Graham in the Excavator Blown Alcohol Buggy. Another defending champ Robert Skidmore also started off on the right foot taking the Fast Fours class win over John Cronin. Jimmy Depasse won the Pro Mod Unlimited class over Derek Balcunas. Mike Brock accomplished a major feat on Sunday as he swept both the Motorcycle Pro 1 & 2 categories. Mike doubled up with both of his Pro ATV’s, congrats to Mike & the team on that major accomplishment. Another racer with a big weekend was Kevin Williams, who scored Friday night’s Pro Gambler win then put it in the Winner’s Circle on Sunday in the Pro 3 class defeating Justin Adamson in the final round. Craig Durning (Pro 1) and Mike Williams Sr. (Pro 2) were both on their games Sunday & scored huge wins to start off the 2016 season for them. NSDN hopes everyone enjoyed the live streams throughout the weekend. There are links to the streams that you can watch listed below. Check back for more from this event in the coming days.

Top Fuel Sunday Exhibition Passes
Marcus Norris 2.37/153 .991 60’
Marcus Norris 2.384/154.60 .994 60’
Top Fuel Exhibition Data Log
Top Fuel Sunday Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
1st-Pedro Villa
2nd-Jimmy DePasse
3rd-Jim Hammond
Top Alcohol Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet
Top Alcohol Sunday Eliminations Video

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Jimmy DePasse (W) 2.87 def. Derek Balcunas NT
Jim Hammond (W) 2.67 Bye
Pedro Villa (W) 2.62 Bye

Round Two Eliminations
Jimmy DePasse (W) NT Bye
Pedro Villa (W) NT def. Jim Hammond NT-DNS

Final Round Eliminations
Pedro Villa (W) 2.67 def. Jimmy DePasse 3.20

Top Eliminator
1st-Billy Morris
2nd-Paul Graham
3rd-Ron d’Artenay
3rd-Larry Snow
Top Eliminator Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet
Top Eliminator Sunday Eliminations Video

Round One Eliminations (Driver ET RT)
Billy Morris (W) 3.33 def. Mark Punos 5.82
Ron d’Artenay (W) 3.00 def. Jim Rossi 3.00
Larry Snow (W) 3.15 def. Terry Crawford 3.13
Paul Graham (W) 3.04 def. Paul Taylor 3.03

Round Two Eliminations
Billy Morris (W) 3.07 def. Ron d’Artenay 2.97
Paul Graham (W) 3.03 def. Larry Snow 3.09

Final Round Eliminations
Billy Morris (W) 2.99 def. Paul Graham 3.07 RL

Fast Fours
1st-Robert Skidmore
2nd-John Cronin
Fast Fours Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet
Fast Fours Sunday Eliminations Video

Final Round Eliminations (Driver ET/MPH RT)
Robert Skidmore 2.85 def. John Cronin 11.10

Pro Mod Unlimited
1st-Jimmy Depasse
2nd-Derek Balcunas
Pro Mod Unlimited Qualifying Data Log & Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 1
1st-Craig Durning
2nd-Steve Jackson
3rd-Keith Ahart
3rd-Brady Menzenberg
Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 2
1st-Mike Williams Sr.
2nd-Wes Johnson
3rd-George Amos
3rd-Charlie Johnson
Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Pro 3
1st-Kevin Williams
2nd-Justin Adamson
3rd-Steve Winn
Pro 3 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 1
1st-Mike Brock
2nd-Robby Stancliff
3rd-Brad Olson
Motorcycle Pro 1 Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Pro 2
1st-Mike Brock
2nd-Randy Mings
3rd-Mark Ratliff
3rd-Garrett Ratliff
Motorcycle Pro 2 Eliminations Run Sheet

Junior Dragster
1st-Leonardo Villa
2nd-Levi Suggs

1st-Drake Montgomery
2nd-Delaney Browning

Junior class results will be posted soon.

NSDN Live Stream Links
Sunday 1
Sunday 2
Sunday 3
Sunday 4


Day two of the 2016 SCSDA Season Opener at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA was action packed with a full day of 300’ sand drag racing action. Robert Skidmore stole the show as he recorded the quickest ever ET for a four cylinder powered dragster recording a 2.662 to take the top spot in Fast Fours. Jake Morton ran a great 2.48 in the Morton Racing Dragster to lead the Top Alcohol field. Billy Morris used a great 2.959 on the 2.95 Top Eliminator class index in the final qualifying session to lead the field into race day. Derek Balcunas stayed on top of the field with a 2.79 with the Larry Minor Motorsports Jeep to earn the #1 qualifying spot in Pro Mod Unlimited. There was also lots of great bracket racing action with Kenny Hayes taking the biggest prize of the evening as he won the prestigious Pro Gambler class defeating Chris Wells in the final round. Chris Carlson did a great job of riding to take the Motorcycle Gambler title over Christy Garnas. The Sportsman classes as always provided quite a show for the crowd with Fred Russo (Sportsman 1), Steve Winn (Sportsman 2), Joey Weaver (Motorcycle Sportsman 1), and Mike Renand (Motorcycle Sportsman 2) earning the victories. Sunday wraps up with Junior class action as well as Eliminations for the heads-up & pro bracket categories.

Top Fuel
Final Qualifying Order
1. Marcus Norris 2.453/150.51

Saturday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Final Qualifying Order
1. Jake Morton 2.48
2. Jim Hammond 2.603/126.73
3. Pedro Villa 2.635/133.42
4. Derek Balcunas 2.77
5. Jimmy DePasse 2.799/117.15

Saturday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Final Qualifying Order
1. Billy Morris 2.959
2. Terry Crawford 2.967
3. Paul Taylor 2.97
4. Jim Rossi 2.981
5. Ron d”Artenay 2.99
6. Paul Graham 3.007
7. Larry Snow 3.03
8. Mark Punos 3.058
Did Not Qualify
9. Zac Bogner 3.131
10. Marc Whitmore 3.280

Saturday TE Highlight Video

Fast Fours
Final Qualifying Order
1. Robert Skidmore 2.662/121.75
2. John Cronin 3.360/96.87

Saturday FF Highlight Video

Pro Mod Unlimited
Final Qualifying Order
1. Derek Balcunas 2.797/122.40
2. Jimmy DePasse 2.892/118.57
3. Wes Gilmore 3.278/97.54

Saturday PMU Highlight Video

Sportsman 1
1st-Fred Russo
2nd-Cody Winn
3rd-Chris Wells
3rd-Vickie Hall

Sportsman 2
1st-Steve Winn
2nd-Jiim Larr
3rd-Chris Menapace

Motorcycle Sportsman 1
1st-Joey Weaver
2nd-Steve Fricia
3rd-Mike Dickens
3rd-Brock Rushing

Motorcycle Sportsman 2
1st-Mike Renand
2nd-Marcus Riedel
3rd-Mark Ratliff

Pro Gambler
1st-Kenny Hayes
2nd-Chris Wells
3rd-Chris Adamson
3rd-Brady Menzenberg
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Gambler
1st-Chris Carlson
2nd-Christy Garnas
3rd-Taylor Holmes
3rd-Mark Ratliff
Motorcycle Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

NSDN Live Stream Links
Saturday 1
Saturday 2
Saturday 3
Saturday 4
Saturday 5
Saturday 6


Friday marked the return of the Southern California Sand Drag Association to the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA for the 2016 SCSDA Season Opener. Great weather greeted a strong group of racers from as far away as Washington and New Mexico. Marcus Norris is the only Top Fuel car this weekend and is doing some testing for upcoming events, he recorded a solid 2.45/150MPH blast in the first qualifying session. Jim Hammond leads the Top Alcohol qualifying sheet so far with a 2.61. Jim Rossi got the job done in his Bad Toy Dragster recording a 2.981 on the 2.95 Top Eliminator class index to take the provisional top spot. Robert Skidmore leads the Fast Fours contingent with an off and on the throttle 3.01 shot in Q1 while Derek Balcunas leads Pro Mod Unlimited qualifying with a 2.84. This was the first SCSDA featuring Car & ATV Gamblers on Friday night. Kevin Williams took the Pro Gambler with his Jeep defeating Mike Record in the final round while Sonny Fricia topped the Motorcycle Gamblers defeating Chris Carlson. Racing action continues on Saturday with the remainder of Heads-Up qualifying along with Pro Gambler & Sportsman class eliminations.

Top Fuel
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 4 Sessions)
1. Marcus Norris 2.453/150.51

Friday TF Highlight Video

Top Alcohol
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 4 Sessions)
1. Jim Hammond 2.616/121.10
2. Jake Morton NT

Friday TA Highlight Video

Top Eliminator
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 4 Sessions)
1. Jim Rossi 2.981
2. Billy Morris 2.988
3. Paul Graham 3.007/110.14
4. Terry Crawford 3.007/106.03
5. Larry Snow 3.049
6. Marc Whitmore 3.300
7. Paul Taylor 2.894
8. Zac Bogner NT
9. Ron D’Artenay NT

Friday TE Highlight Video

Fast Fours
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 4 Sessions)
1. Robert Skidmore 3.012/107.03
2. John Cronin 3.360/96.87

Friday FF Highlight Video

Pro Mod Unlimited
Qualifying Order (After 1 of 4 Sessions)
1. Derek Balcunas 2.825/105.21
2. Jimmy Depasse 3.647/NS

Friday PMU Highlight Video

Pro Gambler
1st-Kevin Williams
2nd-Mike Record
3rd-Kenny Hayes
3rd-Bill Meaney
Pro Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Motorcycle Gambler
1st-Sonny Fricia
2nd-Chris Carlson
3rd-Marcus Riedel
Motorcycle Gambler Eliminations Run Sheet

Links to our NSDN Live Feed Videos from Friday
Friday 1
Friday 2
Friday 3
Friday 4


National Sand Drag News will be heading back to the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA for the SCSDA Season Opener March 18-20. The SCSDA returns home to the track where it started for the first time since November 2013 for a full weekend of 300' sand drag action. NSDN will have our normal race coverage including all the stats, results, news, and videos each night after racing action is complete. Be sure to check our Twitter Feed at the top of each page or visit the Twitter Feed directly at Also, we will be updating the NSDN Facebook page throughout the event at There will be some new features over the weekend that can be accessed through our Facebook page, so be sure to 'Like' & subscribe to our page. This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by Morris Family Racing and Rialto Trophy. A huge thank you also goes out to all of the racers that chipped in to ensure coverage from this event. Racing action kicks off on Friday with Test and Tune followed by Heads-Up Qualifying Session #1 & the newly added Friday Car & ATV Gamblers. For any questions throughout the race weekend or to inquire about future Daily Race Coverage sponsorship opportunities, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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