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The 2017 Las Vegas Jeep Club Sand Drags & Hill Climbs event at the Dumont Dunes wrapped up with excellent action during the 300’ Sand Drag event on Sunday. Dave Stidham in “The Grinch” Funny Jeep doubled up with the Pro Boost & Pro Drag class wins as well as Low ET of the Day with a 3.53. Justin Adamson topped an incredibly competitive Pro Gambler 1 (3.95 Index) class recording a great dead-on 8 (3.958) ET in the final round. Another big winner on the day was Chris Calafiore who emerged victorious in the ultra-tough Pro Gambler 2 (4.25 Index) category as well as Pro 2 (4.20 Index). Wes Gilmore won the most trophies on the day taking one class win (X600 Jeep) as well as 4 runner-up finishes. Wes’ wife Debbie took two class wins in the Women’s class competition (X600 Jeep & Pro 2 - Women’s). Other winners on the day included Grant Fraysier (X600 Truck), Brian Phillips (Duner), Wes Gilmore Jr. (Pro 1), Sam Montgomery (Pro 3), Matt Lefever (Pro 4), Jason Hogan (UTV) & Wendy Thompson (Duner - Women’s). Specialty award winners on the weekend were Dave Stidham (Best Engineered) and Grant Fraysier (Best Appearing). Stay tuned for some great video & photo coverage within the next week. *Highlight Videos are now posted!!*

Sand Drag Results

Pro Boost
1st-Dave Stidham 3.57
2nd-Wes Gilmore 4.02
Pro Boost Eliminations Video Highlights

Pro Gambler 1 (3.95 Index)
1st-Justin Adamson 3.958
2nd-Wes Gilmore 4.06
Pro Gambler 1 Eliminations Video Highlights

Pro Gambler 2 (4.25 Index)
1st-Chris Calafiore 4.32
2nd-Wes Gilmore 4.47
Pro Gambler 2 Eliminations Video Highlights

Pro Drag
1st-Dave Stidham 3.53
2nd-Grant Fraysier 3.90
Pro Drag Eliminations Video Highlights

X600 Jeep
1st-Wes Gilmore 4.26
2nd-Brian Phillips 4.37
X600 Final Round Eliminations Video

X600 Truck
1st-Grant Fraysier 3.88
2nd-Stephen Chase 4.29
X600 Truck Final Round Eliminations Video

1st-Brian Phillips 4.38
2nd-Chris Calafiore 4.35
Duner Final Round Eliminations Video

Pro 1 - 3.80 Index
1st-Wes Gilmore Jr. 4.14
2nd-Wes Gilmore RL
Pro 1 Final Round Eliminations Video

Pro 2 - 4.20 Index
1st-Chris Calafiore 4.32
2nd-Jon Warren 4.36
Pro 2 Final Round Eliminations Video

Pro 3 - 4.60 Index
1st-Sam Montgomery 5.26
2nd-Brandon Montgomery 5.45
Pro 3 Final Round Eliminations Video

Pro 4 - 5.00 Index
1st-Matt LeFever 5.15
2nd-Brandon Montgomery 5.99
Pro 4 Final Round Eliminations Video

1st-Jason Hogan
2nd-Charlie Owens

1st-Drake Montgomery
2nd-Mia Fraysier

Women’s Classes

1st-Debbie Gilmore 4.44
2nd-Wendy Thompson 4.68
Women's X600 Final Round Eliminations Video

1st-Wendy Thompson 4.97
2nd-Aurelia Gilmore 5.11

Pro 2 - 4.20 Index
1st-Debbie Gilmore 4.38
2nd-Wendy Thompson 4.60
Women's Pro 2 Final Round Eliminations Video

Best Engineered: Dave Stidham
Best Appearing: Grant Fraysier


The 2017 Las Vegas Jeep Club Sand Drags & Hill Climbs event got underway on Saturday with the Hill Climb event. This year’s Hill Climb was made even more challenging than normal with wet sand conditions. Chris Adamson showed off his great driving skill on the Hill with some incredible passes to score wins in both the X400 & X200 categories with his “Bounty Hunter” Jeep. Justin Adamson didn’t let his dad steal all the glory as he scored the X600 Unlimited Hill category in a great side-by-side Hill Drag tiebreaker battle with Wes Gilmore. Justin also was the Inaugural winner of the Jeep Slalom timed class on the Hill. Other winners on the day included Jon Warren (X500 Jeeps), Doyle Quinn (XX400 Trucks), Jack Weddle (X300 Jeeps, A Jeeps & B Jeeps), Doug Thompson (F Jeeps) & Wendy Thompson (X600 Jeeps Women’s). Junior racers hit the Sand Drag track late in the day with Drake Montgomery putting the Team Hardcore Rhino in the Winner’s Circle. Sunday will feature the 300’ sand drag event with a full slate of classes.

Jeep Hill Climb

X600 (Unlimited)
1st-Justin Adamson
2nd-Wes Gilmore
X600 Hill Drags Highlight Video
X600 Round 1 Hill Climb Video

X500 (4WD Unlimited)
1st-Jon Warren

X400 (Big Block & Smaller N/A)
1st-Chris Adamson
2nd-Chris Calafiore
X400 Turtle Crawl Tiebreaker Video

XX400 (N/A Truck)
1st-Doyle Quinn
2nd-Brandon Montgomery

X300 (4WD Small Block Jeep)
1st-Jack Weddle

X200 (2WD Small Block Jeep)
1st-Chris Adamson
2nd-Chris Calafiore

XX200 Trucks
1st-Stephen Chase

A Jeeps
1st-Jack Weddle
2nd-Jon Warren

B Jeeps
1st-Jack Weddle

F Jeeps
1st-Doug Thompson

1st-Justin Adamson
2nd-Wes Gilmore

X600 Jeeps
1st-Wendy Thompson


NSDN will be at the Dumont Dunes for the 2017 Las Vegas Jeep Club Hill Climbs & Sand Drags event over President's Day Weekend. This event will be full of action with Hill Climb / Hill Drags competition taking place on Saturday & traditional 300' Sand Drags on Sunday. We will have results, news, and videos each night after racing action is complete from this unique event. Be sure to check our Twitter Feed at the top of the each page or visit the Twitter Feed directly at Also, we will be updating the NSDN Facebook page throughout the event at There will be no NSDN Live Stream from this event as the overloaded cell towers during the busy weekend at the Dumont Dunes will limit our connectivity, but we will have full results and info as soon as service allows along with some new video features and more each evening.This NSDN Daily Race Coverage is brought to you by the Las Vegas Jeep Club & Good Vibrations Motorsports. For any questions throughout the race weekend or to inquire about future Daily Race Coverage sponsorship opportunities, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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